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The 5 Best Toys For Siamese Cats

The 5 Best Toys For Siamese Cats

Best Toys For Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are the unforgettable twins from the classic, ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ film. These beloved felines are unmissable with their distinct coloration of crème and brown faces, and their lively personalities. You’ll want a toy that can keep up with their intelligence and challenge their athletics.

The best toys for Siamese cats are those which will be engaging and interact mutually with them. Toys for felines are not toys but a hunting simulation for them in which they can be the predator and simulate attacking their prey. This is quintessential for feeding into your Siamese’s instincts and stimulating the brain in compelling ways.

If your Siamese is a bit noisy, clawing up the furniture, opening cabinets and causing disorder in your house – they need a good toy. The lack of stimulation is causing them to act out, so you must get them a proper toy for entertainment as well as development. This guide will show you the best products on the market for your beloved fur-child’s best possible life.

The 5 Best Toys for Siamese Cats

To understand this breed more closely, we need to look at their vast history as one of the oldest felines in the world. This ancient and broad past has given them a more extensive set of characteristics and evolutionary traits that have evolved to keep them here for such a long time.

They evolved before many of the more domesticated breeds and thus are very different from any other cat type. If you have a Siamese, you already know this to be true. You see their funny personality and acknowledge they are more dog-like than a cat.

Owners report stories of coming home to their Siamese to see the cabinets open, things are thrown about, and television on which they’re closely and attentively focused on.

These intelligent felines are so much more than meets the eye and originated in Thailand during the 14th century. At this time, they were thought to be royalty and would serve at the side of Thai leaders. Usually seen at the hand of the king or queen, or possibly guarding precious Thai treasures in their volt.

This led to the myth that the Siamese got their crossed eyes from staring at the treasure with a watchful eye for too long. It’s the same stare they’ll have on your television or you, cross-eyed or not.

This attentive and brilliant breed is nothing less than fascinating, with a history full of myths and tales. (no pun intended). It is even said that the Siamese got their kinked tails from wrapping them around the Jade vases and precious jewels of the throne room.

The toys for such a unique and smart breed need to be up to par. Or to put it blatantly, your Siamese will be bored.

Many cats in Thailand still possess these kinked tails, but usually, they don’t have crossed-eyes anymore.  Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent, so this should be considered before purchasing toys for them as well. They can get easily bored and fully saddened if left unattended too often. This can lead to destructive behavior, which affects your household and furniture.

Best Toys by Rating

The most optimal toys will be those which stimulate your Siamese mentally and physically. They will need puzzles, scratching posts, and things to hunt.

The Siamese was infamously a wonderful huntress before domestication and still has the inner-instinct for that outdoor lifestyle. They want to be predators hunting down birds, mice, and bugs in the wild.

That instinct has not disappeared in your Siamese, despite such a long duration of being a household kitty cat. You’ll see it in their eyes when they gaze out the window or reactively hasten to something you’ve done. That instinct is not gone, and you’ll want to feed it as best as possible to have the healthiest and most capable Siamese possible.

A side effect of having the proper toys for this breed will be that they won’t tear apart your furniture or act out. They may be less vocal and whiney as well if getting proper attention in many ways. Love and personal affection from you being the most important.

Going into the top-rated toys for your little Siamese ray of sunshine – The first one is one of the most interactive toys on the market for your fur-baby.

#1: The Mousr

Mousr is a fascinating toy that looks almost like an A.I. robot.  Very advanced and new to the scene, this toy tops our list as it’s unlike anything else on the market.

It is on wheels with a little feather bit that expands a few feet high off the ground. Almost like the feather you have to drape in front of your Siamese’s face, this toy will do the work for you.

Very interactive, this toy will run around the house while teasing and playfully hiding from your feline. Sure to give them endless hours of entertainment and exercise, this is an excellent option for a pet owner that works long hours and wants to keep their feline on the move.

Keep it in auto mode when you’re not home so it will run on its own. You can even connect this little guy to your smartphone or tablet so you can engage with your fur-baby while away at the office or out of town.

It also fascinatingly moved like real play, paralleling the behaviors you would find in real prey. Your cat will be fooled by the authenticity and what it brings to the surface in their instincts. A highly advanced intelligent technology that is not your typical cat toy.

Some reviews on this product refer to the sophistication of the toy. They make references to it’s fast and slow speeds, swat, and pausing features. They also mention how user-friendly the toy is and how responsive the sensor is. It’s not the cheapest toy, but it’s well worth the investment to entertain your Siamese cat!

You can purchase the Mousr at this link.

#2 Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

This is a great option and considerably cheaper than our last one. This toy is simple but will amuse your baby to no end. With a round ball on the inside that circles in a trapped ring, the cat will try to get the ball, but it will never come out. Kitties adore this thing, and it also doubles as a cat scratching post.

This toy is known to quote, ‘mesmerize,’ your Siamese or any cat for that matter. It stimulates them while challenging them, and they can release those kitty frustrations on the scratching surface instead of your prized possessions.

Endless hours of fun, the scratching bit is made from cardboard which cats undeniably go nuts over. It is double-sided and replaceable, so you can put a fresh one in when they’ve torn it apart.

A significant deterrence to keep your house from being scratched apart and entertaining them while you’re gone. The ball has catnip inside. I can hear your cat saying in the background, ‘Sold!”

You can pick it up here.

#3 Trixie 5 in 1 Activity Center

This insane puzzle that’s enough to confuse a human. Very intricate and may take a bit to learn, this toy will keep your cat entertained for the long-haul and truly challenge their frontal cortex.

The break down of the five games is that one resembles a fish in a bowl which the cats need to scoop out with their paws, challenging them to move their bodies in odd ways. Another is a game which allows the feline to earn treats when they lay down and use their paws and toes. There is a tunnel for hiding mouse toys and treats which your cat will find as amusing as the ball which flies around a ring.

This toy is full of surprised and variations, which makes it optimal for such an intelligent breed.

Thoughts from other owners of this product refer to how the toy stimulates their cat’s mind on their quest for food. The modules take the cats some time to master; however, they seem to have fun figuring out how to get rewarded for their efforts. Others have also credited this toy for helping reduce some of the excess weight their cats previously had.

The link to buy this toy is here.

#4 A Cardboard Box

I won’t go into this one long, but any cat loves cardboard. I don’t know why. But they all do.

They can scratch their claws down with it and also hide in the box to feel safe from surrounding stimulants. A cardboard box with a cozy towel inside can make a bed while the surrounding walls are suitable for their teeth and gums to gnaw on it or file their claws.

A cheap and straightforward go-to, use your extra amazon packaging from these more deluxe toys to include a simple classic that any cat will appreciate.

#4 A Siamese Twin

This is not a joke. You may be hearing, ‘We are Siamese if you please,’ in your head, but this breed does statistically do better in pairs.

The reasoning for this is because of their strong intelligence. They need that mental stimulation and will not be your standard cat snoozing in a window-sill all afternoon.

If you’re gone for long durations at the office or busier than would be possible for a dog, it’s okay. You’re lucky enough to have a cat that is more independent and doesn’t need to be taken out to the restroom 5-6 times a day. Your feline can take care of itself besides the food and water fillings and a bi-weekly litter cleaning.

Except – the thing about Siamese is that they are incredibly social creatures. They are the type of cat that will stand by your side while you cook and look on while you chop vegetables. They will watch the TV in simultaneous amusement with you and be so present it may blow your mind.

This is also the breed that gets compared to dogs often and is called the most dog-like cat. They live for running around and playing. The Siamese is the most likely to go on a walk with you and the most likely to play fetch with anything that you throw compared to its feline cousins.

All this to say – they don’t want to be alone. If you can’t be there all day with them, find another Siamese that will be its twin and life partner. They will still adore you and show affection to the entire family, but they will also have each other.

This is very important to the Siamese’s mental state, and they may truly become depressed without this. If your Siamese seems down or under-stimulated, try adapting another Siamese but probably not another breed.

If you have tried all the toys in the world and you’re Siamese is still sad, this is certainly a viable option. Everyone needs a friend and someone to spend the long days with. Give your baby that partner or sibling, and they’ll feel so much less alone in this world.

You don’t know how they’ll react with another cat breed, but the others recognize something within the Siamese, and they will connect more easily.

Of course, if you can’t handle the responsibility or you think the first Siamese’s life state will be lessened because you don’t have enough attention to share – please take this into account. Be honest with yourself as there is no judgment here.

In this case, stick with just one. It is a huge responsibility, and you don’t want to get yourself in deeper than warranted or necessary.

Health Issues in Siamese

Many Siamese cats struggle with heart issues and respiratory. This is why you want toys that keep them moving and help them embrace their natural athletic form.

Basically – you don’t want a fat Siamese.

This is not the kind of cat that gets chubby and cute. Many cats look better a bit chubby. Siamese is not one of them, and their body types cannot take overfeeding.

This is reason enough to get them a toy to keep them moving. If you want a lazy cat, pick a different breed, or you’ll have a loudmouth, fat Siamese on your hands.

Other cats may respond well to be a bit overweight and having a lazier life. But the Siamese was bred to be very thin and move briskly. If they are unable to do that, it absolutely will affect their quality of life.

The right toys which will keep them running around and using their minds are the way to go. This leads into the next section which also could be fixed by the proper game/toy stimulant –

If your Siamese is Acting Out

If you’re Siamese is being rather brisk and short with you, knocking over glasses of water from the counter or just being downright ornery, then it could be them sending you a message.

This message they’re sending is that you’re not giving them enough attention or stimulating their intelligence enough. They will let you know how they feel about it because Siamese cats are not shy in this department.

Siamese, known to be the most vocal of all feline breeds, will communicate their exact feelings on the issue.

If your baby seems under-enthused or lacking a full enough life, toys are something that can get them back to their natural instincts of hunting. That’s actually what toys are to them, not play at all but the real hunt of things that they honestly live for. This is as natural in them as it is for us hunting out a yummy steak or well-fried fries.

It’s as natural as can be. You need to take it as seriously as another hunger and pangs of hunger crave to be satisfied. Until that hunger is satisfied, you may have your house torn apart.

Final Tips

Don’t confuse simple for bad because many cats will have the time of their lives with a cardboard box. Cats will be thrilled with something as simple as a rolled-up ball of tin foil, so you don’t have to go far. But for a feline as intelligent as the Siamese – you don’t want to go in blind either.

Knowing the best toys for their cognitive development and the reasons why they need it is a significant first step. Now that you understand your fur baby a bit better, you can find them a toy which challenges, deters them from wearing down your house, and hopefully also wears these chatterboxes out a bit!

The Siamese is a people-oriented cat so that no toy will replace your time and attention. If you’ve read this article, then it’s already clear you care for your cat and want the best for them. Put this energy into everything you do with them, and they’re sure to be the luckiest kitty in the world!