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Do Siamese Cats Like Water – Things You Should Know

When you think about a cat, you probably assume that your cat hates water. Most of the time, you’re not going to be wrong. If you have a Siamese cat, you may have a greater chance of your cat liking water, but still, you always scratch your head and ask, do Siamese cats like water?

Yes, Siamese cats like water. However, Siamese cats only prefer to drink water and do not enjoy getting wet or taking baths. They have a natural fondness of water, and enjoy playing with the water and tasting it.

Being in water and playing in water are two very different things when it comes to cats. You might not think that there is a difference, but your cat would say otherwise. Let’s take some time to talk about water and what your cat may or may not like. 

Reasons Siamese Cats Like Water

Siamese cats differ from most cats when it comes to water. They actually like it, but the reasons for that aren’t obvious. Here are five things to consider when it comes to why a Siamese cat likes water.

They Are Playful In Nature

If you’ve ever been around a Siamese cat long enough, you’ll know they have some of the most playful personalities out of any cat. Not only are they extremely vocal, but they enjoy being active and exploring everything around them.

Water is one of those things they naturally gravitate towards. They enjoy sticking their paws in the water and flicking it all over the play. Some cats will even go as far as to stick their paws in so they can walk around with wet paws and track up the floor.

How the water is presented to your Siamese cat is an important aspect of how they will interact with it. A huge tub of water is probably scary to them because it’s a large body of water. However, something like water in a small drinking bowl, or even running water from a faucet (more on this next) is likely to stimulate play from them.

They Enjoy The Sound Of Running Water

Running water does two things for Siamese cats:

  • It stimulates their interest due to how it looks
  • It stimulates their interest due to how it sounds

Siamese cats are really attracted to the sound running water makes. In some instances, cats find the sound to be soothing; almost as if it’s white noise. For Siamese cats though, the sound of running water means an opportunity to play.

It’s not uncommon to find a cat at the kitchen faucet slapping its paws through the water. The idea is to try to break the stream, but soon enough they find that it keeps returning. It’s almost like cats and lasers; they never quite win that game.

While this is fun for them, it can be a bit annoying as the cat owner. Just imagine huge puddles of water sprinkled all over the sink. Then again, it’s a unique experience for them and one you should let them experience. After all, if you have plans to train your cat to be wet and ready for a bath, a running faucet is a great opportunity. It not only gets them used to the sound of running water but the feeling of having parts of their bodies wet.

It’s A Unique Experience

Cats are mostly dry creatures by nature. Being in the water, playing with it, that’s not something they typically do. It’s all about cat condos, litter boxes, and the occasional catnip toy.

So, playing with water is a unique experience for them. It goes beyond just drinking it. It involves touching it, having it cover their bodies, and feeling the weight of it in their fur.

For most cats, they are absolutely going to hate the entire thing. However, for many Siamese cats, it’s just another day in the life of a cat. Of course, every cat is an individual, and we can’t say for sure if your Siamese cat would enjoy being wet.

It Helps Them Clean Their Coat

Cats are known for being clean. Many spend most of their day grooming until they are spotless. Water is another tool at their disposal that they can use to achieve this. My cat for example (not a Siamese) will often stick his paw into his drinking water, lick it, and then begin licking his fur.

It’s as if he’s transferring the water to his tongue to assist him with grooming. He will also sometimes stick his paw in the water and flick off any excess litter. Yes, that does make the room messy, but he’s entirely spotless after doing so.

Siamese cats are likely to do much of the same things. As curious as they are, they might even take it a step further, jumping full-on into the water bowl and giving their body a hard shake until all the debris is gone.

Water Cools Down Your Cat

If you live in a hot climate, chances are your cat will become exhausted by it. Hot temperatures are no fun when it comes to cats. There is such a thing as too hot!

Drinking water is one solution; it helps with dehydration. However, Siamese cats can sometimes take this a bit further. this involves wetting various parts of their body to help cool it down. Sometimes cats will paw the water and begin wiping across the areas that are the warmest. This might include their heads, stomach, or just their face.

Why Don’t Cats Like Water

Cats don’t like water for various reasons, but one of the most common reasons your cat doesn’t like water is because your cat doesn’t like the feeling of wet fur. 

Here are a few things that cats hate about having wet fur:

  • Wet fur is heavier than dry fur, especially for long-haired cats.
  • Wet fur is uncomfortable.
  • Wet fur can take a long time to dry completely.
  • Getting wet is usually a sudden shock to your cat, even if they know you are about to give them a bath. 
  • Dampness can lead to itchiness or a rash.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t spend a lot of time wet, so they do not have time to get used to it. 

You may want your cat to feel comfortable being wet, but you shouldn’t force your cat to get wet all the time to get used to it. 

If you have an indoor cat, there is no reason that your cat should be wet. 

Do Siamese Cats Like To Swim

Siamese cats do not like to swim.

Cats like to play in water, but Siamese cats do not like to swim because they have to be put into water to be able to swim. 

A particularly daring Siamese cat may find that they like to swim, but you should not attempt to force your Siamese cat to swim.

Cats instinctively know how to swim to protect themselves if they are a stray cat, but swimming if often a stressful experience for your Siamese cat. 

Siamese cats don’t need to swim often, which can be a traumatic experience whenever your cat needs to swim. For instance, your cat could have fallen in the bathtub or the pool in your backyard. 

In this case, it could be a sink or swim situation – literally.  

Do Cats Like To Play In Water

Cats do like to play in water, especially with your Siamese cat.

Your Siamese cat may not like to be submerged in water. If the water goes deeper than his legs, your cat may not like the water anymore.

A small amount of water in a puddle or a bowl could be a lot of fun for your Siamese cat.

Your Siamese cat will like to splash around in the bowl, dunk his favorite towels in the water, and fish his toys out of the bottom of the waster.

Some cats like to watch the water ripple after disturbing it too. This is why your cat may like to watch the toilet flush too. 

Are Cats Really Afraid Of Water

Some cats are afraid of water, but that does not mean that all cats are afraid of water.

When people think of a cat, they usually think about how cats do not like water and can even be afraid.

To be sure, cats can be afraid of water for several reasons, including:

  • A near-drowning experience
  • A bad experience from a bath
  • Getting too cold from water
  • Falling through ice in a pond or lake

Most cats are not technically afraid of water and simply do not like water. 

Not liking water is enough to keep your cat away from water if you can. It is fine if your cat doesn’t like water, so it isn’t something you should feel like you need to fix. 

It isn’t a negative if your cat doesn’t like water. It’s normal for your cat not to like water. 

Do Cats Like Baths

Cats bathe themselves enough daily, but there are cats that like baths.

Your Siamese cat doesn’t have to like water not to mind a good bath every now and then.

If done right with a calm cat, baths can be an enjoyable experience for your cat. 

Baths do not need enough water to dunk your cat into. Rather than submerging your cat in a bathtub or sink full of water, try wetting your cat to rub in the soap, and then use lukewarm water in a bucket to pour over your cat.

Using water like this will help your cat feel like he has a higher level of control over the situation.

Some cats like strong scents, so a nice-smelling shampoo could make your cat feel much happier and cleaner. 

A bath could also mean that your cat will get knots removed; knots can be painful for cats, which means your cat will feel more comfortable.

Why Do Cats Hate Baths

Cats hate baths because baths usually mean that your cat is dipped in water.

As I already mentioned, cats often get put into water in a bathtub or a sink, which isn’t an enjoyable experience for your cat.

You will need to work carefully with any cat that doesn’t like baths if you want to start bathing your cat regularly. 

Cats don’t like water, but the experience of the bath can also make your cat hate baths. 

As we already discussed, your baths are going to lead to your cat being wet and feeling heavier than usual. You might be tempted to use a low-temperature hair dryer on your cat to get him dry, which can be yet another aspect of the bath that your cat could hate baths. 

How To Tell If Your Siamese Cat Likes Water

Sometimes it can be challenging to know if your cat likes water or not. Here are some tips and tricks to try to see if your cat likes water:

  • Take your cat into the bath with you when you are ready to bathe. See if your cat tries to run away from the bathtub.
  • Fill up the sink with water when you have a chance. Is your cat interested or scared?
  • Splash around when your sink is on. How does your cat react? 
  • Think about what your cat does when it rains, or he sees a puddle. What does he do?

Don’t force your cat to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. 

No matter the results of your little experiments, don’t make your cat like water or play with it more.

If you find out that your cat likes water, then you’ve found a new toy for your cat!