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Male Vs Female Siamese Cat – An In-Depth Comparison

You are caught in the middle of making a choice. You don’t know whether to go for a male or female Siamese cat. You are undecided about what to do. You questioned yourself —male or female Siamese cats, which is better?

Experiences have shown that neutered male Siamese cats are more friendly and fun to be with. In comparison, the female Siamese cat has a more reserved behavior. Both male and female Siamese cats are wonderful to have. Both of them share some similarities. They also have some differences.

Siamese cats have generated a bit of controversy over the years. This controversy has mostly been about their origin and why they have some unique peculiarities. In this article, we are going to compare the male and female Siamese cats in terms of appearance, behavior, lifespan, dominance, and so on! Later on, we’ll give answers to some frequently asked questions about male and female Siamese cats.

Differences Between Male And Female Siamese Cats

The differences between the male and female Siamese cats are tricky. Also, the personality of each Siamese cat has a significant influence on the way they behave, irrespective of their gender.

In simple terms, there are differences between male and female Siamese cats.

Social Behavior

 For example, Male Siamese cats are more affectionate and fun to be with.

On the other hand, the female Siamese cats are more reserved and well-mannered.

One is not better than the other. As a prospective Siamese cat owner, it depends on what you want in a cat. You should choose a cat whose personality matches yours.

We found out that male Siamese cats cherish the attention their human owners give to them.

Therefore, if you are the social type, you should consider going for the male Siamese cat.

However, if you are looking for a humble and obedient type of cat, the female Siamese cat might be all you need.

Female Siamese cats are not as playful as their male counterparts. Siamese cat owners find it easier to deal with the female species.

Another major factor determining the social behavior of both male and female Siamese cats is whether they are neutered or spayed.

An un-neutered male Siamese cat can be challenging to keep. If he doesn’t get neutered or spayed at the right time, he becomes overly aggressive.

Another weird behavior displayed by the un-neutered male Siamese cat is to start spraying urine around the house.

If care is not taken, he would be making every effort to leave the house to satisfy its urges.

On the other hand, un-neutered female Siamese cats would start displaying some erratic behavior during the heat.

Like their male counterparts, they may attempt to leave home to look for a suitable mate when on heat!

They display mixed emotions during this period. They may show love and affection at one point and become very aggressive suddenly.

Cat owners are generally advised to neuter their cats right from kittenhood. This would prevent a lot of erratic behavior that their feline may display during adulthood.


Both the male and female Siamese cats are averagely sized. They are also known for their distinct appearance. They are generally strong and athletic.

When it comes to size, there is a slight difference between the male and female Siamese cats.

Male Siamese cats are slightly taller and heavier than females. Male Siamese cats weigh between 7-12 pounds, and their height is between 29-36cm tall.

Meanwhile, the female Siamese cat weighs between 6-9 pounds, and the average height is 27-32cm tall.

However, we have seen examples of a few Siamese cats weighing below 8 pounds. There are different reasons some Siamese cats end up being very small.

The following factors highlight why some Siamese cats end up being small in size:

● Genetics

● Lack of adequate nutrition

● Selective breeding; some cat breeders intentionally choose small Siamese cats to mate with their cats.

Eating habits

Since male Siamese cats are bigger in terms of body mass, they consume more food than their female counterparts.

This is not surprising because they are slightly stronger and more athletic than the female gender.

When it comes to feeding habits, the activity level of your feline has a significant role to play. If you exercise your feline well, he would likely consume a larger portion of food than an inactive cat.

Research has also shown that when female Siamese cats are pregnant, their caloric intake increases. 

Female Siamese cats consume more food during lactation. This is normal due to the amount of energy that goes into breastmilk production for new kittens.

Physical Appearance

It is often very difficult to tell the difference between a male and a female Siamese cat. This is especially true when both of them are still kittens.

Both the male and female Siamese cats have different physical attributes. It’s often tricky to distinguish between the two. But there are proven ways to distinguish.

In a male Siamese cat, the space between the anus and the genital opening is wider than in female Siamese cats.

Furthermore, the genital opening of a female Siamese cat is vertical in shape, unlike the male genital opening, which is round.

Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Siamese cat is 15 years. There is a wide range of factors that influence the average lifespan of Siamese cats.

Female Siamese cats are known to live slightly longer than their male counterparts. Most times, they live two years longer than the males.

In addition, neutered male and female Siamese cats generally live longer than those not neutered.

How long your feline lives depend on how well you care for her. Indoor Siamese cats are known to live longer than those living outdoors.


There is no significant difference between the color of males and females Siamese cats. They come in a variety of colors.

They are renowned for their silver-gray color with blue eyes. Their coats could be cream, brown, orange, blue, lilac, and so on!

The Siamese is a pure natural breed. Their coat pattern was a result of genetic mutation.

Male Siamese CatFemale Siamese Cat
Playful and likes attentionReserved and well-mannered
Loves companionshipMore independent
Roams a lotMoody and shows extreme behavior
More affectionateAveragely affectionate
Unneutered males are overly aggressiveFemales become defensive when on heat
Unneutered males spray urine.Female sprays as well.
Average lifespanLonger lifespan

A table highlighting the differences between male and female Siamese cats

Male Siamese Cat Personality

According to the reports from Siamese cat owners, they have reported that male Siamese cats are more affectionate than their female counterparts.

Males enjoy human companionship and interaction. They are known to be highly intelligent as well.

Many Siamese cats owners have reported that their male felines suffer anxiety when left alone in the house. We can rightly conclude that the affectionate nature of the male Siamese cat is to be loved in return.

As earlier stated, neutering plays a major role in the personality of male Siamese cats.

When male Siamese cats are neutered, they become more friendly towards their human owners and other cats.

When compared to the female gender, male Siamese cats are more protective of their owners. They are bold in defending their owners.

Male Siamese cats are clingy; leaving them all alone for several hours would create many anxiety problems for them.

If you don’t like clingy pets, the male Siamese cats might not be the best option for you.

One downside of having an unneutered male Siamese cat is the act of spraying urine all around the house. This behavior can leave the whole house smelling.

To prevent all this from happening, it is best to neuter your cat from an early age.

Female Siamese Cat Personality

Female Siamese cats are a little less playful than male Siamese cats. Apart from this fact, they are also more independent than male Siamese cats.

Unlike their male counterparts, female Siamese cats don’t enjoy being played with. They show less anxiety when left all alone.

Female Siamese cats are very vocal. When they are in some discomfort, they vocalize more than the males.

Like the males, unneutered female Siamese cats also spray urine all around. When they are unneutered, female Siamese cats become less aggressive due to reduced estrogen levels.

Female Siamese cats are affectionate, but not as much as their male counterparts. They also love to cuddle. A female Siamese is simply great to have.

Female Siamese cats are talkative. They enjoy vocalizing. If you want a quiet and gentle feline, getting a female Siamese cat is not the best choice of cats for you.

When female Siamese cats are on heat, they exhibit a different kind of personality. They become more noisy and defensive. Neutering is effective in preventing this from happening.

Pregnancy has a significant impact on female Siamese cats. They consume more food when they are pregnant.

How Big Do Male Siamese Cats Get

Male Siamese Cats weigh between 4 and 6 kg and are 29 – 31cm tall. Male Siamese cats look more sturdy and athletic than their female companions.

For the male Siamese cat, they are a bit longer than they are tall. If you have a male Siamese cat, it is essential to tailor their diet according to their weight and size.

For male and female Siamese cats, they stop growing around two years of age. For your male feline to stay healthy, make sure he eats healthy and quality food.

Neutering or spaying is another factor you should consider if you are interested in making your Siamese a monster cat.

How Big Do Female Siamese Cats Get

Female Siamese cats weigh between 2.5 and 4.5kg, and they stand between 27-31cm. Female Siamese cats are not as big and tall as their female counterparts.

There are some categories of Siamese female cats that fall well below the average range.

In addition, we should take into cognizance that each female Siamese cat’s growth is different. Some grow well above the average size, while some are far from the average size.

To prevent some unwanted behavior and increase the size of their felines, some cat owners have decided to get rid of the reproductive organs of their cats.

How Can I Tell If My Siamese Is Male Or Female

One of the best ways to determine the gender of your Siamese cat is to observe its coat color.

Female cats are more often than usual to be multicolored. Their chromosomal composition is the reason behind these multiple coat colors.

On the other hand, male Siamese cats tend to have a single color. For males, their coats are usually more orange and ginger-colored.

Another effective way to determine the gender of your Siamese cat is to examine the genitals of your feline.

For females, the genitals look like an inverted exclamation mark. Meanwhile, the male genitals look like a colon.

Another way to determine the gender of your feline is to measure the distance between the anus and the genital.

The gap between the anus and the genital of a female cat is shorter than that of a male cat.

If you are still unsure about the gender of your kitten, place your thumb and index finger around the genital of your feline, you should feel two hard and oval-shaped objects —the testes.

You can also determine the gender of your Siamese cats through their behavior. For example, male Siamese cats start to roam about and become more territorial. In addition, they become more aggressive and restless.

For females, as early as four-month of age, they go on heat. When on heat, they make annoying noises such as yowling loudly and seeking unnecessary attention.

All the above evidence can help you to determine the gender of your Siamese cat.

Are Male Cats More Affectionate Than Female Cats

Male cats have been reported to be more affectionate than female cats. A survey carried out by the feline veterinary practitioners several years ago rated male cats as more affectionate.

Although cats have different personalities, cat owners have reported that male cats show affection and care.

Female cats, on the other hand, are known to be well-mannered and reserved. It takes a long period for female cats to trust their owners.

One advantage of having a female feline around is that they are renowned for being more independent than their male counterparts.

Furthermore, female cats are known to frequently experience mood swings. This factor often affects the level of affection they display.

The truth is that the difference between the personality of a male Siamese cat is not that glaring compared to a female Siamese cat.

Some feline experts believe that whether your feline is affectionate or aggressive, it all depends on its personality, not gender.

Which Makes A Better Pet; Male Or Female Siamese Cats

Both the male and the female Siamese cats make great pets. Both the male and females are fun to watch; they are loyal and protective.

The overall personality of most cats depends on the breed, not on gender. But for Siamese cats, there are some slight differences between them.

The major difference you would notice in Siamese cats is when they are still intact compared to neutered.

After neutering either one of the genders their behaviors change. The male becomes more friendly and cuddly. The females become more reserved and relaxed.

The male Siamese cat does not make a better pet than the female Siamese cat. Your attitude towards your pet has a significant effect on your personality. Treat your pet right, and watch him become your wonderful companion.