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Are Siamese Cats Good For Apartments?

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Are Siamese Cats Good For ApartmentsWhen it comes to having a pet in a space as small as apartment cats are often the go-to choice. They are usually smaller and less active than a dog might be and make for a lower maintenance companion. However, not all cats are ideal for the apartment environment.

Are Siamese cats good for apartments? If you take all parts of their personality into account, Siamese cats aren’t the best choice when it comes to living in an apartment. While they are very intelligent, they also need quite a lot of attention and have no problems being vocal at any time of the day or night.

Depending on your situation, there are ways to make apartment living work with a Siamese cat. If you’d like a look at the aspects of this cat breed that are good or bad for apartments, continue reading below.

Siamese Cats in Apartments

It’s crucial when choosing a pet for a particular environment to take everything into account. On top of the needs of your cat, you most likely have to consider the feelings of your neighbors when you live in an apartment.

Things That Make a Cat Good for Apartments:

  • Adaptability – Whether or not they can quickly adapt to the small environment
  • Easy Going – A laid back cat is going to thrive better in an apartment setting
  • Social – They should get along with people
  • Don’t Mind Being Alone – This is extremely important if you work all-day
  • Quiet – You don’t need them waking up the neighbors

Of course, not all of these points apply to every apartment. If you work from home, then it wouldn’t matter so much if your cat doesn’t like being left alone for long periods. Maybe your apartment happens to be well insulated, and a more vocal cat wouldn’t matter as much. Or perhaps you don’t often entertain and don’t need a cat that likes company.

You should always find out the temperament and personality of any cat breed you’re thinking of bringing into your home to see if they’re a good fit for your lifestyle.

Unique Traits of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are extremely smart. Because of this, they can quickly adapt to new environments, even small ones. They are known to walk on a leash when trained, which can help get them some outside time even when you don’t have a yard.

Because of their short coats, Siamese cats are incredibly easy to groom. They only require simple combing once a week and rarely shed their fur. If you don’t have the time to vacuum up a lot of cat hair, this is a great advantage.

Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate and require a lot of attention. In return for being cuddled, they will give you that same attention in return. This breed of cat doesn’t do well with being left alone for a long time. If you need to go for work every day, it’s recommended to get your Siamese a companion like another cat.

They are very social animals. Siamese cats are friendly with other animals as well as people and children. They will soak up any attention they are given. You don’t have to worry about your cat being skittish around your friends if you have a Siamese.

Due to being a highly intelligent cat breed, Siamese cats are very active. They enjoy having a lot of different toys to play with to keep them busy. Puzzle toys that require some activity to release a treat are an excellent source of entertainment for these cats. They will even play fetch with you!

Siamese cats are as vocal as it gets. They aren’t afraid to express themselves no matter what time it is. Sometimes the noises they make can be less than pleasant. This is certainly something to watch out for if you need a quieter pet.

Other Cat Breeds That Are Good For Apartments

Armed with the information given above, you might be thinking that a Siamese cat just isn’t the right fit for you after all. If you are having trouble thinking of another kind of cat you might want, here are a few options that make lovely apartment dwellers.


Persians are an extremely docile cat that is quiet and low energy. They won’t run around causing a lot of mischief, preferring a good lap to curl up on. They are very friendly toward other people. However, they do have long fur and require daily grooming to keep mats out of it. Persians are also a breed that doesn’t thrive well without attention, meaning they can’t be left alone for long periods.


These cats are ideal for apartment life as they require indoor living. Ragdolls are incredibly mellow and make excellent lap cats. Even though they aren’t demanding, they still enjoy playtime and will have a lot of fun playing with you. Ragdoll cats don’t mind being left alone for a while. They are incredibly friendly and gentle, making them a good fit for anyone that entertains a lot. You will need to groom this cat at least once a week to maintain their coat.

British Shorthair

An amazing first-time cat, British Shorthairs are incredibly adaptable and do well in the apartment environment. They are quiet cats that prefer to keep to their owner who they are very friendly with. These cats can be left alone for some time. They don’t need constant attention to thrive. Their coats will need grooming every week. When it comes to people outside of their owners, British Shorthairs will be reserved with their affection.

Scottish Fold

These unique cats are easily adaptable to any situation they are put in. Scottish Folds are generally quiet, low maintenance cats that don’t pester you for attention at all hours of the day. They are capable of being left alone without any problems. These cats are gentle and good with kids and other animals. Although they get very attached to their owners, they adjust to new people well when appropriately introduced. They need to be brushed weekly to maintain their coat.

How to Make Apartment Living Great for Your Cat

No matter what breed you ultimately decide on, there are a few ways you can make even the smallest apartment more comfortable for them.

Give your cat places to climb. Being able to climb or jump up to high places will make up for the lack of floor space available to them. You can always buy them a cat tree that gives them multiple levels to explore and lay around on. If you’re super limited on space, make sure there is a mantle or other surface with a free spot for them to lounge.

Make sure your cat has a view. Cats love looking out the window. If you have a big enough window sill, make sure it’s a beautiful place for your furry friend to hang out without causing any damage. In the case that your window sills are too narrow, you can always push a table up against it or buy a hanging cat perch to add some extra space.

Have plenty of toys lying around. With a variety of toys to play with your cat is less likely to get bored in such a small area. Incorporate scratching posts to keep them from destroying your furniture. If possible, alternate what toys you leave out for them so that they are always entertained.

Ensure your plants are cat-friendly. If you’re the kind of person that likes to have greenery around the house, that isn’t a problem at all. Cats love leafy plants. But you must check to be sure whatever house plants you want are safe for your cat as some can be extremely harmful to them if ingested.

Cats Are Amazing Apartment Companions

Having a pet around is always a delight. Sometimes you have to consider a lot of things before you decide which one will be the best fit for your environment. Apartment living often comes along with unique challenges, and you need a cat that can adapt to them just as well as you do.

Siamese cats are such a smart breed that they can adjust well to any living situation they are put in. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that they can’t be trained out of their natural personalities.

If you’re not bothered by a lot of noise and you aren’t planning to leave your cat alone for a long time, then a Siamese cat might be the right fit for you. The most important thing is that you fulfill each other’s needs so that everyone is happy.