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Do Cats Get Mad At You – Weird Behaviors Explained!

Do Cats Get Mad At You – Weird Behaviors Explained!

Cats are deemed to be one of the friendliest pets yet very unpredictable. One moment they’re hanging around you, playing and purring in your arms, seeking attention, and the very next moment, you’d find them glaring at you and throwing you a ‘weird look.’ Or you would find them growling instead of purring, throwing tantrums around you, ignoring you, and trying to hide when you are around. All these signs might make you wonder, do cats get mad at you? 

Cats can get mad at you. This includes being mad at their owner for neglecting them, not feeding them at a predictable or fixed time, or disliking noises or scents. Leaving a cat alone for long periods can also cause them to become upset.

In this article, we will talk about the possible reasons why your cat can get mad or angry with you. Moreover, we will discuss some other questions that might stem in your minds seeing your cats being mad at you. Besides, we will also provide you with some insights into things you must consider when dealing with your cat in the abovementioned circumstances. 

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Mad At You 

While cats are generally friendly and happy-go-lucky animals, they might sometimes act differently around you by making strange voices or glaring at you in a deadly manner. We will provide you with some reasons to help you analyze why your cat is mad at you. 

Your Cat Has No Privacy 

While most cats enjoy being surrounded by people, friends, and strangers alike. Some cats, however, may not stand it. They can, sometimes, very much behave like humans and might want to have some privacy of their own.

In such conditions, when your cat is not easy with a guest or is trying to show his noninvolvement by hiding in a corner, it is suggestible not to force it to get along with the stranger and let it have some privacy. 

Cats Can’t Stand Unpredictability

Cats love when everything goes their way. They like to be in charge of things and situations alike and can’t endure any change in the routine. If you’re spending more time outside your home, which is so unlike you, that may upset your cat.

They are used to you being around them at a specific time of the day and always want things to follow the same pattern, which of course, isn’t possible. So a slight change in your routine may cause them distress. 

Making Them Stay Indoors 

Cats quickly get bored of their environment and want to have some change to boost their mood. So if your cat is acting up or is in an off mood lately, try giving it a short walk around the block or to a nearby park, as it will cheer your cat up and help them make new friends.

You can also take your cat to your friends’ place and help them socialize by letting it play with their pets. 

A Change In Your Cat’s Routine 

A disruption in the regular routine can make your cat stressed and furious. Though they may not vocalize their feelings often, you can notice the slightest change in their behavior.

If you feed your cat or play with it at a particular time of the day, cats get used to it and want you to follow the same routine forever. If by any chance, you’re not able to keep up with the schedule, your cat may welcome you home with a severe face, or in some cases, a stern glare. 

They May Feel Jealous 

Yes, you read that right. Your cat may feel jealous or envious sometimes if you are giving more time to some other pets. This, as a result, can end up making them furious, and they might do silly things to grab your attention.

In any such case, try not to ignore them or make them feel terrible by not paying attention to them. Pick them up, give them a little massage on their head, or scratch behind their ears to make them feel wanted and happy. 

How Long Does Cat Stay Mad At You 

Your cat can’t stay mad at you for more than 18 hours. As friendly and kind creatures, cats don’t hold a grudge against you for a longer period because they constantly seek your attention when you are around.

However, if you make her super mad and angry or make her feel insulted, she might not be able to get over it throughout her life. Though she may get back on the talking terms with you again, the chances are that she might not forget that one incident for the rest of her life. 

How Do You Know When A Cat Is Angry

If your cat is wagging its tail fastly or is growling at you, rest assured you are in deep waters. If you genuinely make your cat annoyed, it may not come near you and may give you a silent treatment by not responding to your calls.

In addition to that, angry cats typically respond to your calls by turning their backs to you and wagging their tails fastly. As cute as it may seem, try not to let your cat feel gloomy for more than an hour. 

Why Do Cats Get Mad When You Point At Them

Cats get mad when you point at them because they can’t stand harsh attitudes and want to control their environment.

Cats always want to be treated like Queens and don’t like it if you are rude to them, even on purpose. Sometimes, your cat might want to seek your attention by disturbing and distracting you while you’re doing that vital assignment of yours.

In such situations, an average person would point at them and ask them to leave the room for some time. Hold on, as this may hurt your cat’s feelings, thus making her get mad at you. 

Do Cats Get Mad When You Leave 

Yes, cats do tend to get mad when you leave because they like spending time with you and the thought of you leaving them makes them feel sad.

Cats are supposed to have strong intuitive powers, and they can tell when you are going to leave, which makes them sad, stressed, cry, and sometimes might make them get mad at you, as the idea of waiting for you to come back makes them upset.

Though they don’t intend to misbehave by getting mad at you, it’s just that they can’t stand the thought of having to spend time without you, which in turn makes them angry at you. 

Do Cats Get Annoyed When You Wake Them Up 

No, cats don’t get annoyed or irritated when you wake them up. However, it would help if you were very gentle when it comes to waking them up from their nap. Cats tend to sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, which doesn’t mean that they have a deep slumber all the time.

Most of the cats are on alert even during their sleep because of their guarding nature and can wake up to even the faintest of noises.

But if you wake them up from their light sleep in a not-so-gentle manner, it might make them get mad and grumpy. So make sure you wake them up gently to save yourself from their wrath. 

Do Cats Get Annoyed When You Pick Them Up 

Yes, cats do get annoyed when you pick them up as they like spending time on their own and in their comfort zone. It should be noted that not all cats are the same.

While some cats love to be snuggled and hugged, others may not be in for such treats. It all depends on your cat’s nature. If you reckon that your cat doesn’t like to be picked up you can lay their favorite toys around and leave them independently.

Whenever they feel the need to be picked up, they’d come to you and let you pet them as a sign to let you know that they want to be picked up. 

Do Cats Get Mad When You Ignore Them

Yes, cats tend to get mad and angry at you when you ignore them because they entail sensitive nature. But this isn’t a common behavior as all cats don’t have the same nature.

While some cats may feel anxious, sad, or stressed when you ignore them, others might get angry at you if you treat them like this.

If you want to teach your cat some manners and correct their behavior by giving them the silent treatment and ignoring them, it is better not to prolong your period of ignoring them as it may cause adverse effects on your cat. 

Do Cats Get Mad When You Touch Their Kittens

Yes, cats normally get mad when someone tries to touch their kittens. Cats become overly sensitive towards their newborn kittens and want them to be close to her all the time.

So in such a situation, if someone comes nearby and tries to pick up the kittens or touch them, the cat becomes defensive and can even attack the person.

In this case, it’s better to leave the mommy-cat with the kids and provide them with the stuff they might need, such as toys or food.

However, if you try to touch your pet cat, she may not act strange and let you cuddle her kids as she already has had a bond with you, so she won’t feel threatened if you touch her kittens. 

What To Do If Your Cat Is Angry At You 

First of all, try to find the bone of contention which made your cat angry or mad at you. Pinpoint the issue and then try to approach your cat. He might be angry at you because something you did that might have hurt him or something others have done has caused him distress.

Pick him up, place him on your lap, gently brush his fur with your fingers, and scratch his chin. At first, your cat may resist, but don’t let them get mad at you for too long. Try approaching him from time to time till he doesn’t feel angry at you anymore and lets you pet him. 

Things To Consider

When it comes to calming your cat down after acknowledging that she’s mad or angry at you, there are some points that you might want to consider or keep a check on. 

Let Them Get Used To You 

A cat might act strange or mad out of fear. In any such case, she would try to escape and not let you come near her. If this is the case, try not to enforce your presence over her and sit quietly in the corner of the room and let her get familiarized with your presence.

If possible, scatter some treats around her to make her feel at ease. Once she understands that she is in safe hands and that you don’t aren’t any threat to her, she’d come forward and try to make you give a tap on her back or a scratch under her chin. 

Don’t Punish Your Cat

Try not to scold your cat, point at her, or punish her if she is mad at you, as this will hurt her even more, and she might hold a grudge against you for a long time. Act naturally around her by ignoring her and not picking her up till she cools down and approaches you herself.

Contact Your Vet 

If despite all these tricks, your cat still seems to be in no mood to retreat, there might be something wrong with her other than being angry at you. Try contacting your vet and let him examine your cat to make sure she isn’t hurt physically.