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Why Are Persian Cats So Expensive – Price Chart & Guide

You love Persian cats. They’re a beautiful and majestic breed, and the expensive price you pay to get one will reflect the love people have for these cats. You might have to save up a little longer if you want to get a Persian cat – even longer if it’s a white Persian cat – but the compliments your new Persian cat will undoubtedly be worth it. So, why are Persian cats so expensive? 

Persian cats are so expensive because the breed is highly coveted and beautiful. They are purebred, and female Persian cats are more expensive than males. The average cost of a Persian cat is $1300 – $1500 for kittens and $600 – $1800 for adults. 

When you think about it, it’s not too surprising that you’re going to pay more for a Persian cat. No one would pay a high price for a tabby cat that you can find anywhere. You don’t just see a Persian cat on the streets, so obviously, the cat’s price is going to reflect how difficult it could be to find a purebred Persian cat.

What Does a Persian Cat Look Like

Persian cats are an expensive breed, but why? Well, they’re beautiful and distinct. 

Many Persian cats have long white hair and blue eyes, though Persian cats can also come in other colors. Compared to other breeds of cats, they have a round face with big eyes. 

One thing is for sure: Persian cats are certainly show stoppers, but show stoppers come with a hefty price tag. 

Persian Cat Prices

  Average Cat Price Persian Cat Price
Female Cat $600 $1800
Male Cat $700 $1500
Adult Cat $150-600 $1200
Kitten $300-1200 $1300-3000

As you can see, prices vary. You can expect to pay more for a Persian cat than the average cat price, but there are other essential factors to consider. 

Age and sex also factor into the price of the Persian cat. You may pay more for a female cat than a male cat. A kitten will usually be more expensive than an adult cat.

Why Are Female Persian Cats More Expensive

Female Persian cats will have a higher price because you can use a female for breeding again. A male is used too, of course, but it’s the female that produces kittens.

You may not be looking to breed your Persian cat, but that probably won’t change the price you pay for it. Many people who buy high-quality Persian cats are indeed looking to breed, so breeders need to charge higher rates.

If you want a young female, the price may be even higher because the cat will have more time to have kittens. 

White Persian Cat Price 

Average Cost of Persian Cat Average Cost of White Persian Cat
$1300-3000 $1500-5000

If you’re looking for a Persian cat, you can expect to pay more for a white Persian cat, especially if it has blue eyes. Other colors, like ones with darker fur, are not as expensive (though still more expensive than other cat breeds you can find).

Persian cats are an expensive cat breed in general, but the white Persian cat is more coveted than any other color. And the price reflects the rarity and beauty of the white Persian cat. 

What Is The Cost Of A Persian Cat In India

The color, age, and orientation of the Persian cat make the price different in every situation, but you’re looking at the cost of ₹8,000 to 25,000. A website like OLX shows the different prices of Persian cats so that you can see the picture of the cat and the price. 

Keep in mind that these prices may fluctuate. For instance, if you’re buying during kitten season, prices might be slightly lower because more Persian cats are on the market. There may be fewer kittens in the winter, so any Persian kittens that are born may be more expensive because there are fewer of them.

Why Are Prices For Persian Cats Different In Different Locations?

Like anything else, Persian cats have a market. If you’re in a country where it’s more challenging to find a Persian cat, the cat’s price will be higher, of course. On the other hand, if you’re in an area with more breeders, the costs might be slightly lower because the breeders have to compete with each other. 

Keep in mind your location when you’re looking for a Persian cat. The average price you’ll end up paying may be higher or lower depending on where you live and how far you’d like to travel for your Persian cat.

What Else Affects The Price Of A Persian Cat?

We already talked about breed, sex, and location. 

You’ll also pay more depending on the quality of the Persian cat, no matter the color.

If you’re looking for a Persian cat who will be a family pet, you probably don’t care about flaws like a thinner tail or a patch of different color fur. 

If you want to buy a Persian cat to put in cat shows, you should expect to pay a premium because they’re higher quality. The color of the fur and eyes will be essential and how the cat looks overall. 

Several factors affect the price, which is why there is such a broad range of prices.

What To Look For When Buying A Persian Cat

Since you’re buying your Persian cat from a breeder, I assume that you want a purebred cat. You probably wouldn’t go to a breeder if you didn’t want a specific breed of cat. 

You must have documentation about the cat’s pedigree. This will ensure that you’re doing all that you can to avoid getting scammed. 

You’ll also want to look at medical records. Unfortunately, not every cat is born healthy, so you’ll want to ask about its history, even if it is a kitten. You don’t want to get your new buddy home to find that it needs expensive medical care.

How Do I Locate A Breeder

Again, the internet will be your best friend. You can do a lot of research before you even start calling any breeders.

  1. Do a quick Google search first to see what’s around in your area.
  2. Ask around. Facebook groups may be a great place to find breeders and get feedback from others.
  3. Compare prices. Decide what your budget is, and then you can choose breeders in your budget.
  4. Visit the breeders. See what they’re about and if you want to purchase a cat from them.

What Do I Look For In A Breeder

You love cats, so make sure the breeder loves cats too.

  • Are the Persian cats healthy? If not, maybe you should find a new breeder.
  • Is the environment they’re living in clean? You want to make sure the breeder cares about the cats.
  • How does the breeder treat you? Does it seem like they have something to hide? This is a business transaction, yes, but you want to make sure they’re a good person too.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Getting A Good Price

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting a reasonable price is to do your research. 

You’re in luck. You have the internet these days, so you can probably get this research done quickly and easily. 

  • Look up the breeder. Are people saying they’re reputable?
  • What is the price? Is this higher or lower than the average cost of the cat? Being higher or lower than the usual price might be a red flag. 
  • How healthy is the cat? You may fall in love with a cat, even with health issues. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that might change the price of the Persian cat. 

Can I Get A Cheaper Persian Cat

Sure, getting a cheaper Persian cat is an option, though it might have “flaws.” Of course, this may be something you don’t even realize if you don’t show your cat professionally. 

Cheaper Persian cats might have known health issues or a flaw in the fur. A Persian cat could have a tail with a slight kink, or a white Persian cat could not have blue eyes, which will make it cheaper. 

The easiest way to get the best price on a Persian is if your Persian cat is not purebred, which means the parents are not entirely Persian. 

What Are Future Costs After I Get My Persian Cat

The price you pay when you buy your Persian cat isn’t the only expense you’ll face. But that’s probably not a surprise to you.

Of course, you’ll have to buy necessities. Cat food, toys, grooming tools, and maybe even an outfit you’re sure your cat will wear (he probably won’t). 

You will also have yearly vet fees, or perhaps more often. Annual check-ups are a great idea, but you also might need emergency care or flea medicine. 

One thing that people also don’t always think about is increased rent. Sometimes landlords have an extra fee for pets, so just make sure you consider that too!

Tips For Adopting A Persian Cat

Perhaps you decide that buying a cat isn’t for you or you would instead adopt. Adoption has its benefits. 

Although you may have to visit a few shelters, you’re bound to eventually find a Persian cat. The price you pay at a shelter will be far less than what you pay a breeder. Shelter costs vary greatly depending on your location, but generally, it is a small fee that supports the shelter.

Adopting isn’t only cheaper. It also means that you’re saving your new pet from a life in a cat and will become its new best friend. What could be better than that?

Is Adopting Or Buying A Persian Cat Better

This is a question that doesn’t have an easy answer because it depends on the person adopting or buying.

Many people support adoption because saving an animal from being in a shelter, which few people can argue is a bad thing, I would think.

Buying means you’ll know the breed of cat you’re getting with certainty. If that’s important to you, buying is the method you probably want to consider. 

Whether you decide to adopt or shop, I’m sure your new Persian cat will become your best friend.

There are lots of things to consider when looking to get a Persian cat, and the price is a significant consideration in that decision. And it doesn’t stop as soon as you get your new Persian cat. And perhaps the most significant decision of all will be this: what are you going to name your new Persian cat?