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Why Does My Ragdoll Cat Throw Up – Reasons & Remedies

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There’s no denying the ‘dog-like’ qualities of the affectionate ragdoll cats. But, their delicate tummies often give pet parents cause for concern.That’s possibly why many pet owners ask, why does my Ragdoll cat throw up?

Ragdoll cats throw up due to their sensitive stomachs, and many kitties have trouble digesting regular cat food. Ragdoll kittens experience growth spurts, and with that, they go through a rapid increase in their appetites. Accordingly, the tendency to gobble down food, along with their habit of repeatedly cleaning themselves, can result in your cat throwing up. 

So, if you are uneasy about your ragdoll cat vomiting, want to look into the various reasons for their unusual regurgitation practice, and are eager to find some solutions – look no further.

This article will help you understand why your beloved pet feels the urge to retch every so often, and what steps you can take to help your kitty cat feel better, and take measures to minimize your kitty’s urge to throw up.

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What Is Causing My Ragdoll Cat To Throw Up

Cats are picky eaters. So, it’s unlikely that your cat will eat up everything you present to it. And, sometimes, the cat food that you might offer to your pet might not agree with its tiny tummy or tricky digestive system. So, perhaps the first thing to consider when you don’t want to deal with any disgusting messes created by your cat’s barfing is to look at the food it consumes.

The Quality Of Food

It is pretty well-known that ragdoll cats have sensitive stomachs. So, it would be best if you were sure that you feed your pet food that suits its constitution. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that an essential element for your ragdoll is protein.

Now, cat kibble isn’t bad for most cat breeds, and numerous kitties love to munch on kibble. However, many pet owners find it easier and less time-consuming to provide cats with cat kibble. But most kibble brands include a considerable portion of grains such as wheat, corn, barley, or rice. 

And, there is a strong chance that the kibble that you are feeding your ragdoll cat isn’t suitable for it. Pet guardians are advised to provide their high-quality wet cat food without additives, meat by-products, or preservatives in such circumstances.

Furthermore, some ragdoll cats are allergic to certain kinds of meat too. Keeping a check on how your cat reacts to different types of meat and eliminating the ones that don’t suit your pet will surely help you with your kitty’s vomiting problems.

Eating Too Fast

Most vets recommend that you offer small portions of wet food with ragdoll cats but increase the number of meals that your feline eats. By doing so, you are allowing your pet’s digestive system time to digest the food before you feed it some more food. And, it is also another way to help your cat put on more weight.

Furthermore, giving your wet cat food allows your cat to get more water into its body. Cats, as you must know, aren’t big on drinking water. And, dehydration in gobbling down food too fast can very well be the cause behind our cat’s puking spree.

To prevent your cat from getting dehydrated, you should try to present it with a fresh bowl of water. And, investing in a slow eater contraption will also get your cat into eating slower.


Ragdoll cats have a thick, long coat of fur. And, like most cats, they love to keep themselves clean. So, when you do find a ragdoll hunched over heaving, it’s probably trying to get a hairball out. 

It is standard for all cats to vomit to get globs of hair out of their system, but the issue is worse for long-haired cats. Now, the easiest solution to prevent your cat from ingesting too much hair is to brush your kitty’s hair at least twice a day.

You can’t get your cat to stop grooming. And, it would be best if you didn’t attempt to do so either. But, if you groom your ragdoll more often, it’ll stop ingesting so much hair and stop puking out hairballs so frequently too.

How Often Is Your Ragdoll Cat Vomiting

Cats tend to vomit as a habit. However, you should know that when cats puke out food multiple times a day and almost every day, that is a definite indication of an illness or disease. Moreover, when cats puke out hairballs, hairballs are present in their vomit. 

In such a case, you will need to visit the vet. The first thing that your vet is likely to do is weigh your cat, and if your cat is losing weight gradually, the next step will be to investigate the reason behind your cat’s upset stomach. The vet might advise you to get an ultrasound as well as an x-ray. 

The ultrasound will help your vet determine if your cat has inflammation in its small intestine. On the other hand, the vet can use an x-ray to accurately diagnose the state of your cat’s skeletal structure and composition. It also gives a clear view of any large body cavities and the presence of foreign objects that might be the cause of your cat’s unstable tummy conditions. 

You should know that ragdoll cats are perfectly normal to throw up occasionally. And, in most cases, it is just a couple of hairballs causing them distress. But, it helps to have your cat’s medical check-up done at least once a month to be safe from illnesses and disease. 

Things To Consider

Ragdoll cats love to laze and snooze. These amazing creatures are very mild-tempered and have laid-back attitudes. And, yes, ragdolls love to follow their humans and are exceptionally social, but they aren’t out-and-out hyper cats. Here are a few considerations that will help you with your pet.

  • It’ll be easy for you to figure out when your ragdoll cat isn’t doing so well, as cats tend to be very emotionally close to their humans. If you find your ragdoll throwing up, you can determine what’s wrong simply by looking at what has come out in the vomit.
  • Ragdoll cats have long hair coats, and after grooming, they tend to throw up now and again. But, when you do take a close look at what’s come out, you’ll see that the vomit is full of hair.
  • Having a monthly medical check-up set for your cat will not only assist you in keeping your cat healthy. It’ll also create a bond of trust between the vet and your cat.