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Why Is My Cat Pooping On My Bed – 9 Reasons

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Having a pet in the household can mean plenty of fun. But, sometimes, your particularly clean freak kitty can act out of the ordinary and create a mess out of its litter. And, the matters can take a really ugly turn if you find your adorable kitty pooping on your bed. Have you found yourself asking; why is my cat pooping on my bed?

Cats can take to pooping on your bed (and other places) if they’re stressed, ill, or there’s been a change in their environment. Felines can also change their elimination habits due to an unclean litter box. 

But, it is always helpful to understand why your feline is behaving uncharacteristically. If your cat is abandoning its litter box for your bed, then you might want to find out about this sudden change in its behavior. So, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at the various reasons why your fur baby is messing up your bed.

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9 Reasons Cats Poop On Your Bed

Cats are known to be fastidiously clean, so if your fluffball is pooping in your bed, then you should know that there must be some solid underlying reasons behind your feline’s unusual actions. And, if you attempt to discover what is bothering your kitty, only then will you be able to help your cat correct its conduct.

Here’s a list of reasons why your cat may poop in your bed.


Cats suffering from Irritable Bowel Movement, Intestinal parasites, or even cancer tend to look for new places to defecate. And, if you have a multiple-cat household, then it’s very likely that your unwell cat will gladly abandon the litter box to ensure that the other cats in the house don’t contract the illness. 

You see, if your cat has experienced pain while eliminating in its litter box, then you can be sure that it will look for other areas to relieve itself to avoid the negative experience.

Environmental Changes And Routine

If your pet has to go through a change in its routine, you can be sure that it will make its displeasure known to you. And, cats are susceptible to changes in the environment as well. So, if you have to travel abroad and leave your pet under the charge of a keeper or another family member, you might discover an unpleasant surprise waiting for you in your bed when you get back home.


If you’ve brought home a new pet such as a dog and your kitty is feeling threatened, then your fur baby is going to suffer from stress and insecurity. You see, it is common knowledge that dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but so do cats. 

Hence, your kitty might poop in your bed, not to take revenge but to let you know that it suffers from emotional pain.

Unclean Litter Box

Some pet parents tend to clean their kitty litter at the end of every week. They allow the mess to accumulate and then dispense the entire litter and replace it with new litter. However, litter boxes should be cleaned every day. That is the only way your pet’s litter will stay healthy and not contract any illness or infections through a filthy litter box.

Another reason why your pet may avoid its litter box is the litter that is used. Chunky litter that has large pieces with sharp edges may hurt your pet’s paws. Moreover, your kitty may ditch its litter box when the litter box is not large enough for your pet. 

You see, big cats such as Maine Coons or Ragdolls require a much larger litter box than a regular-sized litter box. Also, some kitties don’t appreciate hooded or top-entry litter boxes. Furthermore, you have to ensure that you place your cat’s litter box where it can get adequate privacy. 

New Pets In The Home

Whenever a new pet enters the home, it can mess with a cat. Some cats will start to feel uncomfortable whether it’s a new pet, new baby, or anything that takes your attention away from them.

So as a result, cats will start to act out in a way. It’s not uncommon for them to start pooping on the bed to get rid of their newfound anxiety. In some cases, it’s out of spite, but not always.

An easy way to help cats with this is to properly introduce them to your new pets or children slowly. Also, consider spending more quality time with your cat so that it’s properly divided. By doing this, the pooping behaviors will diminish over time.

Your Cat Is Upset With You

Much like bringing new pets or children into the home, cats can easily be upset with another thing too. An upset cat will act out of spite to let you know their displeasure with your actions.

Pooping on the bed (or under it) is one common way they do this.

In this case, you have a few options; and to some degree, disciplinary action may be necessary. This can be as simple as restricting access to your bedroom and keeping your cat confined to specific areas of the home.

You may also want to spray some deterrents on and around the bed so that they’ll avoid the pooping behavior there. This will upset your cat too, but giving them a bit of redirection will ultimately force them to use the litter box anyway.

Your Cat Is Territorial

Multi-cat households are fairly easy to manage. You let your cats have their own feeding bowls and play areas. Give them all equal attention, and in most cases things are fine. Well, that’s until you get a cat that’s highly territorial.

For cats like that, nothing you can do ever truly satisfies them. Most territorial cats act out with aggression. But in some cases, they’ll just poop on the bed to try to claim another area of the home as theirs. Especially if they are sharing litter boxes, this is problematic.

So, the easy solution is to give your cats their own litter boxes, and private area to use it. This way there’s no chance of another cat coming in and using your territorial cat’s litterbox.


As a cat gets older, they can potentially have memory issues. This includes being disoriented and in some cases, completely confused with where the litter box is.

Because your bed has your scent, and it’s a comfort to your cat, they may end up pooping there as a result.

In this case, take your cat to the vet and see if they can help you develop a plan to help your cat with memory issues.

Your Cat Is In Pain

Sometimes when a cat is in pain, they do weird things that comfort them. That includes pooping on your bed as it may feel like a safe area for them.

In this case, examine your cat and see if they have injuries anywhere.

If you can’t clearly spot any, then it may be internal pain. Only a vet can scan your cat and check for things like that.

What Can You Do To Make Your Cat Stop Pooping On Your Bed

If you’ve managed to discover the cause behind your feline’s change in attitude, then you will have a relatively easier time correcting your cat’s behavior. 

The very first thing that you have to do is visit a local vet. You see, you have to take your cat to a vet to ensure that your fur baby is not suffering from an illness or an infection. And, if there’s a chance of disease, you will have to make sure that your pet receives the proper medical attention it needs. 

The next thing on the to-do list is the placement of your cat’s litter. Replace the litter with a high-quality bentonite litter that is super absorbent and easy to clean. Moreover, you need to place the litter box in an accessible area that provides plenty of privacy. 

And, if your pet has grown larger, you have to replace the old litter box with a new one. Furthermore, cleaning your pet’s litter box daily is a must. It might be a cumbersome chore, but it is the surest way to prevent your cat from contracting urinary infections.

However, if your cat is pooping your bed due to stress or anxiety, then you will have to make sure that you provide your pet with plenty of care, love, and attention. Increasing your playtime with your pet will go a long way in making your cat feel loved. 

And, it helps to provide some toys that encourage mental stimulation and relieve some of your kitty’s pent-up energy. 

Adding a cat tree to the house will give your feline a special place to play, relax, and nap. Not to mention, cat trees offer felines a sense of privacy that most cats crave. 

Additionally, you make your bed an unwelcome place for your feline too. You see, cats hate certain scents such as citrus or peppermint. Lighting up some incense in your room with a scent that your kitty dislikes will undoubtedly work towards discouraging your pet from pooping in your bed. 

On the other hand, there are even cat deterrent sprays available in the market that will work to keep your pet away from your bed. These odorless, stainless, and harmless sprays work like a charm in keeping cats away from your bed or the furniture that you wish to save.

Things To Consider

Cats, without a doubt, make wonderful pets. These creatures are brilliant, fun to play with, and provide an unparalleled sense of warmth and love. But, you have to consider that these creatures, like all living things, require your attention and care to thrive in any environment. 

And, if your cat is pooping on your bed, then you need not scold or punish your cat for correcting its behavior. You see, your negative response will only further aggravate your poor kitty’s situation. With a bit of understanding and positive reinforcement, you can easily earn your cat’s trust and prevent your feline from soiling your bed.