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Answering all of your questions about cats. Resources for cat owners, written by cat owners!

can tabby cats be indoor cats

Our Mission

FAQCats was founded in 2019 as a way to celebrate our lovely tabby cat, Harley. The more time we spent with him, the more we wanted to learn more about how cats work so we could better take care of him.

That passion led us to this project. FAQCats has reached over 3.7 million cat lovers!

Content written here is written by real cat owners, veterinarians, animal shelter volunteers, and those with a passion for animals.

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Our Team

As well as all being cat owners, our team includes cat experts from all over the world including the United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and more! Our team includes licensed veterinarians, animal shelter volunteers, pet consultants, and more.

Our readers often share with us first hand experience with their cats to help us create content that we can easily share with you. We also write content from our own experiences with Harley, the inspiration for this project.

What We Do

FAQCats is on a mission to publish the best cat content you can find on the web. Rather than empty content filled with fluff and stretched, we get right into the core of what questions our readers want answers to.

FAQCats covers everything from basic questions, to the most complex niche questions surrounding cats. We provide helpful cat health and care advice written by real experts. We also publish a lot of content related to cat food recommendations, weight control, and also occasionally review cat products that we think our readers may find helpful in their homes.

Keep in mind, every product we test has to be Harley approved before we recommend it to you!

We are here to answer your burning questions, no matter how silly they are. Ever wondered whether it’s why your cat always sleeps on your head or, or perhaps why they want to lay in the dirt instead of the grass? We’ve got you covered!