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Can Calico Cats Have Long Hair – Here’s The Facts!

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When you think of a calico cat, do you think of long hair or short hair? You may know that cats come in all shapes and sizes, but you might not know if a calico cat can have long hair. Even if you’ve never seen a calico with long hair, you still might wonder: can calico cats have long hair?

Yes, calico cats can have long hair. Calico is a pattern of fur, not a type of fur and has no bearing on the length. You will find cats with calico fur in both long and short hair types. 

Calico cats come in all shapes and sizes – and fur lengths! The length of your cat’s fur doesn’t mean that he is or isn’t a calico; it is the color of his fur. If you’re looking to learn more about long-haired calico cats, continue reading! 

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How Do You Tell If Your Cat Is A Calico

A calico cat is spotted by its white, orange, and black fur.

Most calico cats are going to be between 50-75% white, which sounds odd because you don’t think of the white fur immediately on a calico cat. 

The part that sticks out the most on a calico is the patches of orange and black fur, which tells you that your cat is a calico. 

Patches of orange and black fur disrupt the cat’s fur. You can find these patches on your cat’s head, back, legs, and even tail. 

Long or short fur aside, it is the coloring of your cat that makes it a calico.  

Long-Haired Calico Cat Breeds 

Several cat breeds can be considered long-haired calico cats. 

Most of these cat breeds are more common than you would think and can include:

  • Maine Coon
  • Persian
  • Turkish Angora

More cat breeds can be calico cats with long hair, so this list is in no way exhaustive. 

Cats that aren’t purebred can also have calico fur, so you do not only need to go looking for particular cat breeds if you want a long-haired calico cat. 

How Big Do Long-Haired Calico Cats Get

The size of your long-haired calico cat will depend on a variety of factors. Two of the biggest indicators of the size of your cat are breed and gender. 


The kind of cat breed your cat is will often dictate how big your long-haired calico cat gets. 

A Maine Coon is going to be one of the largest cat breeds that you can find. If your long-haired calico cat is a Maine Coon, you can expect to have a sizeable full-grown cat. 

Other cat breeds will be much smaller than a Maine Coon, but that also has nothing to do with the color or pattern of your cat’s fur. 


No matter the breed of cat, a male cat will be much larger than a female cat. 

Male cats can be up to twice the size of a female cat and are usually at least two pounds heavier than female cats.

In this case, the breed and fur color of your cat has long to do with your cat.  

Long-Haired Calico Cat Personality

Since calico is not a cat breed, you’ll notice that your long-haired calico can have different personalities based on your cat’s breed.

Instead of running through every cat breed out there, let’s focus on the three cat breeds we mentioned earlier: Maine Coon, Persian, and Turkish Angora.

Maine Coon

Many people say that Maine Coons are gentle giants because of their personalities. 

Maine Coon cats are brilliant and loyal to their owners. You might find that they are timid around strangers, but they’re not mean. After all, they’re gentle giants! 


Persian cats are quiet, docile, and loving to their owners.

When you think of a Persian cat, you might picture him lounging in the sunlight in an expensive-looking living room! 

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras are also quiet and affectionate to their owners.

Unlike Maine Coons or Persians, Turkish Angoras love their routines, so do not try to change things around this cat. He will be happy until things start to change! 

How Long Do Long-Haired Calico Cats Live

Your calico cat won’t live any longer because he is a long-haired cat or has a calico fur pattern. 

No matter the color of your cat’s fur, you can assume that your cat will live anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Cats are one pet that you must dedicate your life to because most cats will live at least ten years. Some cats have lived more than 20 years!

Many things will affect the length of your cat’s life, including:

  • Overall health
  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Diet
  • Climate
  • Other factors

Some cat breeds have shorter life spans than others, but every situation will be different. Regardless, know that you will have your furry friend for several years to come! 

Are Long-Haired Calico Cats Rare

Long-haired calico cats are no more rare than short-haired calico cats.

If there is one point that I have been trying to drive home in this article, it is that calico is simply a kind of fur pattern and color. 

Calico isn’t a genetic deformity or something that happens in very few cats. This is especially true when it comes to long-haired calico cats.

Don’t think you will have to pay top dollar for a long-haired calico cat if you think that kind of cat will become your best friend. 

Although you may not often see long-haired calico cats, that does not mean that they are few and far between!