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Can You Bring Cats Camping – Tips & Strategies

I am an adventurous person who likes to go camping every now and then, but I do not like to keep my cat alone when I do. I am often left wondering, Can you bring cats camping?

Yes, you can bring cats camping. Camping with cats is possible, but it will take some planning, time, and patience on your part.

Camping with kitties is a pleasurable experience for both you and your feline companion. Not to forget, it can significantly enrich their life, particularly if they are confined to their homes.

So, let’s discuss in detail if you can take your cat camping, how you can prepare your cat for camping, what you can do when you go camping with your cat, and a lot more.

Is It Safe to Take Your Cat Camping

Camping with your cats is entirely safe, and it is a terrific way for you and your furry companion to work out while bonding in the wilderness. 

But, please keep in mind that it will require some preplanning if you want to make sure that you and the kitten have a good day. You can’t simply tie a collar to your feline, carry a spare can of tuna, and take your little cat for a walk in the woods. 

How Do I Prepare My Cat For Camping

You should acclimate your cat to traveling in the vehicle before organizing a camping vacation. Begin with a few short visits to get your cat prepared. 


It’s alluring to get in your car and drive around looking for a place to camp.

However, there are some sites where animals are not permitted, and we strongly advise you to double-check before visiting.

Some regions are designated as wildlife reserves, and cats are not allowed to visit.  


Include your cat in the packing process. This will help your feline get more enthusiastic about going on adventures! 

Take a picture of your cat. This will assist you in locating your cat in the unlikely case that it becomes separated from you. Given the possibility that your phone’s battery would run out, we recommend taking one picture as a hard copy as well.


Your cat will be vulnerable to temperature changes and disturbances when sleeping in a tent. They won’t have as much room to wander and won’t have access to the amenities of a home. However, tent camping with your cat is not impossible. It simply necessitates a little extra planning. It is recommended that you bring an old tent with you so that you don’t have to worry about your cat scratching it. 

5 Ways To Camp With A Cat

Below are five easy ways you can camp with your cat.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Alone Outside

You can’t put your cat on a leash and expect it to be well at your camping ground. They can twist or even squirm free from their tether. Even the most “escape-proof” cat harnesses can be slipped out of. Therefore, you should never keep your cat in a camper or on a leash unsupervised.

Pack The Essentials

Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that you have everything your cat requires. It’ll need its regular food, water, a litterbox, and a cage to use as a “safe space” to escape to. You’ll also require their leash, harness, and possibly some of their favorite toys. You want your cat to have a good time with this!

Maintain Regular Routines

Cats are creatures who follow a set of rules. That’s something you’ve probably already observed! So, while camping, try to stick to your typical routine as much as possible. To make the experience as tension-free as possible for your feline, adhere to typical feeding and sleeping routine.

Avoid Going To Crowded Places

It should go without stating, but you should limit camping with cats in congested places, especially if they’re unfamiliar with it! Many people might indicate a lot of energy, which can cause your cat to flee or hide. You wouldn’t want anything to traumatize your cat or cause them to equate camping with fear.

Make A Home For Your Cat

If you go camping with a cat, make an effort to make a place that is exclusively theirs. This area should be a safe haven for your cat to withdraw to if they become overstimulated.

What Do You Do With Your Cat When You Go Camping

Cats can make a camping vacation more enjoyable, especially if they’ve become your best buddy. You should have a peaceful and joyful experience if your cat enjoys the woods as much as you do and you are well prepared for the experience.

Some of the things that you can do with your cat while camping include:

  • Walk your cat in the woods
  • Play hide and seek
  • Food Hunting
  • Catnip toys
  • Enjoy the nature

Will My Cat Sleep In A Tent

If you’re wondering whether cats like tents or if they’ll sleep in one, the answer is that it depends on the cat. As you might assume, a cat who has had little to no outside experience will struggle to acclimatize to sleeping in a tent.

However, if you expose your cat to a tent in a planned manner, it may grow to like it. To ensure that your pet is comfortable and relaxed in their sleeping environment, you should always attend to their specific needs.

Is it Possible For Cats To Live In A Camper

The answer is yes. That response, however, comes with a few limitations. Campers come in a variety of styles and sizes. As a result, certain campers will be better suited to cats than others. 

There’s a simple technique to assess if your camper will be sufficient. Your cat should be able to survive in your camper if you can provide shelter, meals, water, a bed to sleep, and a space to go to the potty.

What Are Some Things to Keep In Mind While Taking a Domestic Cat Camping

When camping with your cat, here’s a few things you should consider:

Get To Know Your Cat

First and foremost, assess whether your cat has the temper to accompany you on your camping trip. While you may find it enjoyable and soothing, some cats are complete homebodies who find being away from their usual settings highly upsetting. 

Make It Feel At Ease

Tent camping is generally not a smart place to start unless your cat is a peaceful and experienced traveler. A motor home provides a more safe and comfortable environment. Give your feline all of the home comforts in the car, including food and water bowls, litter box, games, and bed.

Bring A Carrier 

In the motor home, your cat should have its own carrier. When the vehicle is moving, he should stay in its carrier. 

Maintain Its Health

Remember that the campsite will be home to various animals, including wildlife, dogs, and stray cats. We recommend treating them with a compassionate attitude while preventing your own cats from engaging with them. In most areas, rabies vaccinations are required, and you should have antibody tests done on your feline before leaving to guarantee it’s protected against other contagious diseases.