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Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone – What You Should Know

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Animal lovers across the globe adore cats. But, Ragdoll cats are slightly different from most cat breeds as it is well known for their ‘puppy-like’ tendencies to follow their humans around. So, pet parents working extended periods often question – can ragdoll cats be left alone ?

Yes, Ragdoll cats can be left alone. Ragdoll cats left alone for long periods can cause your cat depression and withdrawal behaviors. Your caat might also indulge in behaviors such as constant meowing, general restlessness, increased activity at nights, and extra show of neediness when you are around.

If you are concerned about the overall well-being of your beloved pet and don’t want to see your ragdoll cat suffering from symptoms of depression – we’ve got your back covered.

This article will walk you through the actions you can take to provide your pet with more companionship, prevent your cat from exhibiting negative behaviors and make your pet feel more secure and loved. 

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What Makes Ragdoll Cats Different From Other Cat Breeds

Ragdoll Cats are the largest domestic cats in the world. And, many animal enthusiasts bring home these huge kitties for their docile nature, playfulness, ease of being physically handled, and dog-like devotion to their humans. 

Despite their size, at an average of 23-28 inches in height and 3.6 to 9.1 in weight, ragdolls got their name for their tendency to go limp in the hands of their family, ready to receive love and affection. And, it is due to their general attitude for being overly calm and friendly that pet guardians are recommended to take extra care when introducing their ragdolls to other pets. And, most vets advise keeping their ragdoll kitties indoors as these loveable creatures neither show aggression nor know how to defend themselves when facing hostility appropriately.

What Traits Your Ragdoll Cat Might Display When Left Alone For Long

If you’ve got a ragdoll cat at home, you might already know that these felines are highly sociable. They like to spend time with their families, cuddling on their humans’ laps and following their owners around throughout the day. And, their huge size does not prevent these cats from being active, although not overly spirited. 

Hence, it is rare to find ragdoll cats gratifying themselves by tipping objects over, wreaking havoc on your furniture, or leaving a trail of destruction behind themselves. But, if you do leave a ragdoll alone for most of the day, you might find that your cat is displaying unusual attitudes such as:

  • More scratching – using your couch or chair to scratch to relieve their boredom
  • Litter box issues – peeing outside of the litter box to show you it is unhappy
  • A loss of human-cat bond
  • Symptoms of withdrawal
  • Depression
  • Constant meowing
  • Increased nocturnal activity
  • Excessive neediness when you are around

If you work for most of the day and know that you will not spare a lot of time for your ragdoll cat, you should consider bringing home a more independent cat breed. And, spare yourself as well as the ragdoll cat the emotional distress.

However, there are specific steps that you can take to keep your pet entertained for the number of hours you aren’t at home to ensure that your kitty isn’t feeling any separation anxiety. But before you get into that, you should know how long it is considered okay to leave your ragdoll on its own.

How Long Can You Keep Ragdoll Cats On Their Own

Ragdoll cats love to nap and sleep. They tend to sleep through most of the day and are most active at night and in the early hours of the day. According to many animal experts, you can leave your ragdoll alone for about eight to twelve hours a day at home. However, if you leave them on their own for longer, these cats get lonely and restless.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Ragdoll Entertained When Alone

If you work in an office and have a lunch break for half an hour, perhaps it would be best to pay your kitty a surprise visit. However, if going back and forth from work during lunch hours is not possible, you can hire a pet nanny.

It would help if you considered hiring a professional pet nanny who knows how to deal with pets, particularly ragdoll cats. Getting your cat familiar with a pet nanny rather than expecting your cat to accept the presence of a stranger is an intelligent approach. Ragdolls are generally sociable animals that take to most humans that show kindness and love. So, it shouldn’t be a problem in most cases to get your pet to be happy around a pet nanny.

Moreover, you should train your ragdoll to play with interactive toys. Sensory interactive toys provide hours of entertainment for most cats. And, if you do go out looking for interactive toys, you will find a whole array of brightly-colored varieties of interactive toys that your kitty cat is sure to fall in love with.

But, the one thing that most ragdoll owners tend to find the most success in preventing their kitties from becoming depressed is introducing a companion pet. Many good-natured dog breeds enjoy snuggling into a cat as much as they appreciate the lap of their humans. Golden retrievers, Beagles, Labradors, Bichon Frises, and Shetland sheepdogs are dog breeds that relish the company of humans as well as other pets. 

Lastly, make your home more cat-friendly. Providing your cat with a window that gives it a clear view of the world outside will keep your cat busy for quite a while.

And, when you consider the curious nature of all cats, you know that your ragdoll will be naturally attracted to such a view. Furthermore, it would be best to try placing cat trees and cat gyms in the different rooms of your house. Such space provides your pet with the chance to play, snooze, and a private area where it can go to unwind. 

Things To Consider

Keeping a pet as loving as a ragdoll cat is truly a privilege. But, if you are planning on getting a cat home but you work for long hours, then it’s best to go with another more independent cat breed such as the Russian Blue, British shorthair, or Norwegian Forest Cat.

However, if you already have a ragdoll cat at home and don’t want to see your furry friend unhappy, you can do the following to make it more comfortable at home alone.

  • Bring home another pet such as a friendly dog breed to provide companionship. Pets, particularly cats and dogs that have been socialized at an early age, bond and do together well as friends and housemates.
  • If your Ragdoll cats show signs of depression, your cat needs your attention, affection, and love. In such circumstances, the more time you can spare to spend with your cat, the sooner you will help your cat out of its separation anxiety and depression.