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Can Cats See Computer Screens – Here’s The Facts!

Cats often do things that make us humans scratch our heads. For instance, some cats take an interest in watching our TV, phone, and computer screens. This will likely leave cat owners wondering: can cats see computer screens? 

Cats can see computer screens, but they often see the picture on the screen in altered colors. This is because cats cannot see colors within the red spectrum as well as most humans can. 

In this article, we will be answering some commonly asked questions about cats seeing computer screens. We will also be explaining how cats can see computer screens in greater detail and providing you with some additional things to consider about this topic. In addition, we will be looking into the differences between a cat and a human’s vision. Let’s get into it!

Are Computer Screens Bad For Cats Eyes

Although computer screens can be damaging for a human’s eyes, computer screens have not been known to be bad for cats’ eyes. This is mainly because they are not sitting in front of a screen and looking at it as often or as people do.

In addition, cats do not tend to look at screens for long durations of time like humans do. Of course, this is because cats do not consume digital entertainment the same way their owners do. 

Do Screens Hurt Cats Eyes

In addition to computer screens, TV screens and phone screens are not known to hurt a cat’s eyes. Although cats may be more likely to stare at a TV screen more often than a computer or phone screen, they still don’t do this long enough to cause damage to their eyes.

Usually, cats become fixated on a fast-moving object on the screen for a few moments and quickly lose interest once that moving object is gone. 

Do Screens Affect Cats Eyes

There have not been any reports of a cat’s eyes being damaged after looking at a computer, phone, or TV screen. In addition, it is not likely that cats experience any eye strain by looking at screens either.

Cats are not looking intently at a screen for hours like a human might. This is because things like TV shows or movies do not entertain them the same way people are. 

Why Does My Cat Sit In Front Of My Computer Screen

Cats sit in front of computer screens either because they are curious about what you are doing or are attracted to fast movements occurring on the screen.

It is common for cats to try and get their owner’s attention after a while, and they may also be wondering what you are looking at, especially if you have been there for a while. 

This is likely the cause of your cat climbing up and looking at your computer screen while working. This is especially true if you have been working in front of the computer for an extended period. In addition, cats are attracted to warmth, so many cats can be found sitting on laptop keyboards. 

Cats are also drawn to quick movements that sometimes occur on computer screens, especially if you watch a movie, TV show, or youtube video. The fast movements often trigger a cat’s prey drive.

As a result, cats may seem to be mesmerized as they watch the screen. They may also paw or lunge at the computer screen, so it is essential always to be cautious if your cat is particularly interested in a video that you are watching. We provide some safety tips for this later on in this article. 

What Do Cats See

Research has suggested that cats view a world that is a bit more blurry and lacking in color than we humans are used to.

This is partly because a cat’s eyes are better equipped for viewing the world at night than during the bright hours of the daytime, and they have more rods and fewer cones in their eyes than people do.

The result of this is a muted version of the colorful world that people see. Some experts have even gone as far as to compare a cat’s vision to that of a colorblind person who is also nearsighted. 

Cat Vision Vs. Human Vision

Cats’ eyes are made for night vision, and this means that cats can technically see better at night when it is dark than during the day.

Cats have better night vision than people because they have a greater amount of rods in their eyes. Rods make sight better at low light levels. This is great for cats because they are most active during the dark hours of the night and early morning. 

Although cats have more rods in their eyes than humans do, cat eyes have fewer cones than human eyes. As a result, their daytime color vision is not as good as those of most humans.

Although cats have yellow, blue, and red cones just like people, they have fewer cones in these three color spectrums, and red is suggested to be the most lacking. As a result, cats tend to be more stimulated by yellow and blue toys than red ones. 

In addition to having reduced color vision from a lack of cones in their eyes, cats are also more nearsighted than most people.

This means that they would need to get closer to an object to see the image sharply than the average person would. However, cats have a wider range of vision than people do, which comes into use while hunting. 

To make the differences between a cat’s eyes and a human’s eyes a little simpler, we have compiled a simple list of some of the different aspects of vision and which eyes excel more at them. Here is a table on the different aspects of vision and whether a cat or human eye is better. 

Aspects of VisionAre Cat or Human Eyes Better at This?
Seeing Different Colors and HuesHumans
Seeing Clear Images From a DistanceHumans
Field of VisionCats

How Can I Tell If My Cat Has Vision Problems

Although cats naturally do not see as clearly as most people do, sometimes cats can also have worse vision than other cats. This is usually caused by a condition, injury, or infection of the eyes. Some common eye conditions in cats that lead to poor vision include but are not limited to: 

● Damaged corneas 

● Cataracts 

● Glaucoma 

In addition to the above conditions, pink eye, eye inflammation, corneal inflammation, entropion, and eyelid masses are also fairly common in cats and can cause their vision to worsen temporarily.

Luckily, these conditions are usually treatable by a vet. When affected by conditions like these, your cat may exhibit some physical signs of a vision problem such as: 

● Visible cloudiness over the cornea 

● Discharge coming from the eye 

● Discoloration of the eye (pink, red, etc.) 

● Masses or wounds on or around the eyes

● Excessive squinting 

● Pawing or scratching at the eyes 

In addition to physical symptoms that are often present in cats experiencing vision loss, you may notice some other signs as well. These signs may be more challenging to spot as they are mainly changes in a cat’s behavior. Some other common symptoms of reduced vision in cats include but are not necessarily limited to: 

● Bumping into things 

● Being easily startled 

● Unable to find food, water, and litter trays 

● Lethargy and increased sleep 

● Laying less often than usual

● Having difficulty climbing or walking (especially in unknown areas)

You should immediately take your cat to the vet if you notice any signs of vision loss in your cat. Many causes of vision loss in cats are treatable and are either caused by an infection or minor complication.

As for cases of vision loss with a more permanent cause, a vet can give you some help working with your cat and making things more accessible for them. 

How Can I Protect My Cats Eyes

Cats have not been known to get eye damage from looking at a screen. This includes computer screens, TV screens, phone screens, and any other types of screens out there.

However, there are other things out there that could cause eye irritation or damage. Infections, injuries, and objects can commonly cause these types of problems in cats. 

The best thing that cat owners can do to protect their cat’s eyes is to take them to the vet. This includes taking your cat for their routine visits and taking them when you believe that something is wrong with your cat’s eyes. This way, you can get conditions treated early on and ensure that your cat receives proper care. 

Things To Consider

Cat owners should consider some other things regarding cats seeing computers, TV, and phone screens.

These include if it is ok to let your cat watch TV, some safety tips for cat owners whose cats like to watch screens, and if cats can recognize their owners on Facetime and other Here are some things to consider if cats can see computer screens. 

Is It Ok To Let My Cat Watch TV

Although some cat owners may hesitate to let their cat watch the TV, it has some benefits for your pet. Cats watching the quick movements that often occur on the TV provide them with some enrichment.

It might not be as fulfilling as looking out of a window, but it is better than nothing. A pro tip is to play with your cat either as the both of you are watching the TV or right after. This way, your cat will not become frustrated by not acting on his prey drive, which is what is activated when cats watch TV screens. 

Safety Tips For Cat Owners Whose Cats Like To Watch Screens

Watching the quick movements that often occur on TV and computer screens activates a cat’s prey drive. As a result, cats sometimes also swipe or even lunge at these screens while watching them.

Although this is a natural response in cats, it could pose some safety concerns for your cat. Here are some safety tips for cat owners with a cat who loves to watch screens that will keep both your cat and your expensive electronics safe. 

● Always keep an eye on your pet when they are watching a TV or computer screen 

● Have your TV mounted securely on the wall

● Keep your computer screen out of reach when necessary 

These tips are sure to make your cat’s screen time much safer for your cat. It is also likely to put cat owners at ease, knowing that there are far fewer incidents that could arise due to their cat’s screen-watching habits. 

Can Cats Recognize Their Owners Over Facetime

Many pet owners miss their pets when they are away, so it is natural for cat owners to want to Facetime with their cat when they are left with a trusted pet sitter or family member. As a result, many cat owners have likely wondered: can cats recognize their owners over Facetime? 

Although cats cannot understand video chat in the same ways that people do, cats will likely be able to recognize their owners over Facetime. Cats can recognize the voice of their owner over the phone. In addition, they can see phone screens.

However, it is unknown if cats can decipher that the face on the phone is that of their owner. This is because the owner isn’t physically there, and the image of their owner’s face is much smaller on the screen than in real life.