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Are Cats Scared Of Balloons – What You Should Know

Cats are known to be very friendly, affectionate, and independent pets in nature, and bonding with them over a toy are one of the purest delights of life. But you might have noticed that as much as they like to play with a toy or a ball, they sometimes seem a bit hesitant when it comes to playing with a balloon, which might make you wonder; are cats scared of balloons? 

Cats are scared of balloons because they see them as a threat due to their size. Some cats may also not like the smell of the balloon or the sound it makes when one pops.

In this article, we will talk about why your cat is afraid of balloons. Moreover, we will discuss some other questions that might arise in your minds seeing your cats being afraid of balloons. Besides, we will also provide you with some insights into things you must consider when it comes to letting your cat play with a balloon. 

Reasons Cats Are Scared Of Balloons 

While cats are normally friendly animals, they might sometimes act differently when they see a balloon nearby. Below are five reasons why cats are scared of balloons. 

The size Of The Balloon 

This is one of the primary reasons for your cat’s fear. The size of the balloon might freak your cat out, making them run and hide behind the door or sofa. They consider it a threat to their lives as the balloon floats above their heads in unpredictable movements. 

They Think It Might Explode

One of the other reasons cats avoid playing with balloons is that if their paws come in contact with the balloon, it will explode with a loud pop and consequently hurt them. Because of this particular notion, cats tend to avoid playing with balloons. 

The Noise A Balloon Makes

You might have noticed that a balloon makes a weird and unusual kind of noise when you try to grab it. And cats generally on a high alert when it comes to strange voices might get afraid of it and run for their lives. 

The Smell Of The Balloon 

According to a commonly known fact, cats are extremely sensitive to strong odors. And the fact that balloons are filled up with helium gases makes cats fearful of the balloons. 

The smell is strong and extremely off-putting to some cats. On the flip side, some cats might actually enjoy it, but you will want to deter your cat from inhaling any of the gas.

The Balloon Has Impromptu Movements

The unpredictable movements of balloons tend to arouse great fear in cats. That’s one of the reasons when cats see a balloon hovering above their heads; they consider them as predators who might attack them at any instant. 

Is Helium Dangerous To Cats

Yes, Helium is dangerous to cats. Though helium gas in itself isn’t toxic, the quantity of the gas inhaled by cats makes it problematic.

Inhaling helium for up to 2 minutes straight could be dangerous for cats and might seriously harm them, resulting in fatal diseases and eventually leading to death. So popping a lot of helium balloons after some birthday party near your cat might not be the ideal thing to do. 

Are Balloons Safe For Cats

No, balloons aren’t safe for cats and can prove to be a threat to their lives. As discussed earlier, inhaling an ample amount of helium gas could be a lot riskier for cats; thus, popping balloons in cats’ presence should be avoided.

In addition to that, cats might mistake it for food and try to sneak a taste at the pieces of popped balloons. As a result, the rubber could get stuck in their air pipe, which may lead to death. 

Should I Let My Cat Play With Balloons

Letting your cat play with a rubber or latex balloon could pose a threat to their lives. Rubber balloons could be easily popped even with a slight touch of a cat’s paw.

Not only the popping sound of the balloon could scare a cat, but they can also consume the burst balloon, mistaking it for food. And since cats can’t digest rubber, it may harm them if they swallow them by any chance. 

Things To Consider 

When it comes to taking care of your cats in terms of letting them play with a balloon, there are some other things that you might want to keep a check on.

Though many cats seem to be scared of a balloon, the odds of some cats liking to play with one are still there. In such a situation, there are some things that you need to consider. 

Let The Cat Play Under Your Supervision 

You can’t deprive your cat of the fun of having to play with a balloon if they show no sign of fear near a balloon. But of course, you do need to keep a check on certain things to make sure your cat doesn’t harm itself while playing with a balloon.

Either you take some time out of your daily routine and play with your cat for a while; that way, the chances of them getting harmed by a balloon become much slimmer. Even if the balloon pops while playing, you can quickly collect its remnants and cover it in a small piece of cloth (so it doesn’t get consumed by other animals) and throw it away. 

Let The Cat Play With A Mylar Balloon 

Yes, you can let your cat play with a mylar or foil balloon as it’s hard to pop and is filled with air. The reason why a mylar balloon is way safer to play with than a rubber or latex balloon is the fact that it’s made of synthetic nylon, and its airtight material doesn’t let it decompose for six months to 4 years.

So letting your cat play with a mylar balloon won’t only let it have fun but would also spare you the duty of keeping a check on it. 

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