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While petting your cat, you may start to scratch different areas of their face and body. You may even begin to wonder if cats can feel a ticklish sensation upon petting them. You’ve heard that cats can be ticklish, but you’re confident you’ve never heard a cat laugh before. So, perhaps it’s possible and you haven’t seen it. So, can cats be ticklish? 

Cats can be ticklish.  A cat’s ticklish spots include their chins, cheeks, bellies, and paws. Each cat has it’s own ticklish spots. While cats cannot laugh, they do exhibit certain movements and behaviors when tickled. 

No one has come up with a good term for a cat being ticklish, and we’re not sure if a cat even can be ticklish. Even so, there are parts of your cat that they might feel ticklish in. At the very least, these are spots that your cat may enjoy being scratched. Let’s talk a little more about what cats might feel and what spots they will like being tickled on. 

Can Cats Feel Ticklish

Cats might not feel “ticklish,” but they often react in mostly the same ways as humans who might feel ticklish. 

Cats can’t talk, so it’s hard to ask them if what they’re feeling is ticklish. Even if they could, would they know what ticklish is? These are questions I think about.

Even though we might not know if cats are ticklish, we can gauge their reactions. 

If they pull away or hide from you when you do what you think is tickling them, it’s probably not. It’s better to stop whatever you’re doing. If your cat shakes its foot when you touch it or comes back for more, they’re probably just slightly annoyed or enjoy whatever it is you’re doing. 

If you want to call it tickling, go ahead!

Do Cats Like Being Tickled

Some cats like being tickled, while other cats hate it.

If you have more than one cat, you probably already know that cats have different personalities. Therefore, not all cats will like the same things. The same goes for tickling!

One cat might love what you do to them, while another will downright hate it and hide or hiss at you. The only way to know for sure is to try and see what their reaction is. Unfortunately, you’re not able to ask them if they like it or not.

If your cat doesn’t like to be tickled, I wouldn’t do it. You may annoy them, but your cat may begin to avoid you if you continuously do something they don’t like.

Can Cats Laugh

Cats can’t laugh like a human might, but you can tell if a cat is happy or not.

You won’t hear your cat let out a chuckle any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have no way to tell if your cat is happy or not. Cats don’t laugh, but they still show emotion.

Your cat may show they’re happy is by meowing when they see you, purring when you come close, or rubbing against you. The jury is still out on whether or not a wagging tail on a cat is a good sign or not, but you might be able to add that one to the list too. 

There are ways to tell if a cat is happy, even if it isn’t a hearty laugh.

Where are Cats’ Ticklish Spots

The most common ticklish spots on a cat are their chins, cheeks, and belly.

Just like any human, your cat may or may not like to be touched in any of these spots. I’ve noticed most cats like their cheeks being scratched or tickled (or tolerate it, at least), but some cats hate you touching their chin or stomach.

These three spots also aren’t the only ticklish spots on a cat. You might find other areas too, like the base of their tails or even the back of their legs. If you know your cat well, you’ll know what other spots they may like too. 

How Do You Find A Tickle Spot On A Cat

Finding a tickle spot on a cat is about trial and error because your cat might not like every spot you try tickling.

Like I’ve said, there are spots that many cats like to have tickled, but you might have to do some searching on your own, too, especially if your cat doesn’t like any of the spots already mentioned.

It might be a little hard to tell if your cat likes it or not, but let me give you a good rule of thumb. If your cat pulls away or hisses, they don’t like it. If your cat doesn’t seem to mind too much or comes back for me, they don’t dislike you touching them there. 

It’ll take some learning, but I’m sure you’ll find your cat’s favorite spots in no time at all.

Why Do Cats Like To Be Tickled Under The Chin

Most cats like when you tickle or scratch them under their chin.

In my experience, most cats like to have their chins tickled, but some don’t. If a cat has never been touched there before, they may be a little unsure and try to keep their head done. They may start to enjoy it, though, when they realize what you’re doing isn’t all bad. 

I’ve noticed that most cats will tilt their chin up to the sky and scrunch up their nose while closing their eyes. That tells me that they enjoy being tickled there, especially if they begin purring. Heck, you’ll probably end up scratching their neck and chest too! Not a bad deal, huh?

Are Cats’ Bellies Ticklish

Some cats like when you touch and tickle their bellies, but other cats hate when you touch their stomachs. 

Cat bellies are one of those places that you might have to risk touching to see if they like it. I know from experience, so trust me on that one!

My one cat hates having its belly touched or tickled. For that cat, it’s the worst feeling ever! For another one of my cats, however, the belly is a prime petting location. He’ll lay on his back like a dog and purr loudly like I rub his belly.

Cats might be ticklish on their belly, but it’s up to you to work up the courage to touch and see (or get scratched!).  

Can Cat Paws Be Ticklish

Cats paws can be ticklish, just like their chins and bellies.

You can tickle your cat’s paws, but I’ve noticed something interesting with this spot. I’m not sure if it’s the same for all cats, though! You can decide for yourself.

My short-haired cats don’t seem to be as ticklish on their paws. My short-haired cats seem to dislike being touched on their paws.

My long-haired cats are a different story, though. I’m not sure if it’s because they have longer fur that can tickle them, but whenever I touch their paw pad, they spread out their toes or shake their foot. 

So, there you go. Some cats will react differently, but it’s also a spot to try and tickle.

I know what you’re doing as soon as you finish reading this. You’re going to go see where your cat likes to be tickled, right? Like I said, try the chin, belly, and paws. Those are the most common spots. Who knows, you might even find a spot that will become your cat’s new favorite spot. Good luck! 


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