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Can Cats Eat Live Fish – Is It Safe?

Cats and fish go hand-in-hand, even if some cats do not like fish at all! If your cat prefers seafood over chicken, then you have probably looked at other ways to feed your cat fish. Treats freeze-dried or evenly freshly cooked. As you think about the different ways to prepare seafood, you may wonder, can cats eat live fish?

Cats can eat live fish, but it should be avoided because it could make your cat sick. Uncooked fish, alive or not, can contain bacteria that could upset your cat’s stomach. 

Feral or undomesticated cats are more likely to eat raw, live fish because that may be their only food source. Your cat, however, is fed in different ways, so live fish should be avoided to prevent your cat from getting sick. In this article, we’ll talk a little more about why it’s best to avoid giving your cat live fish. 

Is Raw Fish Good For Cats

Cats can eat raw fish, but there is a risk that your cat will get sick from it.

When people imagine cats, they may picture a cat scooping a fish out of the water and eating it. Some cats may do this, but it is not the safest way for your cat to have some seafood.

While a cat is not guaranteed to get sick from raw fish, there is a possibility that your cat will get symptoms similar to food poisoning. Any raw fish contains bacteria that could lead to a stomachache, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

If you plan on feeding your cat any seafood, you should cook it as you would if you were eating it, minus any additions like seasoning or oils. 

Is It OK For A Cat To Eat A Goldfish

A goldfish will not make your cat any sicker than any other kind of seafood, but your cat may be too picky to eat a goldfish.

One picture of a cat you may have is with the family goldfish hanging out of his mouth. Despite what you may think, goldfish are not a delicacy to a cat.

Goldfish are one of the most undesirable kinds of fish to cat because they taste more like a bottom-feeder than a fish. 

If your cat has eaten a goldfish, it is probably because it looked like a toy to your cat, not because he loves to eat goldfish. 

Can I Feed My Cat Live Minnows         

Minnows are safe for your cat to eat, though you should do your best to offer your cat cooked minnow.

Minnows may be challenging to find after they are dead and ready to be prepared. Many pet stores sell live minnows to feed other animals, which is probably where you saw the minnows.

Since the minnows are alive, they pose a risk of giving your cat a stomachache. The bellyache can potentially happen from eating any uncooked fish, not just minnows specifically. 

Minnow is an excellent choice to feed your cat because they are high in nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy. 

Even though minnows have some great health benefits for your cat, your cat should not have a diet based solely on them.       

How Do I Prepare Fish For My Cat

Seafood should be cooked without seasoning if you want to feed it to your cat.

As previously mentioned, you should thoroughly cook any seafood that you are giving your cat. If it is not cooked enough for you to eat, it is not cooked enough for your cat.

In addition to being fully cooked, you should also using any seasonings or butter when cooking. Although pepper and butter might be your favorite topping on seafood, it should not be part of your cat’s diet.

It may sound boring to give your cat seafood without a pinch of salt or butter to dip, but that is the healthiest option for your cat. 

When you feed the seafood to your cat, make sure to remove any shells or skin if it is a shrimp. Break the seafood into small pieces to stop your cat from choking. Allow the seafood to cool as well because your cat will not wait before eating it. 

Things To Consider

As you’re thinking about what kind of seafood to feed your cat, you might feel like there are too many options. Let’s break down the kind of fish that you can find for your cat.

There are fish flavors that are common in dry and wet cat food. These commonly include:

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Whitefish
  • Shrimp

If you are looking at more expensive cat food from a pet store, you may stumble across a few other flavors that are not listed above. These, however, are the flavors that I can almost guarantee that you always find at your local Wal-Mart or Target.

If you want to get more adventurous with your cat, you can prepare fresh seafood for your cat. You should cook your seafood fresh for your cat and avoid any canned seafood, like tuna. Canned seafood is packed in salty water, which makes it unhealthy for your cat. 

Here are some other options for your cat that you can prepare fresh:

  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Sardines

Cooking your own seafood is a great way to give your cat a taste of different kinds of fish. After all, few manufactured cat foods have crab in them, for instance. 

If you’re browsing the seafood aisle, you should keep in mind that you should also avoid imitation crab. Imitation crab may be the cheaper option for crab for your to eat, but imitation crab is made of fish that are harmful for your cat to eat. The texture and look of imitation crab are similar to real crab, but it could make your cat sick.

Also, remember that seafood is a treat for your cat. It can be fed to your cat often because it is healthy, but your cat’s diet should not depend solely on eating seafood. Cats need a balanced diet to live a long, healthy life.

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