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Can Sphynx Cats Be Left Alone – Tips And Considerations

You love your Sphynx cat, but you, like many of us, have a job that takes you away from your furry friend for at least eight hours a day. You probably wonder if your cat likes to be left alone. Sure, it leaves a quiet home to nap in, but what does your cat do when he wakes up? Is he bored? Most importantly, can Sphynx Cats be left alone? 

Sphynx Cats can be left alone for eight to ten hours. Cats do not need to be let out and can remain alone indoors. Cats left alone for more than three days can experience loneliness and distress.

Sphynx cats enjoy the company, so your cat will probably wish they had a companion while you’re out of the house. Your cat may not get lonely while you’re running to the grocery store to pick up that gallon of milk you forget, but if you work during the week, they may start to miss you. So, how can you combat that potential loneliness?

Do Sphynx Cats Get Lonely

If Sphynx cats are left alone for prolonged amounts of time, they may start to get lonely, especially if your Sphynx cat is the only cat you own. 

Sphynx cats are surprisingly social animals and like to have companions, whether furry or human. This actually surprised me to hear. A family friend has a Sphynx cat who can’t be bothered with humans or other animals. He spends most of his day in his cat bed, under a blanket. When he gets out of his bed, he even keeps the blanket on!

So, maybe my friend’s cat Stan is the exception that proves the rule, but most Sphynx cats prefer to be around other people or cats, so they don’t get lonely.

Why Does My Sphynx Cat Get Lonely

Sphynx cats may get lonely easier than other cat breeds because Sphynx cats are very sociable. 

You might think that cats are usually just put off by their humans who want to give them attention. For some cats, that’s probably true (I mean, have you seen that glare?), but that’s not the reality for Sphynx cats. Sphynx cats love attention and to be social, even if you might think they sleep a lot. 

If you don’t have a Sphynx cat yet and are looking to adopt one, keep in mind that you’ll most likely be giving it more attention that your human children. 

How Can I Tell If My Sphynx Cat Is Lonely

Just like with people, your Sphynx cat will start to show signs of loneliness.

If you’re gone once for a long time, you might not notice that your cat was lonely. If you’re suddenly putting more hours in at the office and aren’t home as much, your Sphynx cat might start to show you that she’s lonely.

  • Your Sphynx cat might start eating less.
  • She might become extra clingy when you are home. 
  • Your cat might seem more lethargic than usual. 

You know your cat better than anyone else. If you notice that your cat is acting differently, first rule out any medical issues. If your cat seems otherwise healthy, your Sphynx cat might just be feeling lonely. After all, we can all start feeling a little lonely, right?

What Do You Do When Your Cat is Lonely

You work, your spouse works, the kids have school. Sometimes your cat might get lonely.

  • Make sure to leave toys for your cat. They can play if you’re not around.
  • Give your cat attention when you are home. Play with them, and they can sleep while you’re out.
  • If you only have one cat, think about adopting another cat. That will ensure they’re never alone.
  • Consider if your cat is lonely. Your cat may enjoy some time alone with time to sleep.
  • Leave a TV or radio on for your Sphynx cat. They can’t cuddle with the TV, but it may make them feel like someone is home.
  • Think about getting a pet cam. That way, you can check in with your furry friend during the day. 

Are Sphynx Cats High Maintenance 

In many ways, Sphynx cats are a high maintenance cat breed.

Let’s put aside the grooming responsibilities for now. After all, we came here to talk about the personality of Sphynx cats, right?

You may start to feel like your Sphynx cat is high maintenance because they’ll demand a lot of attention from you, but it’s just because they care so much about you. Your Sphynx cat might require more snuggle time from you than your other cats. Of course, this doesn’t make your Sphynx cat “high maintenance,” but it’ll feel like it. I mean, come on. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom when your cat refuses to get off your lap? What kind of cat parent would you be if you put him down to get up?

Do Sphynx Cats Like To Cuddle

Sphynx cats are loyal and affectionate, so you may notice that your Sphynx cats enjoy a good cuddle session.

Since Sphynx cats are an affectionate cat breed, it probably won’t be uncommon for your cat to cuddle up with you while you’re sitting on the couch or in bed. Your Sphynx cat loves you, so I’m sure it will love to be held.

Sphynx cats are also hairless, so don’t be surprised if your hairless cat suddenly loves you in the winter or the summer when the air conditioner is on. Sure, your Sphynx cat loves you, but your cat might also be leeching some body heat off you to stay warm.

Do Sphynx Cats Need A Companion

Sphynx cats don’t need a companion, but they would certainly welcome it.

Because they’re so caring, it’s probably no surprise that Sphynx cats prefer people. If you’re the one that can be around as much as you can, I’m sure your Sphynx cat would appreciate it. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that we can’t be with our best friends 24/7.

Which is where other cats come in. Another cat, whether it is a Sphynx cat or otherwise, can keep your friend company at home while you cannot be there. Like I always say: two cats are still better than one!

Are Sphynx Cats Good With Other Cats

Sphynx cats are great with other cats, especially within the same breed.

Like many other breeds of cat, your Sphynx cat will probably get along with any other cat that you properly introduce your cat too. If you suddenly throw your Sphynx cat into a room with another cat, there may be some hissing, but if you adopt a new cat, your Sphynx cat will come to love it too. 

Here are some tips for introducing your cats:

  • Slowly introduce the two.
  • Give your new cat and your current cat a space that they can call their own and escape to if they’re stressed.
  • Make the time spent together positive. Play with both cats together. 
  • If there is some fighting and no one is getting hurt, it may be okay to let it happen to allow your cat to set boundaries

Sphynx cats are one unique cat breed. You might not think that cats get lonely since they sleep so often, but your Sphynx cat might get lonely if you work a lot. Give him all the attention you can when you’re home, but you can always think about getting another cat. After all, Sphynx cats get along great with new brothers and sisters.

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