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How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed – Methods That Work!

How To Keep A Cat Off The Bed – Methods That Work!

There are lots of reasons pet owners don’t want cats on their bed. It might be because you have kids and don’t want the cat to sleep in their bed with your child. You might want to prevent your cat from snuggling up with unsuspecting guests in your guest room, or you might not appreciate it when your cat cuddles up in bed and keeps you in one position all night. There are plenty of reasons to keep your cat off the bed, but it can be quite a challenge. So, how do you keep a cat off the bed? 

You can keep a cat off the bed by providing them their own bed and sleeping area. Providing interesting resting places can help to keep your cat off the bed. You can also work to make your bed less appealing. Closing your door and keeping your cat out of your room is the only foolproof method.

Remember that keeping a cat out of your bed usually takes some trial and error. Unless you stop your cat from coming into your room when you don’t want them on the bed, you’ll probably have to try different techniques to keep your cat away.

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Sleeping In My Bed

The most common way pet owners get their cats to stop sleeping in their bed is to give your cat another bed. Cats like comfortable spaces and are attracted to beds because they are soft, warm, and offer a lot of support if your cat curls up with blankets or pillows. Depending on the kind of blankets you use, your cat might also be reminded of their mom’s fur or cuddling with their littermates when they were kittens.

All of those are powerful motivators to sleep in your bed. If you want to prevent your cats from sleeping in your bed, you’ll need to give them another place that your cats can enjoy just as much.

Warming cat beds with padding and soft fabrics can often be a good option or even some padded cat trees and other cat furniture to help them.

Towels or blankets that smell like your cat can also work as cat bed alternatives, luring them away from your mattress and into their own space.

Getting a cat that’s used to sleeping in your bed to stop can be more of a challenge, though, so you might not be able to successfully use this method.

Try locking your cat out of your room for a few days and then trying again with a cat bed in your room as an alternative. Your cat might go to their bed instead of yours.

If that doesn’t work, there are special cat repellant sprays that work to keep your cat away from specific areas. These can work in the short term, but you’ll still need to provide an alternative bed and other spaces if you want a long term solution since your cat will just come right back to your bed if as soon as you stop using the repellant unless they have an alternative.

Treating training your cat to like their new cat bed can also work, but this method takes time, so it’s not a good option for people who need immediate results.

Is It OK If My Cat Sleeps In My Bed

Yes! If your cat sleeping in your bed doesn’t bother you, it’s perfectly okay to let your cat sleep in bed with you. Cats and kittens will both move if you’re tossing and turning too much for their comfort, and the risks to your cat in bed are relatively minimal, especially if they are on top of your covers instead of under them.

The one exception is if you’re allergic to cats. Cat owners with allergies often benefit from an allergen break overnight, which means it’s best to try and keep your cat out of your bed. Unfortunately, most cats can’t tell the difference between staying out of your bed when you’re sleeping, and all the time, so your cat shouldn’t go on the bed during the day either.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Bed

Your cat has many reasons to like your bed, it’s soft, it’s warm, it smells like you, and it’s comfortable and supportive. All of these are incredibly attractive to your cat.

10 Tips To Stop Your Cat From Sleeping On The Bed

So, how do we get cats to stop sleeping on the bed? Here are a few helpful tips to help you fix the problem. 

Start Right Away

If you want to keep your cat off your bed, it’s essential to start as soon as possible. Yes, that means training your kitten not to get on the bed when they are young. If you adopt an adult cat, start with the no bed rule the first day they are home.

Be Consistent

Consistency is vital with cats. They can be determined and generally won’t listen to rules that aren’t enforced all the time. Don’t make exceptions for your cat getting on the bed in the daytime or when you’re upset. Instead, go somewhere else to comfort your cat and spend time with them so that they associate a different space with you.

Get A Cat Bed

Comfort and warmth are essential to your cat, so they will likely choose your bed for those reasons if there aren’t any good alternatives. Having a cat bed that attracts your cat away from your bed is an excellent way to help them learn not to get on the bed.

Close Your Bedroom Door

Closing your door when you go to bed can also help your cat understand that the bed is not for them. This needs to be a consistent rule, though; most cats won’t respond to closing the door for a day or two unless other changes are made to keep them off the bed.

Use Double Sided Tape On Your Bed

Cats don’t like strange sensations, especially sticky ones. Using some double-sided tape on your cat’s favorite part of the bed may convince your cat that the bed isn’t comfortable and help them seek comfort elsewhere.

Try Cat Repellant Spray

Cat repellant sprays are often used to help prevent cats from marking and peeing on your carpeting or furniture, but they can also be an excellent way to help re-train your cat not to jump on the bed. This is an excellent option for cats that have been able to jump up on the bed before and aren’t allowed anymore.

Give Your Cat Access To Other Furniture

Cats can be stubborn, but they’ll likely accept the rules sooner if there are equally good alternatives to your bed. A cat tree is a good option, but even letting your cat get on a couch or a specific chair can help them be comfortable without getting on your bed.

Make A Bedtime Routine

Having a standard routine can also help your cat learn where they are allowed and where they aren’t allowed. Try to have a ritual, like treats, food, or grooming that you do before bed that tells your cat it’s time for sleep. The pattern can help prevent them from jumping on your bed on a whim.

Tell Your Cat No Every Time

Cats can understand a lot of human words, and ‘no’ is usually one of them. Tell your cat no every time they get up on the bed, and kick them off the bed. Eventually, they’ll understand that they aren’t allowed on the bed, but the problem is that not all cats will care.

Keep Plenty Of Cat Toys

Bored cats tend to act up, so keeping lots of toys and entertainment around is a great way to help your cats stay off the bed and stay entertained while you’re sleeping.