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Do Siamese Cats Like Catnip – Everything To Consider

Most cats go crazy when they so much as see a jar of catnip – literally! You sprinkle just a pinch of it on the ground, and suddenly your cat is rolling around and going crazy. Cat owners know the reaction all too well, but what happens when you get a Siamese cat? You’re bound to ask yourself: Do Siamese cats like catnip?

Yes, Siamese cats do like catnip. However, half of all Siamese cats also have a dislike for catnip. A cat’s preference for catnip is not breed-specific. Generally, the effects of catnip are from individual cats, not from breeds. 

It’s hard to say whether or not your Siamese cat is going to go crazy for catnip without testing it. If your cat loves or hates the stuff, you still may want to know why cats react the way they do to catnip. Well, I have the answers you’re looking for, so keep on reading! 

Does Catnip Work On Siamese Cats

Catnip can work on Siamese cats, just like any other breed of cat. 

When looking at the cat toy aisle in any store, you’re bound to find catnip and want to purchase it. Don’t worry about whether or not it will work on your Siamese cat, though!

There is nothing about the Siamese cat breed that will make your cat dislike catnip. 

Siamese cats are a playful cat breed overall, so a little bit of catnip will only enhance their time playing! 

Let’s say you give your Siamese catnip, but they don’t like it. What can you do then?

There are two options for you. First, you can introduce catnip to your cat a few times to see if he warms up to it. It may be new, and he may not understand it. Second, you can wait for your Siamese cat to get a little older. Cats younger than six months old often do not feel the effects of catnip yet. 

What Kind Of Catnip Do Cats Like Best

Catnip comes fresh from a pot or dried, though most cats prefer dried catnip.

You can purchase numerous catnip brands, and the ones you find in the store are usually dried.

I’ve found that cats prefer catnip that is dried. When the catnip is dry, cats can munch on it and roll around in it. You may even see your cat puff it around your hardwood floor or carpet as he sniffs it. 

Dried catnip also sticks to your cat’s whiskers and fur, so it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. 

You’re able to grow catnip in a pot or outside just like any other plant too. In my experience, your cat won’t turn his nose at fresh catnip either.

However, fresh catnip is often eaten faster than dried catnip, which can limit the length of your cat’s play session. 

If you prefer to give your cat dried catnip but only have fresh catnip, you’re in luck! All you need to do is pick the catnip and set it on a towel to dry for a few days. You can easily crumble it up for your cat. 

Catnip Benefits For Cats

You may see catnip as something that makes your cat crazy, but there are benefits to giving your cat catnip:

  • Catnip makes your cat happy.
  • Your cat feels relaxed when he has catnip.
  • Catnip can encourage play and movement, especially if you have a sluggish cat. 
  • Your cat can be calmed by catnip if they are in a stressful or unfamiliar situation. 
  • Catnip can make a regular play session fun and exciting. 

The benefits of catnip are all positive but don’t feel like you need to give your cat catnip every day. It can be a special treat for your cat too! 

The most important part of catnip is the happiness it brings cats. No matter the breed, it can cause your Siamese cat to have positive feelings both physically and mentally.

Catnip is a great way to relax your cat, especially after a stressful situation. It might be a good idea to give this to your cat when they feel anxious, are stressed, or otherwise need something to improve their day.

Siamese cats that are lethargic will certainly benefit from catnip. It’s a nice way to encourage them to be more playful all around. Older cats who are limited in mobility shouldn’t really have catnip though as you don’t want to cause damage. However, if you have a young and healthy cat that just needs motivation, this is a great option for them.

The most important thing with giving your Siamese cat catnip is to be consistent. It’s not something you should use every now and then, but you should make it a regular part of their weekly routine. Your cat will come to expect it, and the more you use it the more predictable their behavior will be all around.

Is Catnip A Drug

Catnip itself is not a drug. Catnip is closer in genetic makeup to rosemary or basil.

So no, you aren’t hurting your cat every time you give him a pinch of catnip, even though it may seem like it! 

Your cat also can’t get addicted to catnip. You might think your cat demands catnip out of addiction.

Rather than addiction, your cat is used to the habit of getting catnip every time he has an afternoon play session, not because he is addicted.

Why Does Catnip Make Cats Crazy

The reaction that your Siamese cat has to catnip is all thanks to a chemical compound in the catnip called nepetalactone.

Nepetalactone is a big word that you’ve probably never heard of – and that’s okay. All you need to know is that it’s a chemical to blame for your cat’s craziness. 

The nepetalactone goes into your cat’s nose and binds to protein in your cat’s nasal tissue. This process fires neurons in the brain that creates an emotional response in your cat. 

The effects of catnip on your cat will usually only last about 10 minutes, so the response is short-lived, but your cat can act crazy in those few minutes! 

Why Do Cats Love Catnip

We already talked about the process for your cat going crazy, but you still might have to ask why your cat loves it?

And that’s the answer! 

It gives your cat a similar sensation to its pheromones, which can trigger a robust response in your cat’s body. 

When you think of your cat getting a sense of euphoria, it’s easy to understand why your cat is always so eager to play with some catnip. 

A cat that is bored of routine can find new things to do after he has some catnip. Even the smallest amount can trigger a great response in your cat. 

How Does Catnip Affect Cats

We talked about the process behind the effects of catnip and why your cat loves it, but what are some of the reactions that you can expect after your cat eats some catnip?

Well, the reactions can vary, but here are some of the most common responses and characteristics:

  • Dilated eyes
  • Fast movements
  • More scratching, biting, and kicking with back legs
  • Running
  • Hissing
  • Aggression
  • Intense play sessions

Cats are overcome with pleasure after they have catnip, and their movements can become almost chaotic when they have enough catnip during a play session. 

Don’t worry if your cat becomes too much to handle after eating some catnip. Like we’ve already covered, these effects aren’t going to last long. 

Can Cats Just Eat Catnip

Some cats just like to eat catnip, and that’s okay!

Depending on what your cat enjoys, he may end up eating the catnip without so much as a reaction! 

If you pour catnip out onto the ground and your cat eats it, there is no reason to be concerned. This is no better or worse than your cat that nibbles a little bit and starts zooming around the house.

There is nothing wrong with a cat that eats catnip and doesn’t have a reaction – it doesn’t affect all cats the same.

Don’t be too disappointed if your kitten doesn’t understand catnip. Most kittens don’t understand the gloriousness of catnip until they are older.