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Do Cats Eat Chickens – Everything You Should Know!

Cats tend to have a minimal appetite and don’t consume a wide variety of items. A lot of new owners of the cats are usually skeptical about the eating habits of their cats. They are never really aware of their cat’s diet, which confuses them quite a lot. If you have gotten a new cat, you must often have wondered; do cats eat chicken? 

Cats do eat chicken. Chicken contains protein and other nutritional content and is generally considered a healthy food for cats. It is a non-toxic option to add to the diet of the cats, but of course, if consumed in moderate amounts.

In this article, we will talk about why chicken is a good option to feed the cats and all the health benefits that it comes with. Alongside this, a few concerns regarding the consumption of chicken by the cats will also be discussed. Apart from these, you will get a good idea of how and when you should feed this human food to your cat. 

Reasons Why Cats Eat Chicken 

Cats, most of the time, get along with other animals. However, when it comes to birds, cats love to consume them. The same goes for a chicken. Though filled with protein, chicken is a good food option; you need to keep your small, pet chickens away from your cats. The reasons why cats eat chicken are: 

Cats Are Meat Eaters

Cats are carnivorous, which means they love meat. This nature of the cats compels them to attack anything that has flesh. This way, they can get the required protein and carbohydrates needed for their growth and wellbeing. 

Obligate Carnivores

Domestic cats are more obligate carnivores than street cats. This means that they will almost always eat only the chicken that their owners serve to them. They don’t go out on the quest for the chicken to eat.

Predatory Nature

The predatory nature of cats is well-known. They have an innate desire to seek and eat their victim. As a result, they have a natural preference for chicken.

Cats Can Swallow Small Chickens

Cats can’t attack and consume roosters, so they eat small chickens instead. Because a rooster’s size is comparable to that of a cat, it can readily fight and defend itself. 

A Change In Taste

Bored of the regular cat food, your cat might want to taste some blood and flesh. This would tempt it to prey on a chicken and eat it off.  

Is It Okay For Cats To Eat Chicken 

Yes, it is okay for cats to eat chicken. The lean protein, also known as chicken, comes packed with many nutrition and nourishing benefits. At the same time, it tastes good, making someone readily addicted to consuming it.

Besides, it is not loaded with dangerous elements like excessive fat and harmful amounts of sodium. Hence, by feeding a considerable amount of chicken to your pet cat daily, you can aid it in building some lean muscles. This will ensure your cat’s healthy living and a build of impressive body mass.  

Another reason why cats can eat chicken is that it has nutrients that fruits and veggies do not. For instance, it has vitamin B6, which the cats can’t get from any other available source.

It strengthens the immune system of the cat. Apart from this, the phosphorus that cats get from the chicken gives excellent strength to their livers and kidneys.

Resultantly, all the organs of the cats keep working efficiently as long as they consume chicken in reasonable amounts.  

Can Chicken Make Cats Sick 

Yes, chicken that is prepared mainly for humans can make cats sick. Cats’ digestive systems may be harmed by a chicken that has been coated with oil and spices.

Feeding chicken to the cats is a good idea, but not the one cooked especially for humans. This is because food items made of chicken for humans have special seasoning in them.

As the human stomach works utterly different from the cats’ stomach, the latter may not break down the saturated fats well. Hence, it may lead to varied diseases related to stomachs making the lives of cats difficult. 

Alongside seasoned chicken, the raw version should also be avoided. The raw chicken comes with many bacterial infusions in it, which may cause E. Coli infection in the cats.

Even though many cat owners consider raw chicken closer to the natural diet of the cats, it still has a lot of risks associated with it. Several veterinarians have identified raw chicken as the primary cause of most feline digestive problems.

Are Chickens Afraid Of Cats 

Yes, small chickens are afraid of cats. For the most part, Cats do not attack grown-up chickens, preferring instead to avoid the path they take.

This is because chickens such as roasters have a size relatively equal to that of the cats. At the same time, because chickens know how to protect themselves, the attack may have unfavorable consequences. The pecking technique prevents the cats from attacking the chickens.

Chickens that are small in size and mass, however, may be terrified of the cats. They don’t have the same pecking skill as the big cats.

Therefore they can’t scare the cats away as effectively. As a result, when a large cat approaches, they are bound to be terrified. Thus, chickens are terrified of cats.

Are Cats A Danger To Chickens

No, cats can’t harm chickens. As huge chickens have their sizes relative to cats, the latter is not usually a threat. However, at the same time, unruly cats may be intimidating to chicks.

These chicks may not be able to defend themselves against huge cats. As a result, it requires the cat and chicken owners to be cautious about their possible contact.

Chickens that are small and delicate should be kept away from large cats. This is, without a doubt, the simplest way to assure their protection.

An attack of a cat on a huge-sized chicken may lead to quite a defensive fight. Chickens surely know how to defend themselves well. Adult birds are not easily hurt by the cats.

Thus, if you have both of them in your house, you don’t need to worry about their safety. Even though your cat is a carnivore and may love chicken, consuming a huge one by attacking it is a far thought for it. 

At What Age Are Chickens Safe From Cats

A chicken that is around ten weeks old is big enough to defend itself. Hence, it is safe from the cats as it can use its defensive abilities to scare them away.

At this age, you can easily leave a chicken and a cat unsupervised. However, owing to the predatory nature of the cats, they tend to attack and kill baby chickens. Great protective measures are thus needed to keep them safe.  

Compared to chickens that are huge in size and massive in body, the smaller ones are much more tempting to the cats. It also makes sense: the small ones can’t defend themselves against the huge cats.

Domestic cats, however, are a bit civilized compared to the unruly ones and do not attack the middle and big size chickens. Instead, they both may get along well with other animals residing in the same house. 

Physically, an adult chicken may be of the same size as that of a cat. Hence, attacking it gets more challenging for the cats. With their peaks, the chickens can easily hurt the cat in case of any sudden attack.

Once attacked by this beak, your cat would never dare to go on this adventure again. Huge chickens’ tendency for retaliation ensures their safety in the presence of cats. Chickens are thus protected from cats as early as ten weeks of age. 

Do Tamed Cats Attack Chickens

Yes, tamed cats can attack small chickens at times. Because of the carnivorous character of cats, there is a potential that tamed cats will attack the chickens.

However, tamed cats are much more civilized compared to street cats. In the case of living with huge chickens, they may end up getting along with them quite well.

However, one can’t wholly trust these creatures. There are still great chances of tamed cats attacking the small chickens. The temptation of gulping a chicken down the throat may induce the cat to attack a small chicken.

Thus, it is always better not to fight off the instinct of the cats. Keep your pet cat and small chickens as far from each other as possible as it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Will A Barn Cat Kill A Chicken

Yes, a barn cat can kill a chicken. A barn cat is a farm cat which means that such a cat has tamed it well. It is well trained to stay on the farms in the most peaceful manner possible.

However, at the same time, the farm owners should not trust a barn cat to keep it around small chickens. This is because little chickens are constantly in danger when they are near a cat. 

Even though a domesticated cat is used to being around other animals, if you have many animals on your farm, and the cat and chickens are among them, they will get along.

However, if there is a significant age gap between them, the results may not be favorable. 

Small chickens should not be kept in close vicinity of the cats. Even if the cat is well domesticated, there are always chances of it attacking small chickens.

How Do I Protect My Chickens From My Cats 

Cats and chickens can be kept separated by a robust fence. Cats are only interested in animals that do not pose a threat to them.

Fortunately, big chickens with bodies relative to that of cats scare them away. Cats avoid threatening such chickens the most. However, in case you pet small chickens, you need to protect them from your cats. 

In such a situation, the best way out is to keep your small chickens in a place that is well-sheltered and away from other animals. For that matter, an enclosed space is the right option to go for. Make a tiny shed for them to live in and keep them there.

Animals tend to get less active during the winter season. Raising your chickens during this season will keep them safe from bigger animals hunting them down. As most of the bigger animals, including cats, are less active during the winters, they are less interested in going after their prey.  

Fencing the space where you keep your cats and chickens is also a good idea. A strong fence will keep these creatures far away from each other. Such a separation will keep both of them safe and well protected. 

Things To Consider 

There are a few things to think about when it comes to cats eating chicken. Petting both cats and chickens necessitates a great deal of caution on the part of the owner. 

Chicken Is Rich In Protein 

It’s a terrific idea to feed your cat chicken. It is high in protein, which cats require for proper growth. At the same time, it increases the cat’s mass, giving it a more muscular appearance.

Raw Chicken Is Never Recommended 

Though many cat owners choose raw food since it is more natural, it can certainly bring many issues. The majority of the time, the stomach infections originate from the cat eating raw chicken.

Keeping Small Chickens Away From Cats Is Necessary 

Cats are predators by nature. If you have both and have petted them, you must take additional precautions to keep small chickens away from cats for their safety.