Can Cats Eat Pancakes – What You Should Know!

Few people would argue that pancakes aren’t the image that comes to mind when you think of breakfast, but can cats partake in eating pancakes for breakfast too? There isn’t anything necessarily bad in pancakes, you think, but can cats eat pancakes?

Cats can eat pancakes in moderation. Pancakes lack nutrients that cats need to stay healthy. They are also high in sugar and carbs which may negatively affect a cats health.  

Like many “people” foods, cats should only eat them as a treat. A whole pancake probably isn’t the best choice for your cat, but you can give your cat a piece here and there. Leaving the syrup off probably ruins the experience for your cat, but it’s the best choice. If you want to learn more about feeding your cat pancakes, keep reading! 

Are Pancakes Safe For Cats

Pancakes are safe for your cat to eat. 

You don’t have to worry if you want to feed your cat pancakes; pancakes are safe for your cat to eat.

Since cats are carnivores, pancakes are not the best option to feed your cat. Your cat is not getting very many nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy and active, but you can safely give your cat pancakes as a treat.

If you plan on giving your cat pancakes, make sure to cut them small and avoid any additions to your pancakes, like chocolate chips inside or syrup on top. 

Are Pancakes Poisonous To Cats

Pancakes are not poisonous to cats.

Since there are no ingredients in pancakes that are poisonous to cats, then the pancakes themselves are not poisonous to cats. 

Pancakes will not harm or kill your cat if they eat pancakes, whether you feed the pancake to your cat or your cat eats it by accident. 

Please remember that just because pancakes are not poisonous to cats, it does not mean that they are healthy for your cat to eat. You’ll still want to limit the number of times you feed your cat pancakes and at what quantity. 

Can Cats Eat Pancake Batter

Cats should not eat raw pancake batter.

I think we can all agree that licking the spoon is one of the best parts of baking, but cats should not eat uncooked pancake batter.

The most critical reason cats should not eat pancake batter is the raw eggs used for cooking pancakes. Raw eggs have the potential to carry salmonella, which can make your cat extremely sick. 

Even though it may be cute to see your cat lick the spoon after you’re finished mixing, it is better not to do this to avoid making your cat sick. 

What Is Inside A Pancake

Depending on the recipe you use, pancakes could have different ingredients. However, there is usually a few key ingredients, along with some additions to flavor your pancakes.

While you can add almost anything to pancakes, here are some of the most common ingredients you’ll taste in pancakes:

  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Milk or water, depending on the recipe
  • Cinnamon for taste
  • Sugar
  • Additions for the pancakes, like fruit or chocolate chips

Even though some parts of pancakes may change, you’ll probably almost always use flour, eggs, and a liquid, like milk or water. That will be your base, and most people will build from there. 

Can Cats Eat Pancakes With Butter

Cats should not eat pancakes with butter.

If you feed your cat pancakes, you should avoid putting butter on top of the pancakes. 

While you may put a dollop of butter on top of your stack of pancakes, you should avoid adding additional butter to your cat’s pancakes. Cats shouldn’t eat large amounts of oil or fat, and butter adds to these unnecessary calories that a cat doesn’t need. 

Feeding your cat a piece of pancake with a little bit of butter won’t do too much to hurt your cat now. It probably isn’t enough butter to even upset your cat’s stomach. 

Can Cats Eat Pancakes With Syrup

Since syrup is full of sugar, you should not add syrup to pancakes that you may give your cat. 

The syrup might seem like a yummy treat for your cat, but the syrup has a lot of sugar in it, even naturally. Cats do not need sugar and should not eat it, so it is best to avoid giving your cat sugary syrup. 

Plain, dry pancakes might seem boring, but it is the safest option for your cat. Don’t worry, though; your cat won’t think that you’re holding out on him. 

Can Cats Eat Banana Pancakes

Pancakes with bananas are a good choice for your cat, though the pieces you give your cat may be so small that your cat won’t be able to taste the banana. 

Bananas are a fine fruit snack to feed your cat, so it makes sense that you would want to put it in the pancakes that you feed your cat. It’s an excellent choice for you too!

If you decide that you want to put bananas in your pancakes, you should go ahead. You won’t be giving your cat a whole pancake, though, so your cat probably wouldn’t get as many of the benefits of the bananas as you might think. This doesn’t mean that you need to skip the bananas, but it’s good to know. 

Can My Cat Eat Waffles

Your cat can eat waffles. Like pancakes, make sure to give your cat waffles in small pieces and as an occasional treat. 

Even though waffles feel like a different breakfast experience than pancakes, waffles have many of the same ingredients. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you can safely share your waffles with your cats too. 

You might be tempted to add ice cream or a chocolate drizzle to your waffles, but if you’re sharing with your cat, then plain waffles are the way to go. 

What Can I Give My Cat For Breakfast

It might sound boring, but you should stick to cat food for your cat’s breakfast. 

None of us want to think about eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but that is the best option for cats to eat.

If you usually give your cat dry food during the day, you can introduce wet cat food to your cat for his breakfast. This will give your cat some variety and a kind of treat in their diet. Wet cat food is also formulated specifically for cats, so you’ll know you’re keeping your cat healthy too. 

Things To Consider

Some people think that vegan pancakes are a better option if you want to feed your cat pancakes.

Vegan pancakes leave out the diary, of course. Some of the ingredients are different than those in regular pancakes. Here are a few ingredients that you may be surprised to see in vegan pancakes:

  • Non-dairy milk
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Coconut milk
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil

When comparing vegan pancakes to regular pancakes, there may be some benefits. For instance, vegan pancakes do not have dairy in them. Even if you imagine your cat drinking a bowl of milk, milk isn’t suitable for cats. They may enjoy it while they are drinking it, but it will give them diarrhea. 

On the other hand, you’re removing some good benefits to pancakes when you remove the dairy. Pancakes don’t have many necessary ingredients that cats need, but pancakes do have eggs, which cats can benefit from. Removing the eggs means that your cat no longer gets that benefit from the pancakes.

Many vegan pancake recipes also use apple cider vinegar. Once cooked, it is difficult to say whether or not cats could still smell or taste it. Cats do not like the smell of apple cider vinegar, so your cat may be turned off from eating pancakes altogether. 

The choice to make vegan or traditional pancakes is up to you. As you can see, both kinds of pancakes have some benefits and drawbacks for your cat, so you’ll have to decide which you think is better to give your cat as a snack. 


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