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How Do Cats Get Fat – Dealing With Feline Obesity

How Do Cats Get Fat – Dealing With Feline Obesity

When it comes to overweight cats, it can be puzzling sometimes. Especially if you have an active cat, when you notice them getting fat it is always worrisome. The image of a fat cat is one we all know too well, but how do cats get fat?

Cats get fat from eating too much and not getting exercise. Medical problems, aging, early growth, and thyroid conditions can also cause cats to get fat. 

You need to take care of your cat’s health just like you would your own. After all, cats are at risk of becoming overweight too. Too much food and not enough exercise are a dangerous combination, especially for indoor cats. If you ever wondered how cats get fat, keep on reading to learn more. 

6 Ways Cats Get Fat

If you’re unsure why your cat is getting fat, let’s talk about six reasons why your cat might be gaining weight.

Your Cat Is Eating Too Much Food

One of the biggest reasons why your cat is getting fat is because he is overeating. If you are the type of person to leave a bowl of cat food out all day, consider portioning out your cat’s food instead. 

Too Little Exercise

Even if your cat doesn’t eat a lot, a lazy cat can lead to your cat gaining weight because it does not burn off the food they are eating. Do your best to keep your cat active, even if throwing a ball around for a few minutes a day.

Your Cat Is Aging

As cats get older, they may start to put on more weight as their lifestyle continues to change. You’ll want to keep an eye on their weight because too much extra weight can lead to heart problems, especially in older cats. 

Growing Issues As A Kitten

Kittens almost always eat so much food that they’re always seen with a round belly. While they may look fat for a little while, kittens will soon “grow into” the stomach they have because they get big so fast. 

Your Cat Has Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems are often the culprit in sudden weight gain or weight loss, even in pets like cats. If you think your cat may have a thyroid problem, it is best to speak to your vet to run a blood test.

Combination Of Issues

Sometimes cats get fat because of numerous factors, not just one. For example, your cat may be eating too many significant portions and is also not being active. Both of these issues combined lead to your cat gaining weight. 

Is It Normal for Cats to Be Fat

All cats can become fat and overweight, but it is not normal.

Some cats are just fat, and I’m sure we’ve all seen a fat cat before. Much like humans, cats can gain too much weight and become fat. This, however, is not normal and can happen for a variety of reasons.

Thinking broadly about cats’ size, kittens may have fat bellies because they are eating so much to keep up with their growth spurts. Most cats will get over this excess eating and thin out through adulthood. As cats get older and become less active, you may notice that your cat gains weight. In the life cycle of a cat, it is more “normal” to see weight gain at this stage.

What Food Makes Your Cat Fat

Dry food is more likely to make your cat overweight than wet food.

Like every other cat owner, you’ll make your own decision about what you want to and like to feed your cat. While considering what kind of food to feed your cat, keep in mind that dry food is more likely to make your cat fat, but that doesn’t mean wet food will leave your cat looking lean.

What’s more important is to avoid giving your cat “human” food, even if he begs like a dog. Cooked, unseasoned meat is among the best thing to give your cat, but adding grease and salt to your cat’s diet can lead to more weight gain than wet or dry cat food might. Next time you want to share, tell yourself that it isn’t healthy for your cat.

Does Dry Cat Food Make Cats Fat

Dry cat food has the potential to make cats fat.

Unlike high-quality canned food, dry cat food is filled with ingredients that have more empty calories. These empty calories can lead to weight gain, which makes your cat fat. 

With so many options on the market these days, it can be hard to know what’s best for your cat. Make sure to do your research if you are thinking about switching your cat’s dry cat food. 

Does Wet Cat Food Make Cats Fat

Wet cat food can make cats fat too, but it is less likely than dry cat food.

Cat owners can purchase low-quality canned, wet cat food, but wet cat food is usually made with higher quality ingredients that are not filled with empty calories. 

Even though wet cat food is of higher quality, too much of a good thing can still be bad. Overfeeding your cat wet food can also lead to your cat getting fat. 

How Much Should A Cat Eat In A Day

How much your cat in a day will depend on how old your cat is.

Older cats should eat two or three times a day. If you have a ravenous, quickly growing kitten, then you may find yourself feeding your kitten more times than two or three. Kittens are growing quickly, which means they’ll eat more than adult cats.

Cats don’t eat many calories in a day either. Cats only need about 20 calories per pound, which is not very much food (especially compared to a human’s diet!).

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Too Fat

The best way to know if your cat is too fat is to listen to the advice of your vet.

Although most people can point to a cat and decide it is fat, I recommend listening to the weight that your vet gives you. If your cat is overweight, that is one of the first things you will hear from your vet at your cat’s regular check-up.

Your vet can let you know what weight your cat should be for its size. Much like dog breeds, cat breeds vary in size, so your Maine Coon will not be expected to be the same weight as your Siamese cat.

If your vet does tell you your cat is too fat, you can also work with your vet to develop a cat’s weight loss plan.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Getting Fat

The best way to stop your cat from getting fat is to manage how much food he eats and make sure he stays active.

Food and activity are essential for any cat, so you need to make sure you manage both to prevent your cat from getting fat. Don’t leave food out for your cat constantly and play with your cat for a little while every day. 

In addition to this, take your cat to regular appointments at the vet. This will catch any medical problem that your cat may have early on as well. 

Things To Consider

If you have an overweight or fat cat, it is not the end of the world. Did you know that cats can also go on diets, just like humans? It’s true! Thankfully, if your cat is fat, there are ways to help your cat lose weight.

It would be best if you worked with your vet to develop a healthy weight loss plan. This may include limiting food and playing more; however, your vet might also recommend that you feed your cat special food for weight loss. Usually, this kind of food is only found at your vet’s office or a pet store, so keep in mind that it may be more expensive than what you’re used to paying. If your cat loses weight on his diet, then you can slowly switch back to another kind of cat food. 

In addition to changing your cat’s food, you may also have a “workout routine.” I have seen some people get their cat a harness and take them on walks, but it does not have to be that involved. Help your cat get active. You can buy new cat toys and use a piece of ribbon to catch your cat’s attention. If your cat is especially chunky, start slowly with your cat and work your way up to longer play sessions. Even cats can get winded!