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Can Cats Eat Anchovies – Is It Safe?

Can Cats Eat Anchovies – Is It Safe?

Many people believe that fish is a staple of any cat’s diet, but with so many different kinds of fish, you might wonder which fish are suitable for your cat. For instance, anchovies are small and cat-sized, so you’ve probably wondered at some point if anchovies are a good choice for your cat. You’ve seen the anchovies sitting on a store shelf and asked this: can cats eat anchovies?

Cats can eat anchovies, whether they are dried, fresh, or canned. Anchovies can be given to your cat as a treat and are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that your cat needs to be healthy. 

With so many benefits, you might be asking why anchovies aren’t a more popular example of fish that cats can eat. You might not have known that cats could eat anchovies in addition to other fish. Keep reading to learn about how your cat can eat anchovies and what some of the benefits are with these tiny fish. 

Reasons To Feed Your Cat Anchovies

These five reasons will cover why anchovies are an excellent treat for your cat, but that’s not all anchovies are good for!

Packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Anchovies have Omega 3 fatty acids, which have numerous benefits for your cat. For instance, Omega 3s support healthy fur and skin, helps arthritis, and protect their heart. Your cat may think anchovies are just a snack, but anchovies do a lot to support your cat’s overall health. 

Anchovies Have Vitamin D and B-12

In addition to Omega 3s, anchovies have Vitamin D and B-12 as well. You may not have known this, but cats don’t get Vitamin D from the sun like humans, so they rely on food for that intake. Similarly, B-12 is also essential for cats because it promotes a healthy digestive system, brain function, and immune system. 

Cheap Snack

Cat food and cat treats can quickly get expensive, but anchovies – whether fresh, canned, or dried – are a more cost-effective way to treat your cat. Plus, you can use the anchovies if you don’t give your cat all you purchase. 

Anchovies Are Easy To Portion For Your Cat

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know how much of something to give your cat. Anchovies are easy because you can give your cat a fish or two as a treat. You don’t have to worry about measuring or overfeeding your cat. 

Anchovies Are An Alternative To Cat Treats

If you find that your cat is a fiend for cat treats, think about switching to anchovies. Your cat will have the same experience of getting a treat, but you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that what you’re giving your cat is a better option than processed treats. 

Are Anchovies Safe for Cats

Anchovies are safe for cats as long as the anchovies are cooked. 

Since anchovies are packed with essential vitamins that your cat can benefit from, anchovies are safe to give to your cat. If you purchase fresh anchovies for your cat, make sure the anchovies are cooked. You might think a cat can eat raw fish, but that can be harmful.

If you, like most people, buy canned anchovies for your cat, limit the amount that your feed your cat. Canned anchovies are packed in oil and salt, which are not healthy for your cat to eat. Oily fat and salt aren’t harmful to your cat in small quantities, but oil and salt should not become a significant part of your cat’s regular diet. 

Like with any treat you give your cat, make sure that you watch your cat while they eat it. The chance of your cat choking on an anchovy snack is low, but it is always better to be prepared.

Can Cats Eat Dried Anchovies

Cats can safely eat dried anchovies as an alternative to fresh anchovies. Dried anchovies do not change the integrity of this snack for your cat.

If you don’t like the idea of fresh or canned anchovies, then you have another option: dried anchovies. Anchovies, like other fish, can be dried or freeze-dried. This process will give the anchovy more of a crunch that your cat may prefer. As a bonus for you, dried anchovies will have less of a pungent smell to them. 

Since the anchovies are dried, your cat can easily break apart the piece of anchovy, which also removes the potential choking hazard that may come from fresh or canned anchovies. 

Are Dried Anchovies Good For Cats

Dried anchovies are good for cats because they are cooked and not packed in potential unhealthy ingredients, like oil.

Dried anchovies are a good option if you want to feed your cat anchovies. If you dry your own anchovies or purchase from a store, make sure that the anchovies do not have any seasoning. Plain dried anchovies are the best option for your cat.

If you purchase your dried anchovies from a pet store, then you don’t need to worry about any added seasoning. 

As an added benefit, dried anchovies will last longer than fresh anchovies, so you won’t have to worry about anything going to waste. 

Can Cats Eat Anchovies In Olive Oil

Cats can eat anchovies in olive oil, but it is best to avoid any oil if possible.

If you want to use any oil in cooking for your cat, extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for your cat. Even so, make sure to limit how much oil that your cat is eating. While your cat will not get seriously ill from eating olive oil, the fat and oil can lead to unnecessary weight gain in your cat. Cats do not need empty calories like those that come from oil.

A dash of oil – especially if you are cooking fresh anchovies – will not be harmful to your cat. Use as little as you can, and make sure to drain the anchovies if you are cooking them. Do not give your cat a bowl that has a lot of oil as well. 

How To Cook Anchovies For Cats

You can cook anchovies as you would for any dish you may eat, but you should skip the butter, salt, and other seasonings you might like to add. 

Anchovies are easy to cook, and they shouldn’t take too long to prepare. If you’re making them for dinner, you may fry them in olive oil or add them to a sauce because they usually dissolve. If you’re making anchovies for your cat, you’ll want to skip all this.

To properly cook the anchovies and prevent them from sticking to the pan, you’ll need a little bit of oil. Oil in small amounts is okay for your cat, but don’t get too carried away with it. 

Thoroughly cook the anchovies and let them cool before giving them to your cat as a snack. 

When you think about what fish cats usually eat, you might not immediately think of anchovies. After all, I think most of us think of those cheapy canned anchovies found in grocery stores. Anchovies, surprisingly, are a fantastic and healthy treat for your cat. Even if you might turn to your nose at anchovies, think about offering your cat one or two.