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Can Cats Eat Beans – What You Should Know!

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While making dinner, you pop a can of beans as a side dish to go with your meal. Your cat hears the can and comes running, thinking it’s cat food. You’re not sure if you can share your beans with your cat and begin to ask: can cats eat beans?

Cats can eat beans. Beans are full of protein, which provide health benefits to cats. Cats should avoid eating beans that contain additional seasoning or that are not properly cooked.

There are many ways to prepare beans and even more recipes that you can find online. It might sound boring, but the best way to serve beans is cooked and plain. If you’re looking at recipes, you’ll probably begin to see just how many beans there are too. Can cats eat all beans? What beans are best for cats? And what about those legumes? Well, keep reading to learn everything about your cat and beans. 

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Are Beans Safe For Cats To Eat

Beans are safe for cats to eat.

You may have heard that cats are carnivores, which is true, so your cat’s diet can’t be based on beans. However, beans are full of protein, which means that your cat can benefit from eating a few beans. 

As long as beans are not seasoned with salt or anything else, your cat can easily gain a few benefits from snacking on beans. 

Can Cats Eat Cooked Beans

Cooked beans are the safest option for your cat to eat. 

As long as your cooked beans are not covered in salt and seasoning, cats can safely eat cooked beans. There are a few ways to prepare beans so that you can take your pick, but make sure they are cooked thoroughly. 

You’ll want to avoid feeding your cat uncooked beans, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Can Cats Eat Raw Beans

Cats should not eat raw beans.

One of the most fundamental reasons cats should not eat raw beans is because raw beans can carry E. coli. You’ve probably heard of E. coli before with produce like lettuce. Well, beans can carry E. coli too, and you do not want your cat to suffer from that. 

Can Cats Eat Canned Beans

While beans themselves are safe for cats, you should avoid giving your cat canned beans.

Canned beans are unsafe for your cat, but the salty water that beans are packed in can be harmful to your cat. Cats do not need that much salt in their diet. Constant consumption of salt can lead to weight gain or heart problems in the future. 

Beans from a can are the most accessible to most people, and while it may be the easiest option to find, it is not the best choice for your furry friend. 

Are Kidney Beans Toxic To Cats

Kidney beans are not toxic to cats.

There is nothing in a kidney bean that is toxic to your cat, so if you have kidney beans on hand to feed your cat, then you can safely feed your cat kidney beans.

Keep in mind what we’ve already covered: avoid salt and seasoning as well as canned beans. 

Are Pinto Beans Safe For Cats

Pinto beans are a safe choice to feed your cat. 

Like other kinds of beans, Pinto beans are packed with protein, which means that you can choose to feed your cat pinto beans.

These beans are sometimes a little less flavorful than other types of beans. It might be tempting to season the beans for your cat, but you should not do this. 

Can Cats Eat Baked Beans

You should avoid giving your cat baked beans.

As with canned beans, the beans in baked beans are most likely okay for your cat to eat; however, it’s everything else in baked beans that can be harmful to your cat. 

Most baked bean recipes include apple cider vinegar, salt, bacon, and even barbecue sauce. None of these ingredients are necessarily toxic to cats, but they are foods that your cat should not eat regularly. 

Baked beans that you may find in a can are equally, if not more, unhealthy for your cat to eat. Canned baked beans have more salt than homemade baked beans because the salt preserves the beans longer. 

Can Cats Eat Black Beans

Your cat can eat black beans as long as you give them to your cat in moderation.

While black beans aren’t toxic to cats, you’ll want to remember that cats aren’t built to eat black beans – or any other kind of beans. Your cat won’t get seriously ill or poisoned from beans, but beans can cause minor digestive issues with your cat. As your cat eats more beans, these digestive issues might become worse. 

Are Refried Beans Bad For Cats

Refried beans are bad for cats because they contain a large amount of salt. 

The excessive salt in refried beans, like the salt in baked beans, is bad for your cat. Refried beans might contain even more salt than baked beans. 

Since refried beans are fried, you may also use oil or fats that can be harmful to your cat.  

Refried beans aren’t the healthiest option for cats, and it certainly isn’t the best choice for cats. 

Are Soybeans Bad For Cats

Soy beans are not bad for cats; in fact, some kinds of cat food contain soil in them. 

Even though soy and soybeans are used in cat food, you’ll want to make sure the soybeans are cooked. E. coli is always a concern, but raw soy can also lead to diarrhea in your cat. This symptom of diarrhea is in addition to the potential risk of E. coli. 

Can Cats Eat Lentils

Since lentils are a product found in many kinds of cat foods, cats can eat lentils. As we’ve already covered, cats have difficulty digesting lentils, so you’ll want to make sure to limit the intake of lentils. 

Like other beans, Lentils still have the protein that cats can benefit from, but even too much of a good thing can upset your cat’s stomach. Even if your cat likes lentils and even begs for them, you’ll have to put your foot down. 

Are Legumes Bad For Cats

Legumes are not bad for cats. If you didn’t already know, beans and lentils are classified as legumes.

Not many people know that beans and lentils are legumes. Before researching this article, I had no idea either. I heard the word before but didn’t know what it meant. 

Even though “legume” sounds like a fancy food word that cats should avoid, legumes that are cooked are safe for your cat to eat. 

What Beans Can Cats Eat

Most beans that are not refried, raw, or canned are perfectly safe for your cat, so let’s recap what beans you should choose to feed your cat. 

  • Black beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Kidney beans

Whether or not you’re a fan of beans yourself, it’s essential to know that beans contain protein that your cat can benefit from. Although you might need some salt and pepper on your beans to enjoy them, make sure to avoid any fancy additions to your beans if you want to share them with your cat. Don’t feed your cat too many beans, and you’ll be sure to notice some benefits as your cat ups its protein intake.