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Best Dogs For Siamese Cats – 5 Breeds To Pick!

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Having a cat breed with high levels of energy can be fun and challenging at the same time. Many Siamese cats owners have gotten a dog or two to help burn off the energy of their cats. And it’s true, Siamese cats do get along with dogs. But every dog isn’t the same, and you may wonder; what are the best dogs for Siamese cats?

The following is a list of the best dog breeds Siamese cats get along with:

Golden Retriever


Basset Hound


Boston Terrier

As a Siamese cat owner, you should be aware each of the above dogs has a unique personality. To fully understand the nature of your canine, you must be keenly observant.

Besides, Siamese cats get along with most dog breeds. Their amazing and cordial personality makes them get along with dogs. Before keeping a Siamese cat and a dog under the same roof, you need to check the dog’s temperament. Let’s discuss each of these dogs in detail!

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1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. They are loved because of their unique personality and playful attitude.

If you are thinking of getting a companion for your Siamese cat, Golden Retriever is a good choice. Let’s discuss the personality of this dog breed.


The Golden Retriever is a playful and outgoing dog. The Golden Retriever is the kind of pooch with high levels of intelligence.

The reason this dog breed gets along with Siamese cats is due to its tolerant attitude. They make great family pets.

For example, one of the reasons Golden Retrievers are popular in the United States is because they are easy to train. Training them does not come with much stress, unlike other dog breeds.

For a Golden Retriever to get along with Siamese cats, they need to be well trained from a tender age. Early socialization is critical.

Physical needs

Golden Retrievers have high energy levels; they need to burn off some of the energy. Their energy level is compatible with that of Siamese cats.

As a Siamese cat owner, getting a Golden Retriever might be all you need if you don’t have enough time to play and walk your feline.

If both Siamese cats and Golden Retriever are together, they complement each other by burning off their excess energy together.


Golden Retrievers are generally healthy. Caring for them is not too difficult. However, Golden Retrievers are prone to some health conditions like other dogs.

Before buying a Golden Retriever, you must get health clearances from the one you are buying from. Health clearance puts your mind at rest regarding certain health conditions.

The following are the health conditions Golden Retriever are prone to:

● Hip Dysplasia

● Elbow dysplasia

● Cataract

● Progressive Retinal Atrophy


Caring for the Golden Retriever alongside your Siamese cat is not difficult. Just like the Siamese cats, they are active.

Golden puppies grow rapidly between the ages of four and seven months. Golden Retrievers have to feed twice a day.

The best kind of food to feed them with is a low-calorie diet that prevents them from growing too fast.

2. Beagle

Beagle is another kind of dog breed that is compatible with a Siamese cat. Although they are natural hunters, they get along well with cats.

Looking at the history of beagle dogs, they were raised to hunt in packs. This makes them very friendly with other animals.

This breed of dog sees Siamese cats as members of its pack. Let’s examine this dog breed in detail.


Beagles are small in size and friendly. They are loyal and affectionate. They have the right kind of temperament to live with Siamese cats.

One thing you might not like about this cat is its high level of stubbornness. This makes them highly difficult to train.

To successfully train a Beagle, you may have to be super innovative. Beagles always like to do things their way.

Beagles have a high sense of smell. They depend on their sense of smell to engage in many activities.

Beagles were initially trained to hunt; it’s no wonder they get along with cats because cats are also natural hunters!

Once a Beagle is well trained, they jealously guard every member of their family.


Beagles are gentle and fun-loving. They cherish being around other dogs. Beagles don’t even mind living with other animals such as cats.

If a Beagle dog is introduced to a cat at the initial stage, they often find it difficult to get along at the beginning. Over time, they get along.

Beagles are not harsh toward strangers. Unlike some other dogs, they are relaxed staying with strangers.

As a cat owner, if you leave the beagle dog breed all alone in the house for an extended period, they become destructive to make up for lack of socialization.

Physical Needs

Beagles don’t shed a lot; they do not require constant and regular grooming. For a Beagle to stay in shape, it needs regular exercise.

To keep your Beagle physically stimulated, you need to exercise him daily. They need high-intensity exercise. You can keep them motivated by running around with them.

Since Beagles are very active dog breeds, they get along with Siamese cats because they share similar personalities and temperaments.

Training and Adaptability

For a Beagle to be well behaved, you must train them from kittenhood. Training also helps a Beagle to live successfully with other animals.

Properly trained Beagles get along with Siamese cats without many problems. As a Beagle owner, if you fail to train your dog right from the start, they would be nearly impossible during adulthood.

Beagles are highly motivated by food. If you want to train a Beagle to stay with a Siamese cat, train both of them to eat together in the same environment.


Just like other dogs, Beagle dog breeds are also susceptible to some diseases. Every dog owner should be aware of the conditions that his dog is prone to.

The following shows the common conditions the Beagle dog breed is susceptible to:

● Obesity

● Irritable Bowel Syndrome

● Dental Diseases

Dogs that stay with other animal companions tend not to develop serious or terminal diseases.


Caring for the Beagle is not an easy task since this dog breed is stubborn and difficult to train.

One of the best ways to care for a Beagle is to keep him both mentally and physically stimulated.

If you own a Beagle dog breed, simply getting a Siamese cat would keep your dog active since they both share similar behaviors.

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are dogs with large and heavy bones with short legs. What separates Basset from other dogs is their sturdy feet and nails they use for digging.

Basset Hound is a scent hound dog. Their sense of smell.


The Basset Hound is a friendly and easygoing dog breed. It gets along with Siamese cats and other pets in general.

This dog breed gets along with children. Basset hounds love mixing with people. One of the worst things you can do for a Basset Hound is to leave him all alone.

Basset Hounds are serious markers. They bark almost at everything. They are fond of digging the ground with their sturdy nails.

Basset Hounds are natural hunters. If this dog breed is well kept and cared for. They tend to hunt without supervision.


Basset hounds are even-tempered and fun to be with. They were initially bred for hunting purposes.

The ability of a basset hound to track a smell for long hours makes them stand out. When staying with a Siamese cat, basset hounds are known not to be aggressive towards them.

If you own a basset hound, the best way to keep the dog active is to engage in scent games. If you can’t arrange scent games, allowing them to live with a Siamese cat is another good alternative.

Physical Needs

Basset hounds require regular to moderate exercise. All they need is a daily walk at a moderate pace. Daily exercise would prevent them from becoming overweight.

They require a fair amount of grooming. They have short hair, which sheds a lot. You can keep the shedding under control by grooming your pup at least once a week.

Training and Adaptability

Like the Beagle, basset hounds are difficult to train. They are independent and stubborn.

Basset hounds were originally trained to hunt and to follow a track on their own without distraction.

You must be creative to train this dog breed. Training the basset hounds can be difficult but not impossible. You need to be consistent and dedicated to training them.

If basset hounds are trained well from the beginning, they find it easier to live with Siamese cats.


Basset Hounds are generally healthy, but like most other dogs, they are prone to some conditions.

If you are planning to buy a puppy, ensure you get clearances for your puppy’s parents.

The health conditions they are prone to include the following:

● Hip Dysplasia

● Gastric Dilatation

● Glaucoma

● Allergies

If you notice any of these conditions in your cat, take your dog to the vet without delay.


Basset hounds are not difficult to care for. They can adapt well to small apartments. But if you plan to keep them with a Siamese cat, getting a large apartment is better.

Do not overfeed a Basset Hound; they are prone to obesity. Excess weight gain would put unnecessary pressure on their joints.

4. Pug

Pug is a dog breed that gets along with Siamese cats. This is not always the case; some pugs have distinct personalities.


Unlike other dog breeds we’ve discussed, pugs do not hunt or retrieve. Tracing their history, Pugs were initially bred to be companion dogs.

Pugs crave attention and affection. They hate being alone. The Siamese cats get along with them easily because of their tolerable nature.

Pugs are one of the playful dogs we know. They love to surprise their owners with funny antics.


The temperament of pugs depends on a variety of factors. Factors such as genetics, socialization, and training.

Generally, Pugs hardly bark at strangers. This behavior endeared them to Siamese cats. They make great family pets.

Pugs are close to being sedentary. They enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap for so long.

Physical Needs

Pugs do not require intensive physical exercise like some other dogs. All they need is a moderate exercise of about 15 to 20 minutes per day.

If you don’t have the time to walk your dog daily, ensure you provide more than enough toys for your Pug to keep him mentally stimulated.


Pugs are a healthy dog breed; just like other dogs, they are at risk of developing certain health conditions.

Some of the health conditions they are prone to include the following:

● Hip Dysplasia

● Pug Dog Encephalitis

● Epilepsy

● Nerve degeneration.

If your pug comes down with any of the above conditions, seek the best medical care for your pug.


Pugs are a low-maintenance dog breed. They do not need extensive grooming. Due to their small size, they can adapt to living in small apartments.

If you own this dog and you are a light sleeper, get a pair of earplugs due to the loud snoring of pugs.

5. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier, also nicknamed the “American Gentleman” is an affectionate kind of dog that gets along well with Siamese cats.


Boston Terriers are both playful and affectionate. They get along with their owners and family members.

To be fully well behaved, they need early socialization like many other dogs. Living with Siamese cats has never been a problem for them.


Boston Terriers are gentle and affectionate. But they can be so aggressive towards other dog breeds.

Boston Terriers love having children around them. Due to their affectionate nature, they make great pet dogs for elderly ones.

Physical Needs

Boston Terriers are moderately energetic dogs. They benefit from daily walking sessions. About 20 to 30minutes of exercise is enough for them to be mentally stimulated.

Boston Terriers have short faces, do not allow your apartment to get too hot as they may suffer heatstroke.


The Boston Terrier is known to suffer from various health issues in comparison to other similar breeds.

The common health problems faced by this dog breed are as follows:

● Cataracts

● Cherry eye

● Heart murmur

● Deafness

If your pup seems unhealthy or you notice any signs of the above symptoms, contact your vet!


Boston Terriers can not withstand cold or heat too well. Ensure the temperature is not extremely cold or hot.

They do not need intensive exercise for them to stay healthy. If you want a Boston Terrier to get along with your Siamese cat, they should be raised together.