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Can Cats Eat Moles – 6 Factors To Consider!

Letting your cat outside to play can be great, but not if it’s infested by moles. The concern is that your cat could up end up chasing and trying to kill the mole if it catches sits attention. Outside of just attacking the mole, you might be wondering if cats find moles appetizing too. I started wondering, can cats eat moles?

Yes, cats can eat moles. However, if a cat eats an infected mole it may become sick, or catch fleas, ticks, and tapeworms. Poisoned moles can also cause cats to become sick if they are eaten.

Let us now look in detail at each one of these reasons, whether it is safe for your cat to eat moles or not and how you can prevent it from eating moles. 

Why Do Cats Eat Moles

Some cats like to eat moles; some don’t. However, there are some common reasons as to why they do eat mole. Let’s take a look at them.

Easy To Notice

If there are moles in your yard, it is not challenging for your cat to notice them. 

It is so because when moles dig the ground, they usually leave it pushed up. And a yard with pushed up levels of ground cannot escape the eyes of a cat. The moment there is some movement beneath the ground, the cat will instantly go and inspect. 

Moles Are Slow 

Another advantage for cats is that moles are not very fast when it comes to escaping. So it is very easy for a cat to catch them. Their legs are modified just so that it is easy for them to dig but running fast is not their cup of tea.

Moles Cannot See

If you are thinking this means that they don’t have eyes, then you are wrong. They do have eyes, but their eyes are almost useless. It can only capture some movement or light. They cannot see their predators and thus cannot escape. 

Moles Are Made Of Meat

Cats are carnivorous, and they love to eat meat. And that is precisely what moles are made of. So cats have a good meal when they catch and eat a mole. However, it is not always necessary that they will eat it. Cats might play with it and leave.

Moles Don’t Fight Back 

Moles are insectivorous, which means they are only interested in insects and only equipped to catch them. When it comes to cats, they cannot protect themselves, so they don’t even fight back.

Moles will only try to escape by running and do nothing else to fight back, so they don’t pose any threats to cats, unlike some other prey who fights back.

Hunting Instincts In Your Cat

Wild cats are used to hunting for survival. This instinct makes them prone to catching, killing, and eating whatever comes their way. 

In the case of house cats, they might not be interested in eating the mole as such, but it will still catch him to enjoy the feeling of hunting. 

Any cat will pounce upon a mole when she sees it because of her wild hunting instincts, whether she intends to eat it or not. 

Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Moles

It is safe for cats to eat moles as they do not pose any significant threats to cats. Their only diet is insects and worms, so they don’t have anything in their body that can potentially harm a cat. 

It is a cat’s instinct to hunt and eat a mole, so if you see your cat doing that, you don’t have to worry about it too much but make sure it does not happen too often.

However, moles can make cats sick sometimes. 

Can Cats Get Sick From Moles

Yes, cats can get sick from eating moles. This might sometimes happen because moles living underground may carry fleas and ticks. They might also bring with them tapeworms that can be harmful to your cat. 

But cats can regurgitate. Regurgitate means to bring swallowed food up again to the mouth. So if a cat thinks that it ate something it shouldn’t, it immediately vomits the food out on its own. 

If your cat has eaten a mole, it is advised that you keep a look at it for a few days and see if it is acting strange or there is something wrong with your cat. If you feel like there is something unordinary with your cat, you should take it and visit a vet immediately. Always be on the safer side!

Are Moles Toxic to Cats

Generally, moles are not toxic to cats. Except for the danger of fleas, ticks, and tapeworms, there is no other danger that a mole poses to cats. 

However, mole poison can be highly toxic to your cats. When a cat ingests a mole poison, it is lethal for the cat. And not just the cat; it can be lethal for the cat owners as well. 

This is so because a cat dying from ingesting mole poison will release a harmful gas to the humans present around it. So in case, your dying cat breathes upon you while you are rushing to take him to the hospital, it can be hazardous for you.

How Do Cats Catch Moles

Since cats are born hunters, they are equipped with skills and techniques to catch moles. Once moles are up on the surface, it is a mere play for a cat to catch them. 

But when they are living underground, it can be quite a task. However, cats are also blessed with whiskers which enable them to sense any movements of their prey. 

So as soon as a mole comes near the ground’s surface, it will be possible for the cat to sense the movement, and she will go near the area to investigate. Even if a small part of the mole comes to her sight, she will start digging fast and bring the mole outside. And the moment it is out, the cat will grab and bite it and thus kill it and eat it. 

How to Stop Your Cat From Eating Moles

Since it is an instinct of cats to catch and eat moles, there is not much you can do to prevent it from eating a mole if its eyes are caught upon it. 

But what you can do is make sure that your cat does not go out into the backyard too much if moles are living in it. Your cat should not be allowed to roam around outside too much because it is not safe for them, and you never know what they might come across.

How Do Moles Protect Themselves

Moles have only two ways of protecting themselves from predators like cats. 

Staying Underground 

Moles stay under the ground most of the time to protect themselves from predators. Since animals like cats cannot reach them there, it is a safe place for them. If a cat knows that a mole is living underground, it will be looking for an opportunity to catch it as soon as the mole comes out on the surface. 

Moles search for food underground, and they can live with ease there. It is easy for them to move around, and they dig deep enough to prevent threats from predators. 

Strong Odor 

Moles have a strong odor to mark the tunnels they dig not to lose their way underground while navigating from one place to another. 

This strong odor helps repel the predator away from the mole. 

Do All Cats Eat Moles

While some cats do eat moles, some are not interested in eating them. This can be said to be their personal preference. 

It is most likely that a wild or stray cat will hunt, kill and eat a mole as this is how they arrange food for survival. But when it comes to house or pet cats, they are likely not to eat it. 

They don’t have to actively look for food themselves to survive. So they might chase and hunt the mole for the fun of it. Soon enough, they will get bored and leave the mole alone.