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Are Siamese Cats Are Good With Babies – 10 Things To Know!

Siamese cats are known for being the most loyal and affectionate cat breeds around. Still, it can be concerning anytime you want to bring a pet like a Siamese cat around your baby or toddler. Do cats normally have good relationships with infants, or is it something of concern. As a cat lover you’re likely wondering; are Siamese cats good with babies?

Yes, Siamese cats are good with babies. Siamese cats are affectionate and can exhibit protective behaviors over babies and toddlers. Proper introduction of your cat to your baby can help form strong bonds for the future.

Although Siamese cats are generally good with babies, it all comes down to building a proper relationship with your cat and baby from the start. In this article, we’ll dive into ten reasons Siamese cats are good with babies, and also add some tips on how to judge your cat’s personalities before introducing them to your baby.

Reasons Siamese Cats Are Good With Babies

Introducing pets of any sort to young children or babies is a bit uncomfortable. However, when it comes to certain cat breeds like Siamese cats, there’s something to be hopeful for. Because this breed is so sociable, this relationship tends to work out in more instances than not. Below are 10 Reasons Siamese cats are good with babies.

Siamese Cats Are Extremely Affectionate 

Some cats do not like being cuddled, pet, or handled at all. Thankfully, most Siamese cats are not like this. Most Siamese cats are known to be extremely affectionate, especially with their owners and family members.

This means that they usually don’t just tolerate physical signs of affection from your family members, but they enjoy it. Of course, you should always supervise children and babies when they are interacting with your cat. This will not only ensure the safety of your child but of your cat as well. 

Siamese Cats Tend To Bond Strongly With The Members Of Their Family

Some cats are much more aloof and independent than others, and Siamese cats tend to be on the particularly needy end of the spectrum when it comes to this. This means that these cats tend to form strong bonds with their family members, and they enjoy being in their company.

Luckily, this means that your Siamese cat is not likely to grow annoyed with your child when they want to be around them all of the time, even if your child is a baby or toddler. They may even become upset whenever your child is away from them. 

Siamese Cats Tend To Be Playful 

Siamese cats love to play and engaging your Siamese cats in a decent amount of play every day is great for both their exercise and mental enrichment. Having your baby or child engage with your cat’s playtime can be fun for both of them. However, you must always supervise your cat and baby or child when they are playing together.

This is because Siamese cats can sometimes become a bit unruly when playing, which can quickly overwhelm a very young child. Not to mention, it is essential to supervise cat and child playtime to ensure everyone’s safety. As a result, being able to step in to intervene when necessary ensures that playtime is always a fun and positive experience for your child and cat alike. 

Siamese Cats Are Very Tolerant of Babies And Children When Carefully Supervised 

Siamese cats do not tend to be quite as touchy as some other cat breeds out there. This makes them very tolerant of babies and young children, primarily if they have been taught how to properly pet and play with cats.

Of course, it is still not the best idea to leave a toddler or older baby alone with your cat. This is because cats will still lash out if someone is injured, even if a baby injures it. This is precisely why your baby and cat should constantly be interacting under careful supervision. 

Siamese Cats Love Attention 

Siamese cats love being the center of attention, and this trait can make these cats a particularly great breed for families. Having children around that will want to interact with your cat all of the time will make the cat less likely to come to you begging for attention.

Plus, it will keep your kids occupied as well! Having more people around your Siamese cat means that they usually get a lot more attention, playtime, and snuggles. 

Siamese Cats Are Super Soft And Fluffy 

Siamese cats are super soft and fluffy. Better still, they also love being pet by their family members, including those young family members. Usually, this leads to kids and babies spending extra time with their pet cat, and Siamese cats usually love it. Babies could spend hours just petting a Siamese cat, and Siamese cats usually don’t complain about this. 

Siamese Cats Are Very Engaging 

Siamese cats are a cat breed that loves engaging with others, especially when they are feeling playful. As a bonus, babies and young children usually love more sociable animals and are willing to start the engagement themselves. In addition, Siamese cats also tend to be very active and intelligent. As a result, these cats often find playing with babies to be rewarding, especially if they are running around your baby to make them laugh. 

Siamese Cats Tend To Enjoy Cuddling

Siamese cats also tend to really enjoy cuddling with their favorite people. Sometimes this presents itself by your cat laying on your lap, snuggling up next to you on the couch, and even laying on your chest. Siamese cats are usually extremely affectionate with those they are close to, and they are also very fluffy and soft. This will make your Siamese cat the perfect snuggle buddy for babies and children, especially when the child knows how to handle cats properly. 

Siamese Cats Are Very Adaptable

Siamese cats are usually very adaptable when it comes to their environments and daily routines changing. This is a good thing because bringing a new baby home can abruptly change these things for a cat.

Not only does their daily routine often change when a new family member is introduced into the home, but there are also a lot of brand new sights, smells, and sounds. Although Siamese cats tend to be more adaptable than other cat breeds, you may still want to slowly introduce your Siamese cat to your baby. This will prevent your cat from becoming too overwhelmed and becoming afraid of your baby. 

Siamese Cats Do Not Mind Being Picked Up 

Siamese cats are a cat breed that usually doesn’t mind being picked up if they do not get hurt in the process. Although we do not recommend that any baby or young child is allowed to pick up a cat, it can make the event of this occurring by accident be much less dangerous for your child. This is because Siamese cats are less likely to lash out when they are picked up. It can also make removing your cat from situations a lot easier, especially when a baby or toddler is involved. 

Introducing Your Siamese Cat To Your Baby

Proper introduction of your Siamese cat to your baby is essential not just for the short-term, but the long-term relationship they will have. First impressions are a big deal when it comes to children, but it’s just as important for your cat as well.

When introducing your Siamese cat to your baby try to consider the following actions:

  • Take It Slow And Limit Exposure
  • Monitor Your Cat And Baby (Even If They Are Comfortable)
  • Establish Rules And Guidelines For Your Cat And Baby

The first step is fairly important. You’ll want to take the introduction of your Siamese cat and baby slowly. This means limiting their playtime to just a few minutes at a time, and only a few times per day. See how they do, and if things look okay on your end, you can extend that playtime.

With more playtime comes the need to increase the monitoring of your cat and baby. And really, you should never cease monitoring that relationship. Even when things can appear to be going well, cats are hard to read. So, keep an eye on your cat’s body language, and that way you can prevent any aggression if you notice your cat becomes upset with your baby.

Lastly, remember that babies are still discovering the world and may not behave in a way that always pleases your cat. So, it’s important to establish some basic guidelines. This can include not allowing them to touch your cat in certain areas, or not allowing your cat to be around your baby in specific areas or conditions.

Establishing rules helps your cat know what they can and can’t do around your child. This includes setting certain times of the day for when your cat can be out and about. Not allowing your cat to climb onto your baby in any way, and even putting your cat in timeout when they start to show aggression.

Babies, in particular, like to interact with things, and they might see your cat as a toy. It’s entirely possible to discover your baby hitting and poking at your Siamese cat. For most cats, that kind of behavior can get agitating and may lead your cat to start disliking your child. That’s why you want to also put some firm rules on your baby and stop them from doing it. The younger the child, the tougher this will be, and it all depends on what they can process.

In addition to physical behaviors, if you have a loud baby, consider how that might scare your cat. A sudden scream or loud laughter from your cat could startle your cat and that might not go too well. So, keep all of this in mind.

Cats are all about routine, so it’s essential to get them into one when it comes to babies. Siamese cats are generally good about that though, and for the most part, you won’t run into problems with them and your baby. All cats are different, so don’t be surprised if things don’t go to plan at first. With some constant reinforcement, strict ground rules, and attention to detail, you can ensure your cat and baby can coexist peacefully.