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Do Cats Like Being Talked To – What You Should Know!

If you’re talking to your cat, you may have your “cat” voice. This could be a silly or high-pitched voice that you’d never talk to anyone else in. Whenever you talk to your cat in one of these strange voices, he listens intently. Every time this happens, you start to ask: do cats like being talked to?

Yes, cats like being talked to. Talking to your cat helps with bonding and creating a comforting atmosphere for them. Cats also enjoy high-pitched voices over low ones.

Cats love the sound of their human’s voice for many reasons, which we will get into in this article. If you want to learn more about why your cat likes your voice so much, keep on reading!

Reasons Cats Like Being Talked To

There isn’t only one reason why your cat gets excited when you talk to him. Here are five of the most common reasons:

Your Cat Likes The Attention

Your cat may like being talked to simply because he is getting attention from you. If you have multiple cats, then this could be a moment that you give your cat one-on-one attention that he may not often get otherwise. 

It Is A Bonding Moment With Your Cat

Your cat may see your one-sided conversation as a bonding moment. Your cat does not know what you are saying, of course, but he may still enjoy that time with you. 

Your Cat Thinks He Will Get A Treat

Your cat may think you are talking to him to call him to give him a treat or his dinner. You may have a habit of talking to your cat before giving him a treat. You may not realize that you are doing this, but your cat certainly will! 

Your Cat Thinks You Sound Like A Bird

If you are talking to your cat in a high-pitched voice, then your cat may think that you sound like a bird. Your cat will be attracted to the sound of your voice since it sounds like one of his favorite kinds of prey.

It Makes Your Cat Feel Comfortable

The sound of your voice could be comforting for your cat. Your voice is familiar to your cat, which means that it can be enough to calm down even the most anxious of cats.

Do Cats Like To Be Talked To Like A Baby

Yes, cats like being talked to like a baby.

We’ll talk more about why cats like to be talked to in a high-pitched voice like a baby, so keep reading to understand that.

Regardless of the scientific reason why cats prefer to be talked to like a baby, remember that your cat sure likes it!

People usually say that you should not talk to babies in a voice different than your own, but that is not the same for cats. You are not teaching your cat to speak, so you do not have to worry about using the “incorrect” voice with your cat. 

What Do Cats Think When You Talk To Them

Cats cannot understand what you are saying, but they may think that you are their prey.

It may go without saying that cats cannot understand the human language. Your cat may start to learn a few words out of habit, like food. Essentially, your cat does not know what you are saying.

When your cat hears you speak, he thinks that you are a bird or prey. This is why your cat’s eyes may go large and round while you are talking to them.

Your cat may seem like they are your most captive audience, but in reality, your cat is almost stalking you like his prey. 

Do Cats Like Their Owner’s Voice

Cats love to hear their owner’s voice.

Once your cat gets used to you, he will know your voice like one of your children. You might even start to notice that your cat will come when you call him but not when someone else calls him.

Your voice is comforting to your cat as well. Your cat will know that you are home or nearby if he hears your voice. 

What Voices Do Cats Like

Cats like high-pitched voices the most.

Your cat likes when you speak to him in high-pitched voices because a high-pitched voice sounds like a bird. 

Your high-pitched voice is the frequency that your cat prefers. Although some people hate when people talk in baby voices, your cat will never tell you that he does not like it. 

If you cannot do a high-pitched voice well, your cat will still like your voice as high as you can make it. Don’t strain your voice!

Things To Consider 

Since we’ve been discussing how your cat likes your voice, you might start to wonder if you should be talking to your cat all the time.

This may lead to the next natural question: should I leave the television or radio on for my cat when I’m not home?

The TV or radio is not the same as your voice, but it will fill the silence in your house when you are at work or running errands. 

Leaving on an electronic will make it feel like you are home. For instance, your cat will still hear voices and commotion while you are not home. It is not your voice, which your cat may know, but he will still be happy to hear something other than silence.

Music could also go a long way to calm your cat.

Some cable providers also have what is called “Cat TV,” which shows birds and wildlife. This channel could keep your cat busy if you think he gets bored while you’re not home.  

You should not turn on the TV or radio for your cat if he is not used to the noise or if he startles easily. 

The radio or TV may have many different noises that your cat is not used to, which can scare him. For example, the sound of drums or a car crash in a commercial could be something your cat never heard before. 

Your electronics may make sure the house is not quiet, but they could also introduce sounds that your cat doesn’t like. You may mean well by leaving artificial noise for your cat, but you need to know and understand your cat’s personality first. 

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