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How Much Do Calico Cats Cost – Prices & Considerations

How Much Do Calico Cats Cost – Prices & Considerations

If you want a Calico cat, you’re going to have to do some searching, just like anyone else looking for a specific breed of cat. And if you want a purebred Calico cat, you’ll have to expect a high price to pay. No matter how much (or how little) you end up paying, I’m sure your Calico cat will become your best friend! So, how much do Calico cats cost?

Calico cats cost between $400 – $2,000 to purchase. Adopting a Calico cat costs between $60 – $125. The price of a Calico cat is determined by its age, sex, and whether it is purebred. Male Calico cats are rarer and cost significantly more than females. 

Like any breed, kittens will cost more than an adult cat, but what’s interesting about Calicos is that males are more expensive than females because they are rare. If you fall in love with a Calico cat – I mean, who could blame you if you do? – just know that they’re an expensive breed. Let’s talk a little bit more about how much Calico cats cost, why, and what you can expect to pay as a cat owner. 

What Do Calico Cats Look Like

Calico cats are a very distinctive breed that is mostly white with blotches of black and orange fur. This unique look is partly why they cost so much to own. Breeders recognize that this cat type is popular and something cat lovers want to buy. 

You can probably picture a Calico cat, even if you think you’ve never seen one before. Calico cats are mostly white, but what makes them different from other breeds is patches of black and orange fur. Unlike other cat breeds, these patches of fur are often solid colors, meaning the black and orange don’t mix. 

I’ve also noticed that Calico cats can be long-haired or short-haired, but it doesn’t seem like the breed must have a certain length of fur. Most cat breeds have one length of fur across the whole breed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Calico cats. 

Are Calico Cats Worth Money

Calico cats are worth money because they’re a specific cat breed and a beautiful one at that.

The age and sex of your cat may change the price slightly, so be aware of that. You’ll probably expect to pay more for a kitten than an older cat. Whether a kitten or an adult, you might be paying more for a male Calico cat. 

Check out the charts below to see what you can expect to pay for a Calico cat. 

Kitten Calico Cat:

Gender Price
Male $1,000-$2,000
Female $750-$1500

 Adult Calico Cat:

Gender Price
Male $750-$1250
Female $400-$1000

How Rare Is A Male Calico Cat

Male Calico cats are rarer than females, which means that the cost you’ll pay for a male Calico cat is higher.

When you see a cat in the neighborhood, you might automatically gender the cat as male or female. Have you ever seen a Calico cat and assume that it’s a female? Sure, you might have said that because it’s a beautiful cat, but did you know most Calico cats are female?

The color of a Calico cat is based on the chromosomes of the cat. You probably heard this before, but female cats have XX chromosomes, and male cats have XY chromosomes. The color of a cat’s fur is linked to their chromosomes. Male cats generally can’t have the Calico cat fur color. I’m no scientist, so if you want to dip into the science behind this, you’ll have to dig on your own. 

Whatever the science, here’s what you need to know: only one in a few thousand Calico cats are male because of their chromosomes. 

Are Male Calico Cats Worth A Lot Of Money

Male Calico cats are worth a lot of money because they’re so uncommon. 

Since it’s hard to find a male Calico – you guessed it – you’ll be paying a higher price. Like anything that is in demand without a high quantity, the price will inevitably rise. It’s hard to think that your new best friend may be expensive, but with a male Calico cat, the price certainly meets the rarity.  

If you want to avoid the high cost of a male Calico cat, adoption is probably your best bet. Although adoption may be cheaper, you won’t be able to guarantee that you’ll find a male Calico cat or that it will be a purebred Calico cat. 

Why Are Calico Cats More Expensive Than Other Breeds

Like anything else you might buy in the world, price is determined by how rare an object is. When it comes to Calico cats, they’re a rarer breed, so the price for them is higher. 

When it comes to male Calico cats, other breeds don’t have the unique genetics of male Calico cats. There aren’t other cat breeds who are most often only female. Thus, looking for a male Calico cat – whether to breed or welcome into the family – means that the price tag attached to the cat will be higher. 

As long as people are willing to pay the high price for a Calico cat, the cat breed’s price will remain high.

Where To Find Calico Cats

Most people find cats one of two weeks: adoption or buying. But how you do that may differ.

If you plan to adopt a Calico cat, you’ll probably look at adoption shelters. With the creation of the internet, you might see that some people are putting their cats up for adoption.

The other way to get a Calico cat is to purchase the cat. This can be done in person or online. If you’re looking for a Calico cat in-person, you’ll want to meet with different breeders. You can also search online for Calico cats, which may also lead to an in-person visit to a breeder. 

If you’re looking online to either adopt or purchase a cat, websites like PetFinder are a great resource to start searching!

Costs Of Cat Ownership

Owning a cat is not a one-time cost, but you probably already knew that. The only costs you’ll pay only once are spraying or neutering fees and an adoption or purchasing fee. Unfortunately, you’ll be spending a lot out of pocket for your furry friend, so make sure you’re prepared. 

Costs for a Kitten:

Item Price
Adoption/Purchasing Cost $50 (for adoption) to up to $2000 (to buy)
Spaying/Neutering ~$50-175 (Based on where you go)
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Food ~$20/week
General Vet Services ~$250/year

 Costs for Adult Calico Cats:

Item Price
General Vet Services ~$250/year
Food ~$20/week
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Potential Grooming Costs ~$50/month (Not a necessary cost)

Do Calico Cats Have More Costs Than Other Cat Breeds

There’s nothing about Calico cats that may keep the general expenses of owning a cat higher than other breeds.

Since your Calico cat is probably a purebred, you might think about regular grooming and vet check-ups. People who purchase a purebred animal are often most consistent with the health and maintenance of a pet. 

Also, since most Calico cats are female, you’ll pay a higher price at the vet to get your cat fixed. Spaying is more invasive than neutering, so you’ll pay more then, but that’s the same across cat breeds. You’re just more likely to have a female Calico, that’s all.

Even though you might have to pay more than you expected for a Calico cat, the beauty that your new Calico cat will bring will be worth it. Calico cats have a unique coloring that will undoubtedly bring in the compliments from friends and family who meet your Calico cat for the first time. Maybe just don’t let your parents know how much you spent on that male Calico cat.