Should You Let A Siamese Cat Go Outside?

Should You Let A Siamese Cat Go OutsideSiamese cats need a lot of special care and can get sick outside on the streets. Depending on where you live, your cat could get stolen, run over by a car, or get in a fight. There are several things to consider when thinking about letting your Siamese cat outside.

Should you let a Siamese cat go outside? You should think about the consequences of free time outdoors for your Siamese cat. All living things need fresh air and sunshine; however, you should find a safe way to provide this for your cat. You should not allow a cat to roam into unknown places.

There are many dangers outdoors. Siamese cats are inquisitive and may go out looking for things that interest them. This may lead to fleas, ingestion of spoiled food, or a bad interaction with a stray cat.

Should You Let a Siamese Cat go Outside?

People usually get Siamese cats from a breeder. When you get one as a baby, it should not go outdoors until it has all the appropriate vaccinations. You should also limit contact with other animals. Many diseases live in the soil, and some people do not vaccinate their animals.

Owners of Siamese cats need to find a way to meet their needs without putting them in danger. They may enjoy relaxing in the sun or walking in the grass; however, it is never safe to let a cat roam freely outside. There are too many unknown factors.

Your Siamese cat can also get stolen. They are a special breed, and people may think they can sell them for a good amount of money. It is better to know where your cat is, so you do not have to worry about the excessive dangers of the outdoors, especially in the city.

Outdoor Cats Can Get Parasites

There are many things outdoors that people are careful to avoid. Animals, however, are very different. Your Siamese cat may get into things that you would never think to touch. They also lick their paws and fur.

Your cat can get parasites from walking in contaminated soil and digging through trash. Cats find different types of food in trash cans of neighbors and restaurants. They may ingest spoiled meat and come homesick. You may see them throw up or have loose stools. Worms are also a common problem in animals.

Both domestic and wild animals go to the bathroom outdoors. Even if people pick up after their dogs on walks, remnants of the feces can stay behind. Your cant can walk through the grass or eat something off the ground, infecting them with worms. Some worms are life-threatening if you do not treat the cat on time.

Increased Vet Bills

Most cat owners allow for a few vet bills throughout the year. You must go in for vaccinations and a yearly exam. When you allow your cat to roam outside, however, your vet bills are sure to increase.

You may need emergency care for injuries, for example. Cats can be territorial, and fights break out. There may also be fights over food. Stray cats roam around without vaccines and can give your cat infections through bites or scratches.

Cats do not know to look out for traffic, either. A car may hit your cat, permanently disabling it. Accidents that involve cars also result in fatalities in many cases. Your vet bill can reach thousands of dollars if your cat needs surgery or a long-term hospital stay.

Your Family

You would not let your children go out and dig through trash cans. You should keep your cats safe from outdoor life because they can bring diseases back home to your family. You have no idea where your cat goes when you let them out the door. Therefore, you cannot know what is coming into your home from the streets.

Your Siamese cat probably snuggles with everyone in the house. They may even sleep in your bed. Even if you clean your home regularly, a cat on the loose can bring in many germs. Think about your cat jumping into a dumpster and then walking all over your house.

You have a responsibility to keep your family healthy. This means you must keep an eye on your cat, as well. Cats do not know what they should and should not touch outside. They are very curious. It is not worth the risk to the health of your family or your pet.


You do not know what people do outside your home. If you live in a busy area, there may be hundreds of other homes nearby. There are many dangers that can be waiting just around the corner. In a neighborhood, your cat can run into loose dogs, poison, and unsavory people.

Dogs are notorious for chasing cats. Your Siamese cat may be observant and smart, yet some dogs are swift. A dog bite can cause a severe injury. Other cats may also be roaming around. These cats may be aggressive or unhealthy.

Many people put poisonous materials around their homes. Your cat may get into rat poison, dangerous yard chemicals, or potent pesticides. Even if your cat does not actively eat these items, they may lick their paws after walking through them.

You also cannot trust all people. There are many stories about people harming animals they do not like. Kids may also try to catch the cat or play with it too roughly. There is no guarantee your Siamese cat can survive outdoors on its own.

Consider Your Neighbors

It is rude to let your cat run all over the neighborhood. Your neighbors may not like cats. Even if they love cats, they do not want someone else’s pet in their trash or backyard. Cats can quickly scale fences, making it easy for them to infringe on other people’s privacy.

Siamese cats like attention and may go up to strangers. Your neighbor may be walking with a baby or a small child and not wish to interact with your cat. Be aware that some people own large dogs, and you cannot be sure which yard your cat may choose to visit.

Some people simply don’t like cats or have severe allergies to them. Your neighbors should not have to worry about another person’s animal coming up to them. Cats also get into strange places, like under the hoods of cars. Your neighbor may not know to look out for your cat, resulting in a severely injured cat.

Cats Sometimes Get Into Fights

Most people have heard stray cats wailing in the middle of the night at some point. Siamese cats are very territorial and may start a fight with other animals that try to come into your yard. You may not know there is a fight until they come home much later or go missing.
Your cat may not survive if they get into a fight with a much larger cat or a dog. Domestic cats may not fight as well as stray cats, either.

Fights can lead to injuries, infections, and permanent scars. Fights can also mentally damage your cat. They may become more fearful and harder to handle. Fights are traumatizing and especially tricky for domestic cats to deal with. You should take measures to protect your Siamese cat from other animals.

Keep Your Siamese Cat Busy

Many people let their cats outside because they look bored. You may be worried that they need more stimulation. Siamese cats can be very vocal and may let you know when they are bored.

You can make your home more enjoyable, so your cat can be happier indoors. Purchase more toys and provide scratch posts for climbing. Take advantage of the many interactive toys for cats at the pet store. Be sure also to spend time playing with your cat. Siamese cats need a lot of attention.

Your cat can enjoy looking out of a window, as well. Set up a comfy chair near the window for your cat to relax in. A beautiful sunny spot in the afternoon may be all it takes to make your cat happier indoors.

The Breed

Siamese cats are meant to live in homes. When breeders reproduce cats for sale, they often breed cats with qualities they want to encourage. It can take many years, but eventually, they breed out some things.

Siamese cats were associated with royalty in Thailand many centuries ago. Over the years, the wild features have disappeared. They are a specialized breed and sought out for their beautiful colors and piercing blue eyes. They simply have a hard time surviving on their own outside after so many years of breeding for domesticated features.

If you insist on owning an indoor/outdoor cat, this is not the right breed for you. Siamese cats are more of a designer cat. You must be prepared to give them proper care. Your Siamese cat can be a great family member if you keep them safe and healthy.

Alternate Outdoor Options

The outdoors does have some health advantages for your cat; you just need to make a safe area for your cat. Sunshine and fresh air can help to ward off depression and may give your cat an overall satisfied feeling. After all, cats were not indoor animals until humans domesticated them.

If you live in an apartment, you can quickly secure your balcony. You can use netting on the open area and baby gates in front of the bars. Look at ideas for babyproofing balconies online. The same products work well for cats.

Homeowners can build an outdoor enclosure for the cat to enjoy. Use a kid’s playhouse or a dog pen to close off part of your yard. Be sure to cover the top! This allows your cat to roll around in the grass to explore a little. Enclosed porches and sunrooms also work well for cat play areas.

Protect Your Siamese Cat

Siamese cats make great companions, yet you must make a commitment to protect them from the outdoors. There are too many dangers in busy living areas. Big cities are especially dangerous for free-roaming cats. Your Siamese cat can get hurt, sick, or even die if they wander into the wrong place. Food from trash cans and fast-moving cars all present unnecessary dangers.

You should also think about your family and neighbors when considering what to do with your cat. Keep your cat and home clean and safe by giving them fun things to do indoors. You can also get creative an make a particular closed-in outdoor area for them.


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