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Do Birman Cats Shed – Cleaning Tips For Your Cat

A Birman cat’s medium to long silky fur is the pride of many an owner. Pair that with the brilliant blue eyes, and you have a beautiful cat. If you’re in the market to adopt a Birman, you might be wondering about all that fur.

Do Birman Cats Shed? Yes, Birman cats do shed. However, they don’t shed nearly as much as other long-haired breeds.

The fur on the carpet and furniture can be a nuisance, but you love your kitty and put up with it. Find out how much fur to expect with a Birman and how to keep it down to a minimum.

Birman Fur Coat

The Birman is one of the larger cats. And they have so much fur they appear even bigger. But what’s under all that silkiness? The answer is very little. A Birman doesn’t have an undercoat.

What Kind of Fur Do Most Cats Have?

Most cats have three types of coats:

  1. Undercoat
  2. Intermediate coat
  3. Topcoat


This coat is to keep the cat warm. It comprises three types of fur. These are:

  • Short
  • Soft
  • Downey

The undercoat are short hairs and are the closest to the skin. It’s not straight but consists of wavy or curly hairs. The undercoat is what causes tangles in an animal, especially a cat’s fur.

Intermediate Coat

Know as awn hairs; the intermediate coat is shorter than the outer coat but longer than the undercoat. The purpose of the awn hairs is insulation. It also protects the soft undercoat. The intermediate coat is a combination of the undercoat and the outer coat. It helps in regulating the temperature for the kitty. It also helps in shedding water. These hairs are bulky, and they usually give fur it’s voluminous appearance.


Guard hairs make up the outer layer of the coat. Just as their name would imply, they are there to protect the kitty’s skin. Protruding through the awn hairs, they have straight shafts. The guard hairs are coarser and longer than the undercoat. The color of a kitty comes from the guard hairs. They are also glossy. Their markings can be used for camouflage or just beauty.

The guard hairs have three functions:

  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation
  • Repel water
  • Reduce cuts or scratches

These are also the hairs that raise when a cat gets their hackles up.

A Birman’s Fur is Tangle Free

So, what has this all have to do with the Birman? The Birman doesn’t shed as much as most long hair cats because it doesn’t have that downy undercoat. There is another plus side to this. As opposed to other long-haired cats, the Birman’s fur doesn’t tangle. That wavy, curly undercoat isn’t there to cause a problem.

As a result of not having an undercoat, grooming is easy. The brush glides right through their fur. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush them. In the spring, you may need to brush them twice a week. But you usually only need to brush them once a week to keep their fur silky. Besides keeping the fur luxurious, brushing helps maintain the healthy circulation of blood in the skin.

Is A Birman Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, a Birman is not hypoallergenic. Despite low shedding, they still have dandruff that causes an allergic reaction to cats. A cat’s saliva also can cause an allergic reaction. The Birmans’ saliva is no different than any other cat.

What Cats Shed the Least?

No, the Birman is not number one. But it is the only long-haired cat on the list. The Sphynx won’t be on this list since it doesn’t have any hair, so of course, it doesn’t shed. The Lykoi will also be off the list since it’s partially hairless. The list includes:

  1. Cornish Rex
  2. Devon Rex
  3. Birman
  4. Russian Blue
  5. Siamese
  6. Oriental Shorthair

1.Cornish Rex

This cat doesn’t have three layers of fur. The only hair a Cornish Rex has is the down or undercoat. It’s flat and curly, which keeps it from shedding a lot. Caused by a mutated gene, they have such a thin coat that they are prone to baldness.

2.Devon Rex

Called “pixie” cats because of their unusual look, the Devon Rex has very little guard hair or topcoat. They also have curly fur caused by a gene mutation. But this mutation is different from the Cornish Rex’s.


This is the only long-haired kitty on the list. The Birman is fluffy but doesn’t shed excessively. Because it doesn’t matt, it requires little grooming despite its long hair. Besides the Birman’s beautiful fur coat, the brilliant blue eyes are sure to captivate. This gorgeous breed was almost wiped out during WWII.

4.Russian Blue

These grey beauties only shed once or twice a year. Their shedding duration is only two weeks, so your furniture is not in danger. Standing at a 45-degree angle, the Russian Blue has unique fur. They have less glycoprotein Fel d 1 than other cats. This means they can be somewhat tolerated by people who have cat allergies. Besides low shedding, their claim to fame is their luminous green eyes.


This is another low maintenance fur baby. All you have to do with a Siamese is groom it with a comb. And although they do some shedding, their fur is so short you probably won’t notice.

6.Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair sports over three hundred possible colors. It’s related to the Siamese. Because it has fur similar to the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair is also easily groomed with a comb.

Best Grooming Tools for Your Birman

You want to keep what little shedding they have down to a minimum. The best way to do that is to groom your Birman at least once a week. Here are some tools that come recommended.

1.Solid Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Shedding Grooming Tool

This brush removes:

  • Dander
  • Dirt
  • Loose hair

It’s easy to clean. Just push the retrack bristles and wipe the hair off. It is also ergonomic with a comfort grip. And it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

2.Pet Grooming Glove

This can be used to groom your Birman quickly and effectively. It lets you groom those hard to reach places such as your kitty’s:

  • Face
  • Head
  • Tail

The Grooming Glove imitates your hand and gives your Birman a relaxing massage. This glove is comfortable and can be used dry or wet.

3.IMISNO 4 Pack Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch

This self-grooming cat aid is perfect for your Birman’s lifestyle. It gives your cat something to rub on to make them comfortable. Made of eco-friendly soft plastic, it is gentle on your kitty’s skin. It includes a small pouch of catnip. It wraps around to fit a corner, and you can install it on furniture or a wall. It will work anywhere with an edge. The kit includes:

  • Four corner brushes
  • Four packs of catnip
  • Screws and adhesive tape

You’ll be able to scatter these throughout the house.

4.Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Calming Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

This one is built to last. It will probably be the only brush you ever buy. It has stainless steel pins and molded plastic. It gently removes loose hair and dirt. The beauty of this brush is it’s self-cleaning. Simply press the button, and the bristles retract into the brush. You merely wipe off the fur and dander. It also has:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfort grip
  • No-slip handle

It doesn’t damage the skin or fur.


Birman cats are beauties. But it’s nice to know that you can enjoy all their luxurious hair without worrying about excessive shedding. Your furniture is safe. Just brush their fur, look into those gorgeous eyes, and hug them.

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