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Can Persian Cats Go Outside – Things To Consider

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All of us have seen cats outside, but some cat breeds are more common to see outside. You rarely see cats like Persians roaming the roads like tabby cats. Therefore, you start to wonder: can Persian cats go outside?

Persian cats can go outside with monitoring. It is better to keep them inside based on the personality and fur type of Persian cats. Keeping a Persian cat indoors allows them to stay healthy, avoid parasites, limit disease, and provide a higher quality of life.

Some cats are better off being indoor cats, and your Persian cat is one of those cats. It is not terrible if your Persian cat goes outside, but you should try to avoid it when you can. If you want to learn more about why Persian cats should probably live inside, keep reading this article! 

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Can I Take My Persian Cat Outside

While you can take your Persian cat outside, I would not advise that you do so because of their fur and personality.

First, Persian cats have beautiful long fur. Taking your cat outside could mean that their fur will get matted or dirty. Fleas and ticks could hide in their long, fine fur.

Second, Persian cats are known to be docile and gentle. These cats may not handle being outside very well. If something threatens them outside, Persian cats may not know how to respond to it. 

You can take your cat outside if you want to sit with him on your porch. If your cat does not leave the porch, he will not get dirty or scared by most things.

Is It OK For Indoor Cats To Go Outside

It is not a good idea to take an indoor cat outside.

There are no rules about taking an indoor cat outside, but bad things can happen if you do this.

Your indoor cat is not used to being outside. He may look out the window all day, but there are new sounds and experiences once he is outside, like:

  • Louder cars
  • New animals
  • Sounds that he may not be able to hear outside
  • Birds closer than he expected
  • Other things that can pose a risk, like dogs, the elements, or standing water 

Some cats will immediately run back inside if they get scared, but other cats will get the urge to hide somewhere outside.

You will find it challenging to find an indoor cat who gets scared upon going outside, so to avoid this unfortunate situation; you should keep your indoor cat inside your home. 

Is It Bad To Take My Cat Outside

It is not necessarily bad to take your cat outside, especially if you are worried that your cat will get out one day.

A cat doesn’t ever need to be outside, but if you want to give your cat some experience outside, you can think about taking your cat outside.

To keep your cat as safe as possible, you should always stay with your cat when you take him outside.

If possible, keep your cat on the porch or in your arms.

You can also think about taking your cat out on a leash, but you will need to get your cat to get used to being on a leash before doing this. 

Do Persian Cats Like To Go For Walks

If you’re thinking about taking your Persian cat outside, it might be because you want to take your Persian cat on a walk. 

Cats are small, but they aren’t able to walk very far, but your cat might like to go on a walk for some exercise.

As I just mentioned, a leash is a great way to take your cat on a walk without worrying that your cat will run away.

Most leashes for cats are harnesses that attach to your cat around their torso. Your cat won’t be able to squirm out of the harness easily, so it makes it safer.

Before you take your cat outside, get your cat comfortable with the harness by putting it on your cat while you are still inside. Some cats will love the leash, but others will hate wearing it!

What Kind Of Cats Can Go Outside

Not all cats should go outside. Here are some of the personality traits you should consider if you want to take your cat outside:

  • How brave is your cat?
  • Is your cat easily scared?
  • How does your cat handle new experiences?
  • Is your cat prone to running and hiding?

If you can say that your cat is timid and likes to hide when there is a new experience, then you should not let your cat go outside. It could quickly pose problems for you. 

Do not force a cat who does not want to go outside to go outside. Some cats are perfectly happy to live inside without a problem. 

Is Sunlight Good For Persian Cats

You may want to take your cat outside to get some sunlight. Sunlight is good for Persian cats.

Sunlight is great for all animals, cats included.

If your cat is average, then you’ll know it’s common for your cat to be laying in the sunlight any chance he gets in the house.

Light that comes through the window gives cats some health benefits, but windows filter UV rays that your cat needs. 

Sunlight helps with some of the following things:

  • Vitamin D keeps your cat’s bones healthy
  • Sunlight kills germs.
  • It can help arthritis when your cat warms up.
  • It recharges your cat. 

Sunlight is never a bad thing for your cat, but your Persian cat doesn’t need to be outside to get all the benefits of the


Things To Consider Before Taking Your Cat Outside

Due to their unique fur and personality, there are a few things you should consider when taking your Persian cat outside.

They will require additional grooming

The number one thing cats do when they get outside is roll around. Whether it be grass or dirt, your Persian cat will do much of the same; likely to see what all the excitement is about. So, be careful here and don’t skip the grooming! Persian cats should be groomed regularly as debris can get matted into their long fur. A bath is not necessary however unless it’s muddy.

Loud noises may scare them

Naturally, a Persian cat has a gentle temperament. The outdoors however don’t offer that gentle calmness. Loud noises from car horns, other animals, or inclement weather can frighten your Persian cat. Without monitoring it’s entirely possible they could run off due to these conditions.

So, if you live in a noisy or busy area, be mindful of that!

Keep them updated on their shots

Like all cats, keeping them up to date with their latest vaccines is important. Especially with a prized cat like a Persian, you’ll want to take them to the vet yearly. Because there is an increased risk of disease by taking cats outside, getting their shots is even more important.