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Can A Cat Break A Window – Safety & What To Know

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If cats love one thing, it’s a window with a good view. A particularly interested cat will be jumping and clawing at the window like they’re going to catch something outside the window. While your cat is hitting the window like a fly, you’ll surely ask: can a cat break a window?

Yes, a cat can break a window. However, it takes an incredible amount of force and cats rarely break windows. Clawing, jumping on, and forceful contact can all result in a broken window due to your cat.

Although cat owners never want this to be something that happens, a cat can manage to smash glass.While we all wish the answer could be no, cats can indeed break a window if the right thing happens at the right time. Let’s discuss this chance more throughout this article. Please keep on reading to learn more!

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Can A Cat Scratch A Glass Window

A cat can scratch a glass window.

Although your cat might not smash a window without a significant amount of effort, it takes less effort for your cat to scratch a glass window.

Surely you’ve seen a cat jump at a window when they see something fascinating outside. If your cat is anything like mine, they also like to drag their nails down the windows to make them squeak.

Your cat’s claws are sharp and can easily scratch your windows if your cats do it all the time.

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to fix the scratches on your glass windows, so it will be easier to stop it before it happens!

Should I Leave A Window Open For My Cat

If you want to avoid a broken or scratched window, you should consider leaving a window open for your cat.

An open window will mean that your cat won’t have an easy time reaching the glass.

Plus, your cat will be able to hear more of what happens outside. Your cat will also be able to sit in the windowsill, which could be more comfortable and give your cat more space to relax.

An open window will leave your screen more vulnerable, which is a trade off that you will have to consider.

Much like scratching our glass windows, our cats also like to claw at screens like a scratching post. This can easily damage your screens, meaning that more bugs will end up in your house!

Do Cats Like The Window Open Or Closed

An open or closed window is going to be up to each individual cat.

There is no one way that you should keep your cat in the window. Here are some pros and cons that you can expect.

With an open window:

  • Pro: Your cat can hear more, which is more stimulating and fun
  • Pro: You can get a breeze while entertaining your cat in your house.
  • Con: Your cat may scratch your screen.
  • Con: Your cat may be less safe if your screens are not correctly installed.

With a closed window:

  • Pro: Your cat is more secure in your house.
  • Pro: You have more control over the temperature of your house.
  • Con: You may need to install a cat perch for your cat to be happy, which can damage your wall and molding.
  • Con: Your cat may jump and scratch at the window, thus eventually damaging the glass.

How Do You Cat Proof A Window

The best tip to cat-proof a window is to use sticky tape.

One of the tips I have for you is making sticky tape your best friend.

You might have heard of people using sticky tape on their furniture, and particularly on their couches. Your cat’s claws will stick to the table, which deters your cat from scratching the fabric.

You can do the same thing for your window and windowsills.

Add the sticky tape to your windowsill where your cat may have started scratching. They will stop scratching the wood.

You can also stick it to the glass on the window if you find your cat is scratching the glass. Your cat’s nails will also stick to it, even on a hard surface.

Cats are smart, so they will quickly learn not to scratch if they do not want their nails damaged.

Tips For Cat Proofing A Window

There is more than one way to cat-proof a window. 

Think about some of these tips if you want more tools to protect your windows aside from sticky tape!

Get A Window Perch

A perch for your window is a good investment if you find that your cat spends a lot of time in the windows.

Rather than sitting down in the window or jumping up, your cat will get comfortable in the window perch. He may even spend more time sleeping on the perch than staying awake and looking out the window. 

You might even notice that your window perch will become a revolving door of cats if you have more than one cat in your home.

Make Sure Your Screens Are Secure Or Install New Ones

Few people think about how secure their screens are until they have kids or pets.

If you’re going to keep your window open for your cat, you should make sure that your screens are secure.

As I have recently learned, screens have little latch locks on the side that keep them securely in the window. Make sure those are properly locked.

Old or ill-fitting screens should be replaced as soon as possible. Ideally, you would replace all screens in your home, but you can start with the windows that get the most use in your home.

Feel Extra Secure With A Screen Guard

Screen guards come in different shapes and sizes, but you can add these to your window screens to keep them more secure.

Your cat may even be able to put more pressure onto the screen, but you can rest easy knowing that your screen is more secure.

Invest In Fiberglass Screen Fabric

Fiberglass screen fabric can give you more peace of mind because it is stronger than traditional window screens.

You can even replace the screens in your house with this. This may be a more expensive option that will become an investment, but it is also a great choice to make to improve your house.

If you have kids in the future, then you’ll know that they’re safer in your home as well. 

Keep Windows Closed And Locked

The easiest and cheapest way to keep your cat safe is to keep your windows closed and locked.

Please note that I mention locked here. Like I said earlier, cats are smart as a tack when they want to be. 

If your cat wants that window open, he’ll eventually manage to start to wedge it open, especially if your windows aren’t heavy.

Keep your cat safe by making sure the window is latched.

How To Stop Cats From Jumping Through Windows

Maybe you want to keep your window open, but you’re worried that your cat will jump through the window; that is a worry for any cat owner.

In this case, the sticky tape can be a benefit. Try it. Your cat will not want to walk past the sticky tape because his paws, fur, and nails will stick to it. 

Rather than trying to walk through the window, he will stay back to avoid any discomfort. 

You can also keep the blinds drawn but open. Your cat can see through them, but it creates a barrier for your cat. 

Just be careful that your cat doesn’t get tangled in your blinds when he’s trying to catch that bird or squirrel!