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Can Siamese Cats Be Male – Here’s The Facts

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If you’re looking to adopt a cat, you may have your eyes set on a Siamese cat. You want a male cat, but you’re unsure if Siamese cats can be male when all you find are female Siamese cats. When you’re starting to feel frustrated on your search, you might be unable to help but ask: can Siamese cats be male?

Yes, Siamese cats can be male. Surveys show that 43.2% of all cats are male. More specifically, as many as 75% of Flame Point Siamese cats are male.

Siamese cats are a beautiful cat breed, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be male. Siamese cats are both male and female. We’re going to talk about male Siamese cats in this article, so stick with me to learn more! 

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Are Siamese Cats Usually Male Or Female

Siamese cats are both male and female. Nothing about the Siamese cat breed makes a cat more likely to be a male or female. However, its been noted that Flame Point Siamese cats tend to have a higher discrepancy with around 75% of that breed color being male.

Since Siamese cats are such a beautiful breed, some people may assume that the breed only comes in females. You can find a female Siamese cat just as easily as a male Siamese cat. 

Depending on where you purchase your cat may make it seem like Siamese cats are only male or female. By this, I mean that breeds may be more willing to part a specific gender of cats.

For instance, male Siamese cats can be used for breeding, so they may be sold at a higher premium or kept for breeding purposes. 

On the other hand, female Siamese cats might come on the market more often when they’re older because they already had a few litters of kittens. 

It may be inconsistencies in the market for Siamese cats that you may see more female cats than male cats or vice versa. 

What Are Male Siamese Cats Called 

Male Siamese cats do not have a different name than female Siamese cats.

You don’t have to worry that male Siamese cats are called something different than female ones. 

Broadly speaking, some people do call male cats toms or tomcats, but that is not specific to any cat breed.

Usually, you will only call a male cat a tomcat if he isn’t fixed; when they are fixed, this nickname stops. 

Conversely, you might hear that people call an unfixed female cat a queen. This term isn’t as commonly used as tomcat, but if you are in the world of breeding, you may hear it more often.

Are Male Siamese Cats Nice

Male Siamese cats will be different depending on whether or not they are fixed; your male Siamese cat will be nicer if he is fixed.

As a breed, Siamese cats are friendly, outgoing, and social. Like all cat breeds, however, there is a chance that a male Siamese cat can be more aggressive if he is not fixed.

It may not be that he has a poor personality. Male cats can become a little more aggressive, even based purely on size.

When you get your Siamese cat fixed, you will see a noticeable change in his personality and demeanor. He will lose most, if not all, of his aggressive tendencies. 

You might notice that your cat has done a complete turn, personality-wise, after your cat’s simple procedure.

You’ll notice other changes in your male Siamese cat, too, but we’ll cover that more next. 

Are Male Siamese Cats Affectionate

Siamese cats are an affectionate breed, but you will see that male Siamese cats will be more affectionate than female cats.

Even before you get your male Siamese cat fixed, your male Siamese cat will be more loving and cuddlier to you than your female Siamese cat. 

At the same time, however, you might not notice massive differences between male and female Siamese cats. 

As we’ve covered already, you’re probably looking to get a Siamese cat because you’ve heard all the positive attributes of their personalities. 

You may be more likely to adopt a male cat because they’ll love you even more than their female counterparts. 

Differences Between Male And Female Siamese Cats 

There are differences between male and female Siamese cats, like with any breed.

Size And Weight

As with any cat breed, male Siamese cats are going to be larger than female Siamese cats.

Male Siamese cats will often be more muscular and look broader than female cats.

Because they are larger than female cats, male Siamese cats will also be heavier. Male cats are usually anywhere from one to three pounds heavier than female cats. This can vary between cats.


A male Siamese cat that is neutered will be friendlier than female Siamese cats. 

You will find that male Siamese cats are friendlier and more willing to cuddler with you than their female counterparts. 

Overall, your male Siamese cat will become much calmer once he is neutered.

Female Siamese cats will also have a noticeable difference once they are fixed, but your female Siamese cat will be more needy than cuddly. 


You might not realize this, but female Siamese cats will be more independent than male Siamese cats.

If you’re looking for a cat that will want to be your companion and always by your side, you should look at getting a male Siamese cat.

Male Siamese cats want to be your wingman, whereas your female Siamese cat will be much happier on her own.