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Can Cats Eat Popsicles – Frozen Treats And Safety

Can Cats Eat Popsicles – Frozen Treats And Safety

Many cat owners wonder if their feline fur baby can enjoy a popsicle treat along with its human family. It’s a hot day; maybe you want your kitty to enjoy a frozen treat too. But, can cats eat popsicles?

Cats cannot eat popsicles. Artificial sugars in popsicles aren’t healthy for your cat’s digestive system and can cause obesity, vomiting, or diarrhea.

While human bodies can handle a dense amount of sugar at once, cats’ bodies are structured differently. Plus, they haven’t been chowing down on sweets since childhood like the rest of us – so their bodies aren’t trained or used to refined sugars. In this article we’ll share some tips for keeping your cat healthy and other alternatives to popsicles! 

How Do You Make Ice Treats for Cats

There are easy and healthy ice treats your cat will love, and we’ve got a recipe for him here!

In lieu of a sugary pop that could lead to unpleasant side effects, give your feline a popsicle that’ll make both his tongue and his tummy happy.

  • First, pour one can of tuna (or salmon) into a bowl or food mixer. Don’t drain the can – and add about half a cup of water (this helps with the freezing process).
  • Next, mix it all up; this is best done in a food mixer or blender but can still be done by hand. 
  • Fill a Ziploc bag with the fish-and-water mix; cut a tiny hole into the corner of the bag. 
  • Get an ice cube tray and use the bag’s corner like a pipette to fill each cube section.
  • Let freeze for a few hours or overnight; then, voila! You’ve got feline popsicles!

When serving, it’s best to put the ice cube into a bowl or on a plate to avoid fishy bits all over your floors!

Are Popsicles Bad for Cats

Popsicles are not healthy for cats, to say the least. While popsicles are not directly toxic for felines, like other foods, including chocolate and grapes, they are certainly not healthy for your little fur baby.

Sugar, first of all, can cause both short-term and long-term health issues. Shortly after consumption, it can give your kitty an upset tummy, for example. If the high-sugar diet becomes a regular habit (like, if you offered up some popsicle to your cat on a daily basis!), it could lead to much worse consequences. For example, just like humans who regularly consume too much sugar, cats also can suffer from diabetes and obesity.

Can Cats Have Ice Lollies

Generally, cats should not consume – or even be offered – ice lollies. Particularly if the ice lolly in question has dairy in it, it could severely mess with your kitty’s stomach (she might be lactose intolerant without you even knowing!).

However, ice lollies explicitly created for cats are totally fine! The feline sweet tooth is nonexistent. For instance, a tuna-flavored ice lolly would be much preferred over, say, an orange creamsicle flavor.

What can we say? Cats are strange!

Now, sugar isn’t exactly toxic or deadly to a cat, and yes, if you’re slurping a popsicle and want to share a lick or two with your kitty, that won’t do any damage (as long as you’re okay with the feline germs!).

But too much sugary foods in a cat’s diet can easily lead to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. Another thing to consider: if this is a milky popsicle – well, first of all, you have great taste in popsicles. But second of all, when it comes to your cat, the combination of milk and sugar makes it even worse for her tummy. It may lead to an upset stomach, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

So, yes – while she might’ve enjoyed the treat at the moment, it’s best to avoid the repercussions in the first place!

But are there other human treats you can give your cat besides popsicles? Can you make a cat popsicle? Is your kitty getting enough water in her diet?

Can Cats Have Strawberry Popsicles

Just like other popsicle flavors, cats shouldn’t consume strawberry popsicles.

Sure, it makes for great social media material – your adorable kitty indulging in a frozen strawberry treat. He might even beg you for a taste (some cats will eat anything!). But the sugar and other artificial ingredients don’t mix well with a feline’s stomach. 

Hey, there are plenty of other cute social media photo ops that don’t affect your fur baby’s health – we promise.

Do Cats Like Frozen Treats

Surprisingly, many cats really do seem to enjoy frozen treats!

Ice, for example, some tend to like the cold wetness against their tongue or paws; some enjoy it as a plaything (just like a ball of tin foil – why is it that cats prefer the free toys?!).

And on hot days, when your overheated feline can’t escape from all of her fur, a frozen treat goes down nicely and helps cool her off.

Of course, choose her frozen treat carefully and make sure it’s cat-friendly (so, no sugar!). As we said, ice is a great option. Or, take her wet food up a notch (and down a temperature); place the contents of the wet food container into a plastic dish lined with wax paper. A few hours later, she’ll have a delicious way to cool down.

Another option? You can even make your own cat popsicle using canned tuna and water!

Do Cats Get Brain Freeze

While experts aren’t positive whether cats can experience brain freeze, it seems as though this is not out of the realm of possibility.

It’s hard to know precisely how a cat is feeling. But often, when a cat licks something cold, they react as though they are experiencing discomfort (the proof is all over YouTube). 

However, this reaction could be a result of tooth sensitivity; or perhaps a mix of both.

Either way – don’t try to give your cat brain freeze. It’s just not nice!

Is It Bad for Cats to Get Brain Freeze

Just like in humans, it is bad for cats to get brain freeze. It’s painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes feels like it will never end.

It’s even worse for cats because they don’t know what’s happening, whereas, with us humans, we at least know why we’re experiencing this pain (delicious slushie syndrome). But cats don’t – so the pain of a brain freeze is not only uncomfortable, it’s scary.

What Frozen Treats Can I Give My Cat

In place of frozen human treats, there are a handful of tasty, cat-friendly treats to give to your furry feline.

For example, homemade cat popsicles are a great cool-down snack for your kitty; mix up canned tuna and water, freeze, and serve. You can also freeze wet cat food (place it on wax paper inside of a plastic container – YUM!).

Some grocery stores or pet shops may also sell cat ice cream (yeah, it’s a thing!). Ask your vet for the best recommendation (and make sure not to overindulge).

Or stick with the classic frozen treat: ice!