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Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars – Everything You Should Know

Most cats have a cushion of fur that separates a cat collar from their neck. Long or short, the fur acts as a barrier to the edges and buckle of a collar, so there is no need to worry about skin issues. On the other hand, a Sphynx cat can lead to a whole host of other questions; most commonly, can Sphynx cats wear collars?

Yes, Sphynx cats can wear collars. Since Sphynx cats only have a light layer of hair like most cats, it will be essential to pay attention to the kind of collar you are buying your cat to avoid any surface injuries.

You shouldn’t skip the collar just because you have a Sphynx cat. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the critical aspects of collars to remember when you’re picking a collar for your cat. If you’re convinced that collars are not the best option for your Sphynx cat, we’ll also discuss a few alternatives for you. Just keep reading to learn more! 

Should You Put a Collar On A Sphynx Cat

Yes, you should put a collar on a Sphynx cat.

We’ll discuss in more detail the idea that collars on cats are cruel, but let’s look at the thought of putting a collar on a Sphynx cat specifically first.

Since Sphynx cats do not have much, or any, fur, you might think that you cannot put a collar on a Sphynx cat. After all, the collar could rub or cut his unprotected skin. 

Picking the proper collar for your Sphynx cat will satisfy any of these worries.

Cat’s collars are often softer than a dog collar, for instance, so the edges of the collar will not dig into your cat’s skin. Cats do not need collars as heavy-duty as a large dog collar, so the fabric is often softer than you might imagine. 

A Sphynx cat has just as much a chance of getting out of the house as any other breed of cat, so you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your Sphynx cat safe. 

Is It Safe For A Sphynx Cat To Wear A Collar

It is safe for a Sphynx cat to wear a collar as long as the collar is made for cats. 

There are long, tedious aisles at pet stores for collars. If you find the cutest dog collar, you might want to put it on your cat, but you need to make sure the collar is made for cats.

Dog collars can be too heavy and hurt your cat’s neck. The fabric may also be stiffer and could rub against your cat’s neck. For a Sphynx cat with no fur, that can cause cuts and sores.

The two most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a collar for your cat are safety and fit.

Choose an option that will keep your cat safe. For instance, a curious cat may do better with a break-away collar, but we’ll talk about specific collar options more later.

Fit will also be necessary for your Sphynx cat. Collars should be snug but not tight. 

If you are worried about choosing the wrong collar for your cat, you should talk with your vet. Your doctor will be able to point you in the direction of the best options for your cat. Some of those options may only be available online but will be designed specifically for your cat.

Is It Cruel For Cats To Wear Collars

It is not cruel for cats to wear collars.

Some people think that putting a collar on a cat is a cruel punishment, but your cat wearing a collar can be highly beneficial.

Even if you have an indoor cat, there is a chance that your cat can get loose. If your cat is not used to going outside, then there is an even better possibility that your cat will get lost. 

A collar will help anyone that locates your cat knows where you are, meaning that your cat will be able to come home as quickly as possible.

Collars also help you know where your cat is in your house and if your cat is coming closer. A cat that is always up to no good can be stopped before anything bad happens if you can hear the jingling of a bell on his collar. 

Alternatives To Collars For Sphynx Cat

Collars offer a specific purpose for your cat, and although we have many choices for several different things, we haven’t come far in new options for collars.

There are only a few alternatives to collars for Sphynx cats, but here are a few options that you have:


A microchip is a popular option for many people who do not like their pets to have collars.

A microchip is injected under the skin of your pet by a veterinarian. If your pet goes missing, your pet can be brought to a vet’s office, and the chip can be scanned. 

The chip contains your personal information, such as name and contact information, so that the vet can get in touch with you to let you know that your pet has been found. 

Microchips can be an expensive but helpful option for you. Microchips can also be easily updated when you move or change your phone number. 

Break-Away Collars

There are many different kinds of collars on the market, and break-away collars are a fantastic option if you are worried that the collar will choke your cat.

Break-away collars do precisely as they say: they break. 

If your cat’s collar gets hooked on something, the latch closure will snap and free your cat. Therefore, your cat will not be choked.

This kind of collar can give you peace of mind that your cat is always safe. 

Harnesses Or Body Outfits

If you are taking your cat out of the house, then a harness or a full-body outfit could be an excellent alternative to a collar to make your cat more visible.

Harnesses cover more of your cat’s body than simply the neck, so there is lower concern that the collar will choke your cat. 

Full-body outfits also make your cat more identifiable if he runs away, but most outfits do not have any personal information on them unless you customize them.

No matter which route you go, always consider the worst-case scenario of your cat getting away and choose an option that will help you get your Sphynx cat back quickly and, most importantly, safely.