Can Cats Cry With Tears – The Surprising Answer!

Cats that are grieving or in pain show emotion just like anyone else. Just like you or me, a cat can show changes when there is a significant event in their lives, whether it is the death of an owner or an injury that leaves them aching. But that begs the question: if cats feel emotions like humans, can cats cry with tears?

Cats do not cry with tears. Cats instead cry with their voices through howling and chirping. Cats who exhibit tears do so because of eye irritation, allergies, or infections. 

You won’t be catching your furry friend with tears running down their face. Cats don’t produce tears because of sadness like humans. The idea of a cat “crying” is just an exaggeration. So, if cats don’t cry with tears, how is it that they cry, then? Let’s discuss this in more detail. 

How Do Cats Show Sadness

Cats aren’t able to cry, so cats show sadness through lethargy and a lack of appetite. It’s actually quite common to see this among cats who are isolated and do not have a companion. This means they are entirely dependent on human interaction.

If you experienced a death in your family, you might cry, but what else happens? Maybe you’ll feel tired and feel like you aren’t hungry. That’s the same thing a cat might experience.

A sad cat might sleep more or not have the same grit you’re used to. Your cat may start ignoring her favorite toy and walk past her food bowl without eating, even if she’s usually ready to eat. 

Cats exhibit emotions differently, but some of the warning signs of sadness are no different than what their owners may experience. 

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Crying

Since cats don’t produce tears, you’ll know your cat is crying because you’ll be able to hear your cat crying.

Like I mentioned (and will probably mention again), cats cry vocally, just like they meow. Your cat makes a lot of different noises, and crying is another one. 

Cats who cry typically howl loudly, often for long periods at a time. Frequent panting is also a sign of a cat in distress, and even soft meows can be a sign. 

All crying does not indicate that your cat is upset or in pain; however, if the noise is unusual for your cat, it’s a good idea to see what’s wrong. Your cat could have learned a new noise – to be annoying, probably – but it’s always smart to make sure something isn’t going on. After all, cats can’t use our names to call out to us. 

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Watering

If you notice your cat has watery eyes, your cat might have an allergy to something in the environment.

Believe it or not, cats can have allergies, just like humans. When your allergies get worse in the spring and summer, your cat’s allergies can too. If you see that your cat’s eyes are watering at the same time yours might, it could be from pollen.

Similarly, if your cat’s eyes are watering in the winter, it may be because you have the heat on, and the air is drier than it is in the summer.

If you see excessive watering or pinkness, your cat might have injured its eye, so that would be when a trip to the vet is necessary.

Do Cats Eyes Water When They’re In Pain

Unlike humans, pain usually does not trigger watery eyes unless your cat had an injury to their eye.

If you stub your toe, your eyes will probably water; however, if you step on your cat’s tail by accident while cooking dinner, they probably won’t be yelling “ouch!” with some watery eyes. That’s a human thing.

If you can tell your cat is in pain and has watery eyes, that might be a coincidence if the cat doesn’t have an eye injury. 

How do you know if your cat is in pain with an eye injury because their eyes are watering? Well, your cat’s eye will be red, and your cat’s “third eyelid” will probably be closed over the eye to protect it. 

Do Cats Cry When They Are In Pain

Cats cry when they’re in pain, but their cries are more vocal.

It’s happened to you before, I’m sure. Your cat is weaving around your legs while you’re walking, and you inevitably kick him or step on his tail. But it wasn’t your fault! Although you know the pain won’t be long-lived for your cat, he does let out a sharp cry that startles you.

That’s how cats most often show their pain. Cats don’t cry the same way as humans do, so their vocal cries are their way of signaling pain. 

If the pain isn’t severe, then your cat will probably stop crying within seconds; if the crying continues, you may want to get your regular veterinary involved. 

Why Do Cats Cry At Night

Cats commonly cry at night because they are lonely or bored.

We’ve all been there. You lay down in bed, and the house is nice and quiet for a time. No sounds, no movement. And then it happens. Your cat starts crying from down the hall. It could be one loud meow or constant yowling.

If your cat is crying at night, the two most common reasons are that they are lonely or bored.

Some people do not let their cats in the bedroom, which may lead to the cat feeling lonely during the night, especially if you only have one cat.

Even if you play with your cat right before bed, they may also still feel bored, which leads to crying.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Sounds Like It’s Crying

If a cat sounds like it is crying, it may be in some distress.

Since you’re a cat owner, you’re probably aware of all the noises that a cat can make. Your cat most likely has a meow for every kind of situation, and just like a baby’s cries, each meow type means something different.

But what is that new noise your cat is making that sounds like it’s crying?

If your cat is making a new noise that sounds like crying, something may have happened. Your cat could have hurt itself, for example. The noise could have come out as a cry because your cat was shocked and in pain. If the cat’s meow is something you aren’t used to, it is a good idea to check on your cat to see what happened. 

How Do You Cheer Up A Sad Cat

Spending time with a cat and showing a cat affection is a great way to cheer up a sad cat.

Cats can become sad too. You might notice your cat is sad because it is becoming lethargic, though you might not think he’s sick.

Maybe its best furry friend recently passed away, or your cat experienced a significant change in its environment. Cats, like humans, can be cheered up.

Spend extra time with your cat. If you’re often up and moving around, think about relaxing on the cat for a little while so he can curl up on your lap. Please give him a few extra treats. Small things could cheer him up and make him feel even a little better. 

Even if your cat is sad or in pain, you probably won’t be reaching for the tissue box like you might with your best (human) friend. Though there is a misconception that cats can cry, it actually isn’t true. Cats rely on their voices to cry, unlike humans, who can also cry when they’re upset or hurt. Cats might not shed tears like you and me, but they can still show emotion, which any cat owner will immediately tell you!


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