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Can Cats See Green Lasers – Understanding A Cats Vision

Playing with a laser pointer with your cat is a lot of fun. Most cats are pretty motivated to catch that tiny dot on the floor… or the walls. or the ceiling. But, with more and more kinds of laser pointers coming out, cat owners have quite a few more options than they used to. If you’ve ever been tempted to pick up a green laser pointer instead of a red one, you’ve probably asked yourself, can cats see green lasers?

Yes, cats can see green lasers. Cats are however color blind and cannot discern the difference between green light and other colors. More powerful lasers are brighter and more accessible for your cat to see, but can also be more harmful.

Here’s what you need to know about laser pointers and your cat and some precautions you can take to keep your favorite game safe and fun.

Are Green Laser Pointers Safe For Cats

Green laser pointers are potentially safe for cats, but it depends a lot on how you use them and how powerful the laser is in the first place. Green lasers are more likely to be made from powerful lasers, which means that green lasers might be a little more dangerous for your cat. 

All lasers can be dangerous for cats since the laser can damage delicate tissues in their eyes. Since green lasers tend to be more powerful, they are more likely to cause damage if you accidentally get the laser in your cat’s eye. 

If you want to use a green laser pointer, try to look for a smaller, less powerful laser pointer. They’re a little rarer, but green lasers come in the standard low-power 5mW level, too, like red lasers. Low-powered lasers are less likely to cause damage and are a lot safer than the high-powered lasers you can get for pointing long distances. 

Do Cats Like Green Lasers

Yep! A cat that likes any laser pointer will probably enjoy a green laser just as well as a red one. The trick is that not all cats are interested in lasers, and you have to be in an environment where your cat can see the laser. 

That means that you should make sure it isn’t too bright out when you’re playing with a green laser, or any laser, with your cat. And don’t be too surprised if your cat doesn’t show much interest. Some cats don’t have fun with a bit of dot of light and do better with other toys, and that’s okay too. 

Can Cats See Green Light

Yes, a cat with standard sight can see shades of greens and blues in their environment, and they can see green light pretty clearly. It is always possible that your cat might have color blindness or aren’t as light/dark sensitive as other cats. 

There’s always room for individual differences in your cat’s senses. 

What Color Laser Can Cats See

Cats can see most lasers even though their eyesight is primarily green/blue. That’s because your cat is more likely to notice the light from the laser rather than the color. Like we can still see light and shadows in a black and white movie, your cat can tell that a laser dot is brighter than its surroundings even if it can’t see the color. 

For instance, cats probably see red lasers as a white dot rather than a red one since their eyes can’t see the color red. 

What Color Light Do Cats See Best

Cats see greens and blues better than any other color, but that’s a little different than asking what color light they see best.

They still see the color in green and blue light better than other colors of light, but seeing light and seeing color are two different kinds of eyesight. So your cat can see all light equally well, but some light will be colored while other light will look bright white and colorless. 

Can A Laser Pointer Make A Cat Blind

Unfortunately, yes. A poorly aimed laser pointer can damage your cat’s eyes. Intense lasers may cause blindness quickly, while less powerful lasers typically take multiple exposures to fully blind a cat.

Anytime a laser shines into your cat’s eyes, there is a risk for some damage, and they might have cloudy parts of their vision even if they don’t go completely blind. 

That’s why it’s essential never to shine a laser in your cat’s face and to observe to make sure your cat doesn’t accidentally move into the path of the laser. 

Is It Cruel To Play With A Laser With A Cat

Some cat owners prefer not to use laser pointers with their cats because of the risks to their vision, while other cat owners think that laser pointers are a great toy and helpful for encouraging their cats to do some cardio. 

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Playing with a laser pointer can be a good stimulus for your cat and help them get more exercise, but it also comes with some risks, and not just to their eyes. 

Some cats can get obsessive about finding the laser pointer’s dot, leading to them searching for the dot for hours after the laser has been put away. That kind of behavior isn’t normal and isn’t suitable for your cat.

Playing too much with a cat that gets obsessive about the laser pointer can make them more anxious and obsessive over time. If you notice that your cat acts this way after you play with a laser, it’s probably best to find other toys that don’t make them anxious. 

It’s also not a good idea to play with a laser pointer if you aren’t 100% sure you can keep the laser out of their eyes the whole time. Otherwise, you’re risking severe damage to your cat’s vision, and they may need special care afterward. 

Things To Consider

Some cats love playing with lasers of all colors, while some cats might only respond to a specific color or laser or a specific shape. Like all cat toys, there’s no guarantee that your cat will respond well to a new stimulus.

If your cat is particularly erratic when they play, it might not be a good idea to use a laser pointer. That’s because you could damage their vision if they move in a way you don’t expect or if they startle you.

Families with cats also often love playing with lasers, especially since children love to see cats chase after the dot.

But small children shouldn’t use the laser themselves since they might not have the control to protect your cat from the laser. Instead, let adults and teenagers that can be trusted hold the laser. Kids can get involved by suggesting ways to play or patterns that the person holding the laser can draw.

It’s also crucial to keep an eye on your cat while playing with laser pointers. Some cats will run themselves into exhaustion and put far too much stress on their bodies while they play. Make sure to give your cats rest breaks and make sure there is plenty of water available so they can stay hydrated and healthy.