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Why Do Cats Zone Out – 5 Unique Reasons

Why Do Cats Zone Out – 5 Unique Reasons

As a cat owner, one must have seen their cats staring at a wall or nothing at all. They keep on staring blankly for a longer time while maintaining a steady body position and zone out. This raises one simple question in the mind of every cat owner; why do cats zone out?

Cats zone out because they are focusing on something. Cats can also zone out when actively listening for infrasonic sounds to help detect danger. Your cat could also be concentrating, relaxing, or be tired.

Here, we have discussed some important topics like why cats zone out, and it is normal for a cat to zone out in detail to help you understand your cat in a better manner.

Reasons Cats Zone Out

Cats are mysterious but loving creatures. There are several reasons why they suddenly stare at nothing and zone themselves out. Some of the major ones are listed below.

Trying To Hear a Sound

When you think they are staring at a wall, they might be hearing the sounds that human ears cannot listen to. Cats have a better hearing range as compared to other animals. They can hear sounds between 48 Hz to 85 kHz, which is even lower than dogs!

This is the reason why they can hear the slightest noise anywhere. When your cat suddenly starts to stare at the wall, you get confused, but she might be listening to the movement of pests like mice and other insects. It is also possible that she is listening to the gurgling sound of water moving through the pipes beneath the walls or even the dropping of water in a pipeline or the bathroom, maybe. 

Cats are intelligent creatures. They can even help you to detect those rats you have been searching for for so long. So, they are extremely helpful too. Another reason to keep a cat!

Watching Minute Things

Your cat may be watching some incredibly small things, and therefore, they started staring blankly in the air, towards the wall, or merely nothing at all. Cats not only have beautiful, big eyes, they are also blessed with keen vision. Their eyes can see minute things which are invisible to human eyes.

She isn’t staring and zoning out. She notices small things like the ultraviolet rays of the sun or maybe dust particles that are entering the room or even a small baby spider trying to tour the walls. These will look insignificant to you, but cats take them as a big deal.

So, the next time you are wondering what your cat is staring at, you can trust that she is looking at something for which you’ll require a microscope to see!

To Predict Danger

At times, when your cat is trying to sense danger, she can start staring suddenly in the direction where she is focusing on. Cats have this extraordinary skill and sense of prediction. 

If they have heard or seen something they detect as dangerous, they will continue staring at it until they are completely satisfied that it is no more danger now. They are careful and extra vigilant when it comes to predicting danger.

To Understand Something

If your cat zones out sometimes during the day or night, it may be possible that they are trying to figure out a certain thing. Cats are intriguing in nature. They are intelligent and have excellent short-term memory too. 

They often tend to think about things that seem fascinating or unusual to them. They even try to understand the entire procedure behind something. The next time your cat suddenly stops to stare blankly, you already know that she might be discovering or sorting out a thing.

To Catch Their Prey

Sometimes your cat might be trying to catch prey, which is why she seems to zone out. Cats have inborn hunting capability. Your cat is a domestic one, but she still possesses those characteristics. 

When your cat is staring at a wall or the ground, she may be aiming at her prey which could be anything as small as an insect that you cannot see through naked eyes. 

Is It Normal For A Cat To Zone Out

Generally, it is normal for cats to zone out, but it could be a problem if she shows certain other aggressive symptoms. Cats are one of the smartest pets. They tend to zone themselves out all of a sudden due to several reasons discussed above. 

When you think that your cat is zoning out, you don’t need to worry about it every time. It is a natural behavior of cats to zone out. It is not a problem until you see them zoned out for too long and show some other symptoms like biting their tail aggressively, sensitivity to touch, meowing, or howling loudly. In that case, it could be a symptom of hyperesthesia. 

Hyperesthesia is a kind of syndrome caused by stress, anxiety, or other internal causes. In this case, you need to take your cat to a vet immediately for a complete examination. This condition causes abnormal behavior in cats, but it can be treated with proper and timely meditation and medication.

Things To Consider

Cats are super mysterious when it comes to certain habits and gestures. They tend to stare at things all of a sudden and zone themselves out due to several reasons. It is common, but it should be taken care of from time to time to distinguish the normal zoning out of cats from hyperesthesia syndrome.

At times, it is also possible that your cat is feeling pain somewhere. This could be why she has slanted eyes, and you might think that she has normally zoned out. This is where the cat owner needs to be observant and see the difference because the pain will eventually cause your cat to feel more distressed and aggressive. 

If your cat is old and she mostly looks lost, blankly stares, or starts forgetting basic things like her litter box place; then it might be a sign of cognitive dysfunction. This happens with cats when they get old. You cannot stop the aging process, but you can take her to a vet to help her feel better.