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Do Cats Eat Ducks – 5 Factors & Safety Concerns!

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The interaction between cats and ducks always sparks curiosity in cat owners. Sometimes, those interactions can turn sour if one attacks the other. You’ll likely need to restrain your cat so the duck is not attacked. Or perhaps you’ve considered a pet duck and have wondered if cats and ducks can coexist peacefully. Even though cats are loving, they still have hunting instincts, and that includes ducks and other types of animals. This made me wonder: do cats eat ducks?

Cats do eat ducks. Cats view ducks as prey and will jump and attack them. Generally, feral cats are more likely to attack and eat ducks compared to domestic cats.

Let us dive right in and look at whether cats and ducks can live together, whether cats can kill ducks, and how to keep the two away from each other.

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Can Ducks And Cats Live Together

Cats and ducks can live together with proper training.

However, that does not mean that the living situation won’t come without its challenges.

It is not ideal for cats and ducks to live together, but that does not make it impossible for them to get used to each other. Introducing them properly and giving them time to bond with each other can make it possible for them to live together.

Ducks don’t usually create any fuss about sharing their space with other pets. Cats, on the other hand, are not that friendly especially when it encounters an unfamiliar face. 

You shouldn’t make their encounter sudden and wait for a day or two to let your pet settle in before making them meet.

Once your cat gets used to the idea of living under the same roof as your duck, it will start to become friendly or stay out of its way for the very least. 

Are Cats A Danger To Ducks

When the two are appropriately introduced, cats and ducks don’t disturb each other most of the time. If the duck is larger than the cat, it won’t attack the duck. 

However, small ducklings or ducks of a smaller size than the cat tend to be in danger of becoming a meal to cats.

Cats always see other animals as a target, so they are likely to attack ducks. Cats are known predators who used to target their meals in the wild before they became loving pets. Therefore, both house cats and wild cats can attack a duck, especially when they cross paths for the first time.

Just like dogs, cats monitor the actions of their prey before making a move on it. If the cat can safely share the same space as the duck, it won’t be a problem.

Will My Cat Kill My Ducks

Yes, it is possible that your cat will kill your pet duck.

To fully answer this question, you will first have to look back at the history of your cat’s species and what they used to eat. If you have a wild cat, there are chances that it will kill your duck. 

However, you can avoid such situations by getting a substantially larger duck than your pet cat. Your cat won’t consider your duck as prey if it finds it difficult to fight with a large duck.

House cats mainly prey on small creatures like rodents, insects, and birds, all of which are tinier than any average duck. It all comes down to the reality that even if your cat picks a fight with your duck, it won’t be an easy match unless your cat is wild and huge, in which case your duck is likely to become a meal for your cat.

Can Cats Eat Ducks

Cats can eat ducks, and they will if there is one insight. Cats are carnivores who need to eat meat to meet their protein requirement, and a duck makes a good protein source.

You can include ducks in your cat’s diet or use them as a healthy treat for your cat. 

However, you should consult your vet before you give any human food to your cat so that it does not develop any food allergies. 

It is better that you give cooked duck meat to your cat instead of raw duck meat because all raw poultry poses a danger of salmonella contamination.

Look out for these symptoms in case of salmonella contamination:

● Loss of appetite

● High fever

● Diarrhea

● Vomiting

● Dehydration

● Abdominal pain

Can Ducks Make Cats Sick

The presence of a duck in your cat’s life will not affect the health of your cat. However, if your cat attacks your duck and eats it, your cat may develop a duck allergy. 

A duck allergy is similar to a food allergy in cats. The symptoms of duck allergy include: 

● Gastrointestinal problems

● Vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Itchy skin

● Constant scratching of head

If you notice any such signs in your cat, then take it to the vet. 

Can Ducks Fight Off Cats

Ducks can not fight off cats if the cats a too wild and playful. They can protect themselves from cats by flying or swimming away from them. However, cats are fast animals and can outrun ducks while they try to fly, but cats will stop if the duck runs off into the water.

If your duck stays in the water for the most time, your cat will ignore it and stay away from it. However, there are other ways to keep the two away, which will be discussed in the latter part of this post.

How To Protect Ducks From Cats

Ducks and cats can live peacefully with each other if introduced properly and given time to adjust to the likes of each other. However, if you have duckings, your cat will likely attack it the first chance it gets.

Here are some things that you can try to protect your duck from your cat. 

Training to stay indoors

If you want both a cat and a duck, then you should train your cat to stay indoors and keep your duck in the yard in the beginning. A cat becomes aggressive on seeing an unfamiliar face. So, it would help if you considered introducing your pets gradually.

You can start with one meeting and observe their behavior. Make the meets frequent gradually until they feel comfortable around each other, at least comfortable enough to avoid any attacks.

Controlled Behaviour

Controlling your cat’s behavior is the same as training them with positive reinforcement. It would help if you treated your cat for behaving reasonably with the duck. Do not praise any violent behavior from your cat towards the duck.

Will A Cat Attack A Duck

Cats generally look at any other animal as a target, so it won’t be uncommon for cats to attack ducks. If the duck is small in size, then be assured that the cat will attack the little duck. 

It is in the nature of cats to hunt and eat, and they enjoy the process of attacking and eating. Even though you provide a nice meal to them, they will attack a little animal once in a while just for the fun of it. However, there are some ways which we mentioned that you could try to keep them away from each other.

Which Animals Do Cats Get Along With

If you want a friend for your feline, then you should get another cat for your pet. They can identify with each other and form good play buddies. However, any small animal like a rabbit or a ferret can also make good companions for cats. 

Consider getting both the pets together when they are still young to grow together and bond as friends.

Which Animals Do Ducks Get Along With

Ducks don’t mind sharing their space with any other pets, but it is advised that you don’t keep them together with predatory pets. Ducks work well with other bird species like chicken, turkey, and geese. 

Most wild animals look at ducks as a food source, so it is recommended that you don’t get such pets if you have a duck in your house unless you are ready to take the utmost responsibility to keep them in harmony.