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How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Eat – Feeding Guide & Diet

How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Eat – Feeding Guide & Diet

Maine Coon cats are glorious creatures. From their sheer size to their majestic coat, this is an animal to be admired. And after you meet a Maine Coon, you understand how they get their reputation as “gentle giants.” It’s impossible to meet a Maine Coon and not fall in love with their goofy personalities and gentle demeanors. But a cat of this size has to be fed correctly. So, how much do Maine Coon cats eat?

A Maine Coon should eat between 3 ounces of dry food or 9 ounces of wet food per day. Maine Coon cats are large and eat more than most domestic cat breeds. Based on age and weight, some cats will need more or less. Younger Maine Coon cats will require more food than older cats.

How Much Should A Maine Coon Eat Every Day

This answer will vary based on each cat. There are general guidelines on the back of cat food bags, so owners have a general idea. But that doesn’t apply to every cat. Older cats or less energetic cats need less food. Just like people, they don’t burn as many calories, so they can’t consume as many calories.

Younger Maine Coons or those with high energy levels need more food. You can go with the recommended guidelines on your chosen food container and flex up or down from there. Always partner with your vet for more information.

Why Do Maine Coon Cats Eat So Much

 Compared to an average house cat, Maine Coons seem to eat a lot more. Regular size cats may eat 1/2-3/4 of dry kibble a day. Those cats also weigh between 8-10 pounds. That is not the case with a Maine Coon. A Maine Coon cat can range anywhere from 8-15 pounds. However, it’s not uncommon to see a Maine Coon male push the 20-pound mark. A cat of that size will eat far more than an 8-pound domestic shorthair.

 Maine Coons are also active cats. They have high energy and a fast metabolism. Males aren’t fully developed and grown until 3-5 years old. Most other domestic breeds are done by a year, at the latest, two years old. Until they are fully grown, it is possible that your Maine Coon could have an appetite similar to a kitten. Remember how much kittens eat? You may have to feed your Maine Coon that equivalent for the first several years of their life.

 However, you don’t want to free feed your Maine Coon and just let them eat whatever and whenever. That could lead to feline obesity problems.

You will want to get your cat on rhythm and schedule for mealtimes. Work with your vet to determine the best food for your cat, and then break that up into meals. You may also want to feed your cat a combination of wet and dry food. Like I said, consult with your vet for your best options. Just make sure the diet is high in protein. That is an essential component of a Maine Coon’s diet.

How Much Should A Twenty Pound Maine Coon Cat Eat

 The key to feeding a cat is to make sure you don’t overfeed him or her. After that, the quantities listed by food companies are merely guidelines. Like I already mentioned, Maine Coons are highly active cats with fast metabolisms. They aren’t fully grown until 3-5 years old. And on average, they are much larger than most cats. They have to eat more food, and that food must be of a higher quality and protein level.

How much a twenty-pound Maine Coon eats will depend upon the type of diet they have, their metabolism, and their age. Older cats will have a drop in energy levels, so they don’t need as much food as a younger cat. The quantity will depend on whether your cat is eating dry food, wet food only, or a combination diet. Then there are those cats that eat a raw diet. Those metrics are entirely different.

To give you a ballpark idea of how much to feed a twenty-pound Maine Coon, I referenced the guidelines on a bag of Royal Canin Maine Coon dry food. This food is formulated especially for purebred Maine Coons that are 15 months and older.

Their instructions are from 3/4 cup to 1 1/8 cups based on the energy level of your cat. Those guidelines aren’t set in stone. For starters, those numbers are based on their brand and the nutritional value of their food. Partner with your vet to make the best determination for your cat.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Maine Coon

 This will depend on what kind of food you feed your cat. Maine Coons should always be fed high-quality cat food. The dry kibble found in your local grocery store lacks the proper level of protein and nutrients for your Maine Coon. You will have to purchase premium cat food brands. Premium cat food brands can cost anywhere from $25-$70 per bag of food. Wet cat food that is a premium brand can cost $1.50 or more per can and $40-$50 for a case.

 It’s hard to give a solid figure on how much it will cost to your feed your Maine Coon, but it is possible to get a ballpark figure. If you use the rough estimates of feeding one cup of dry per day and a five-pound bag of food costing $25, you will buy around one and a half bags per month.

Factor in any wet food, and you will spend at least $50 a month in food for your Maine Coon. If you have your cat on a raw diet, the figure depends on if you are buying commercial raw food or making it yourself. Research finds wildly different costs for a raw food diet, from .61 cents per day to $3.67 per day. That puts the price at anywhere from $18-$110.

 These are all guesstimates, and your figures will depend upon your cat and their needs.

How To Pick The Best Food For Your Maine Coon

There are so many options on the market, so it’s hard to choose. Your vet can be helpful, but many will try to get you to buy the food products they sell in their office. Those aren’t always the best fit for your cat. Some of these points have already been addressed, but it’s worth mentioning again. Here are some points to consider when selecting food for your Maine Coon.

 • High in protein to support energy levels

• Low in carbohydrates because cats can’t process carbs

• Healthy fats to promote a shiny, healthy coat

• Supplements to support their health like probiotics and an appropriate amount of vitamins

 Each cat is an individual, but these are great tips for sorting through the dozens of food brands that are on the market.

A Quick Recap

 Maine Coons need a diet that matches their specific needs. It would be best if you had lots of proteins so they can keep growing and keep their energy levels up. Since their food needs are different than a classic house cat, the cost of their food is likely higher than usual. It’s hard to calculate an exact figure because each cat is an individual.

But $50+ is a good starting figure. While it will take a while to figure out how much to feed your particular Maine Coon each day, use the guides on their food containers to start. You can adjust this in partnership with your vet to what meets your Maine Coon’s size, energy level, metabolic needs, etc.