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Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed – 8 Reasons!

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed – 8  Reasons!

Have you ever noticed your cat or your friend’s cat crawling to sleep under the bed? No matter how much you try to get them to sleep somewhere or be somewhere else, they do not move off from under your bed. This often raises the question: why does my cat sleep under my bed?

Cats sleep under the bed because it is a dark and cozy place for her to rest. Other reasons include a cat being scared, ill, pregnant, anxious, or unhappy, causing them to crawl under the bed for comfort.

Let’s look at the reasons in a little more detail and other causes to get a holistic understanding of this particular question. While there is nothing to worry about most of the time, there are few reasons that might be alarming.

Reasons Your Cat Sleeps Under The Bed

Listed below are reasons as to why your cat sleeps under your bed. Some of these reasons are very commonly observed in households with cats, while others may be due to some severe health issues that need to be addressed. 

Anxiety And Fear

Your cat may be scared of a new toy set or a new game you may have purchased for them, causing her to be stressed out and anxious. This is the reason why he/she may be seeking comfort under the bed.

If you have a young toddler who is constantly running around at home, your cat will likely be scared of the nuisance around her. This can also make him crawl under the bed to keep himself/herself safe.

Your Cat Wants To Nap

Cats sleep for around 18 hours a day and are always looking for cozy and dark spots to take their daily naps. They usually enjoy the least amount of distractions around them while they nap, and the place below the bed seems like a perfect spot to them. This is one possible reason you see your furry friend going under the bed to sleep. 

The Weather

Sometimes the weather around is too hot or too cold. The sun’s rays may heat the house, which makes cats uncomfortable. Thus, because the space below the bed is cool, they like being there.

Also, in cold weather, where it’s chilly everywhere, the place under the bed is cozy, and thus cats choose to sleep under it. This causes your cat to make up for the weather change and crawl under the bed.


Your cat may be ready to breed or is in the nesting period. The body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and animals like to go through the process by themselves.

This makes the cat go under the bed to prepare herself and her body for the upcoming pregnancy. 

Changes In Your Home

If you have recently renovated your house, bought a new set of furniture, changing the position of your cat’s litter box, toy area, etc., your cat may not like it very much. They usually like things to be the way they are, and any change causes them to fear.

Since the space below the bed doesn’t change and is an excellent place to be in, they usually prefer to be there. It gives them the feeling of normality and “usualness.”  

Health Issues

When cats are in pain or discomfort, they prefer to isolate themselves. This is a natural animal instinct as they prefer not to show their weakness and vulnerability to their predator and hence prefer to go into hiding.

If your cat suddenly goes all quiet and stays aloof for most of the day, please consult your vet as it could be a possible health issue.  

Your Cat May Be Afraid Of Visitors In Your Home

If you have many people coming and going into your house, it might cause your cat to be scared of them, and thus they will crawl under the bed. 

Cats are extremely territorial and thus do not like change or too much movement or sound around them. They get defensive about the whole situation and hide under the bed to ensure their safety and well-being.

Your Cat May Be Afraid Of Another Pet Or Another Cat A Child In Your Home

If you have a dog, bunny, turtle, or any other pet, your cat is likely to be afraid of them. It is a little problematic if you have two cats or several other kittens. The tension amongst all of them is likely to increase, and this may cause your cat to go into hiding.

To tackle this, you can make sure to put your cat in a space that only she/he has personal access to. This will help them feel like they have control over something in the house, if not everything. 

Also, if you have a baby at home, your cat is very likely to be fearful and shy of it. This is commonly seen in cats, and it may cause your cat to go into hiding and sleep under the bed. You can deal with this problem proactively with some commands, rewarding good behavior, and training practices.

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep Under The Bed

It is normal for cats to sleep under the bed. They usually enjoy their own space from time and time, and respecting that is important. They usually find the place under the bed nice and cozy and thus choose that spot. Also, health issues make them isolate themselves from others. 

Thus, it’s perfectly normal for cats to sleep under the bed. However, if you notice some drastic or all-of-a-sudden change in their behavior and well-being, consult your vet for more information. 

Is It Ok For My Cat To Sleep Under The Bed

The space under the bed is quiet and comfortable, and hence cats like to be there. It is normal for them to sleep under the bed unless they have serious health or medical reasons. 

Try keeping an eye on your cat’s daily activities for a few days, and if you notice a severe difference, please consult your vet immediately. 

Why Is My Cat Sleeping Under The Bed All Of A Sudden

It is essential first to notice if your cat is crawling under the bed all the time or something of a recent occurrence. If your cat has constantly been crawling under the bed, it is usually because they like the cozy, cool and quiet environment under that space. They find it a perfect spot to rest. 

However, if you see your cat suddenly crawling under the bed, it may be due to some serious concerns that you will need to identify and get checked with your vet.

Cats that are pregnant or in the period of nesting are very likely to crawl under the bed. Also, cats facing some pain or suffering from an illness or infection like bacterial growth or intestinal blockage will tend to crawl under the bed. 

Another reason why your cat is crawling under the bed suddenly is because maybe she is fearful of something in his/her surroundings. 

If you live in a loud neighborhood, or if there is a festival being celebrated or if there is too much sound at home, your cat is very likely to be fearful of the surrounding environment, and thus, to protect itself, it is likely going to crawl under the bed.

Cats also suddenly start crawling under the bed if there has been a flea infestation in your house or if fleas have bitten them. If you have a flea infestation, these fleas will likely be on your furniture, carpet, cat’s bed, etc.

Thus to avoid contracting fleas, cats will refer to go under the bed for safety. 

Should I Let My Cat Under My Bed

If your cat doesn’t go under the bed too often, then you should let it be under the bed.

However, if you see a sudden change in behavior in your cat, then you should not let her sleep under the bed. If your cat runs to the room every time the doorbell rings or shows symptoms of a health issue, or is constantly going under the bed, you should not let it do so. 

You can first consult your vet about the same, and then if they have some major health issue be patient with them and teach them using simple commands and provide them with treats for obeying the command after that.

Also, if your cat doesn’t crawl under the bed too often, it is still advised to train it not to go under the bed. 

The reasons for this are that sometimes your bed has loose splinters that might hurt your cat or may cause your cat to be covered in dust or spiders. Thus if your cat is not crawling too much under the bed, you can get her to stop it with training. 

How To Stop Cat From Sleeping Under Bed

There are some techniques you can use to get your cat not to sleep under the bed. These techniques will be effective only if you do them regularly and consistently.

Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

Make sure you spend enough time with your furry friend so that they get enough mental and physical stimulation each day. This will help your cat be less anxious and stressed out during the day.

Take your cat outdoors or play games with them to keep them engaged and active as much as you can.

Reward Your Cat After They Obey Your Commands

Using commands like “Come out from under the bed” and then rewarding your cat after doing so will help them understand the connection between their behavior and the reward. Doing this will help curb the hiding behavior of your cat. 

Cover the Space Under Your Bed With Things

Another technique you can use to stop your cat from crawling under the bed is to cover the space under your bed with boxes, mats, books, etc. In this way, your cat is less likely to crawl under the bed. 

Things To Consider

Cats who occasionally crawl under the bed are not a big concern or worry about as they find it to be a good resting spot. However, if your cat is suddenly spending most of his/her time under the bed, you should get it checked with your vet.

Suppose it includes some serious health concern or a medical thing like pregnancy. In that case, it is essential for you to not only make sure that your cat is doing the required activities or taking the medication but that you are also spending enough time with them.

After all, cats love to be petted and played with. This helps them recover front their treatment or get through the process better and serves them and yourself mentally as playing with your cat can be relaxing. 

Also, it is essential to remember that while training your cat to perform the desired behavior to not crawl under the bed, you need to be calm and patient during the whole process.

Like babies, pets take some time to understand the connection between the command and the reward and that crawling under the bed is not desirable. Thus, if it gets frustrating and your cat won’t listen or respond to your commands, take some time out, devise a proper plan, and then try to go on with it.

If a particular plan does not work, try and be patient and try to do it step by step. Also, make sure you are consistent in what you do, as it is likely to affect the outcome.