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118 Male Tabby Cat Names

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Male Tabby Cat Names You Will LoveChoosing a name for your tabby cat is an exciting process. Male tabby cats especially have a lot of character, so the name you choose for them really does matter. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your cat then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a complete list of the 118 best male cat names. These names work perfectly for any breed or coat pattern of a male cat. Feel free to browse through the list which is organized alphabetically for your convenience!

Tips For Naming Your Tabby Cat

Naming cats, in general, can be a difficult task. There is a lot to consider. When naming a tabby cat the following items should be considered:

  1. How the cat looks
  2. What breed of cat
  3. Did the cat have a name beforehand
  4. The personality of the cat
  5. Whether the cat is male or female

How a cat looks really matters when naming tabby cats especially. Tabby cats are already known for their distinct coat patterns. From stripes to spots, to agouti hairs, they can sport all sorts of unique displays. Then there are some tabby cats who are bi-color which adds to their personality.

How the cat looks don’t just relate to coating color and pattern, but also the size of the cat.

You certainly wouldn’t give a 15-pound tabby cat a name like “Tiny”, that’s just not a great descriptor. At the same time, you probably wouldn’t name a skinny and frail tabby cat “Hercules” as that’s quite the contrary. All jokes aside, the name really needs to make sense all around.

A good cat name speaks to the character of the cat. Of course, if the cat is a kitten it might be hard to tell what kind of impression you’ll have on them. In that case, take a chance!

If you’ve adopted a cat or taken one in off the streets, they might already have a name they’re associated with. Transitioning a trained cat to a new name can be quite difficult to do. That’s definitely a serious consideration.

The breed of the cat also matters too. Certain breeds do better with different names. That can be attributed to the cat’s heritage as well as unique features to breeds. Certainly, an American Shorthair won’t have a name as unique as a Ragdoll or Persian cat and etc.

Whatever you do, make sure that when deciding on a name, you consider all the factors. Don’t just choose the first name that pops out to you. Maybe you’ve already chosen a name but aren’t sure if it’s the right one. We’ll get into some helpful tips next to help you determine if you’ve got the right name for your cat.

How To Know You’ve Chosen The Best Tabby Cat Name

Knowing that you’ve chosen the best tabby cat name for your cat comes down to a few things. You have to decide whether the name feels natural to you or not. Honestly, it will take you some time to get comfortable calling your cat by a certain name.

I can remember when we named our tabby cat Harley. For the first few weeks, it just didn’t feel natural, but our cat started to show some behaviors that helped us feel better about the decision.

Cats who are called by their name will typically respond to you. That might be something as simple as looking up, running over to you or even giving a light meow. Cats will start associating their names with certain behaviors and rewards too. One thing you don’t want to do is yell at your cat by their name as that can send bad vibes.

With that said, it’s time to hop into our huge list of male tabby cat names.


  • Alfred – Alfred is an old school name that works well for a wise cat. It’s also one of the top 1000 popular names in the world!
  • Alvin – Are you a fan of the chipmunks? Does your cat get into mischief from time to time? If so, Alvin is the perfect name!
  • Alex – This name means “defender of mankind”. For a protective tabby cat, this name is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Avery – Avery is a cute name but its origins are unique. It relates to rulers and power. This name is for a cat who truly controls the household.
  • Aristotle – Most male cats are all about discovery and have an amazing intelligence. It’s only fitting to name your male cat after the great Greek philosopher!


  • Braxton – Braxton is an English surname that just sounds good when spoken.
  • Brooks – Brooks is a name that shows some sophistication. Give this to a male cat that exhibits fine behavior at all times.
  • Barry – A fan of baseball or 44? This name is cool and soulful. Works best with the rare chocolate-colored cats!
  • Beethoven – This is a clever name for a cat who is interested in music!
  • Blink – Got a cat with unique colored eyes or even bi-colored? Blink can work. Also if your cat is so fast that they get by in the blink of an eye this name can be just the right fit.
  • Blaze – For a cat that always gets into mischief and never slows down, Blaze would be a great name. It short and to the point and really describes the character of your cat.
  • Bumblebee – Mackerel tabby cat patterns kind of remind people of bees. Name your cat Bumblebee!


  • Cooper – Cats are clever and know how to sell good behavior to get rewarded. Cooper is a great descriptor for this kind of male cat.
  • Cookie – Tabby cats with brown fur and dark circles or swirls will fit this name just right.
  • Copper – A nice name for your male tabby cat if he has a reddish-brown coat color.
  • Click – Click is a name I would suggest for a noisy cat. One that’s always playing with toys, scratching and just a busybody.
  • Cliff – A good name for cats who like living life on the edge. Especially good for cats who are frequent climbers.
  • Charcoal – An excellent name for dark or smoke colored tabby cats.
  • Chase – Because cats love to chase things around.
  • Cheetah – This name is obviously reserved for Bengal or Tiger tabby cats!
  • Checkers – Does your cat have square patches in its fur coat? Checkers can work, especially for orange and black cats!


  • Dash – This name is pretty self-explanatory. Cats are active and always dash around the home!
  • Dart – Much like a cat that dashes, they can also dart at a moment’s notice! This name is for a cat that expertly darts around the room.
  • Dawson – A name associated with the son of David. Over time the popularity of the name is trending downward which means it’ll be a unique one for your cat.
  • Dexter – A wise name for a male cat that is often associated with intelligence.


  • Elvis – Elvis is a nice name for a black and white cat. It’s also a nice name if you’re a fan of the music.
  • Elton – Another musician based name here. Definitely try this name out for a male cat who is adventurous and really social with their personality.
  • Esteban – A great name with some Latin flavor! Esteban has Spanish origins and has some biblical roots as well.
  • Enzo – A fan of Ferrari cars? Does your cat zip around the room with luxury speeds? Enzo is a fine name to give to your cat to pay homage to the automaker.


  • Frank – Frank is just a basic male name. It’s easy to remember and your cat will take a liking to it.
  • Fabio –  Have a longhaired male tabby cat? This name is perfect!
  • Fluffy – Again, a name that works well for a cat with a long fluffy fur coat. Works well with certain breeds like Ragdoll, Persian, and Nebelung cats especially!


  • Gary –  For a cat that shows no fear, is tough, and bold in any situation, Gary is the perfect name for them
  • Gale – Have you ever felt that your cat has taken over your home with extreme force and intensity? That’s a whole lot like gale-force winds, therefore, Gale is the perfect name for your intense fur baby
  • Gerald – Some male cats are known for their controlling behavior. This is a name for cats that like to rule certain areas of the home, especially against other housepets.


  • Harley – If you love motorcycles it might be nice to name your cat after one. Harley is a name that works for female cats too.
  • Handel – Classical music fans might choose a name like Handel for their cat.
  • Heaven – An excellent name for a cat who is perfect in each and every way.
  • Hook – Cats with the ability to catch everything you throw at them can be named Hook.
  • Hopper – Cats love to jump around during playtime. Hopper describes that behavior well.
  • Hurricane – Much like a tornado, hurricanes can do some serious damage. If you have a cat that always causes a mess then this name is exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Hyper Kitty – This one is self-explanatory!


  • Isaac – This name has been gaining popularity over the last 40 years. It’s currently at its peak and a great name for your male cat.
  • Icarus – Think your cat is gifted with unique abilities? Name them after the flying Icarus!
  • Irving – Female cats are beautiful while male cats are considered handsome. That’s what this name means, so use it if that fits your cat’s description!
  • Ike – There arent many three-letter names floating around, but Ike saves the day! It’s a short name and was made famous in the 1940s.
  • Ivan – Again, another name to associate with a cat who gets into a lot of mischief. Think Ivan The Terrible for reference!


  • Jarvis – A great name if you’re an Avengers fan.
  • Jafar – A fun name for all the Aladdin fans out there! Also a great name for cats who tend to get into trouble.
  • Jasper – For cats who have a knack for finding hidden treasures in the home. Jarvis also has Persian origins, so it’ll be great for a Persian cat breed.
  • Jolt – Electric and energetic cats give a serious jolt to life. Consider naming your cat Jolt!


  • King – Names centered around royalty are awesome for cats. King is a great name for a male cat.
  • Knight – This name is for a cat who is always ready to defend their owner (or siblings).
  • Kyle – An easy name to remember that can give your cat a human connection.


  • Leo – Cats who demonstrate a tendency to be brave. Leo can also reference King Leo of Armenia.
  • Landon -A name suitable for male cats who are long and lanky in size.
  • Link – A great name for a blonde colored cat and definitely a reference to the Zelda games.
  • Loki – Here’s another Avengers reference. Loki is the brother of Thor and wears many faces and personalities. Definitely give this to a cat you find to be unpredictable.
  • London – If you’re from the UK, London is a nice way to pay homage to the region. This works as a  great location name for a pet.


  • Mack – Feeling like your cat is all that and a bag of chips? Call them the Mack!
  • Marlon – Marlon is a nice male name. It’s often associated with Marlon Brando.
  • Marbles – Thinking of the marble tabby coat makes this name an easy choice. This can also be a great name for a cat who is always all over the place and goofy at times!
  • Max – Coming in after Ike is Max, another terrific three-letter name.
  • Mickey – I added this name because it pays homage to the famous Disney character. If you’re a Disney fan is simply makes sense. Also if you have a female cat named Minnie then it pairs perfectly.
  • Mittens – Male cats tend to weigh more and big bigger in size. Give this name to a cat with large paws!
  • Mocha – Chocolate colored cats are rare, but finding brownish colored tabby cats is quite common. Name the Mocha to represent that smooth color!


  • Nick – Nick can be a great name for an orange cat, especially if there’s some Nickelodeon inspiration coming from it!
  • Nitro – This is an excellent name for a cat that is blazing fast and can really turn on the jets!
  • Nimble – Another name for a quick and witty cat, especially the stealthy cats!
  • Night Owl – I like this name for cats who venture through the night, playing with toys and exploring the home.
  • Noah – A reference to Noahs Ark.
  • Norman – Another old name you can use is Norman. A nice name for a Northern cat.
  • Numbers – Having trouble counting all the different ways your cat impresses you? Name them Numbers!


  • Orion – Naming cats after constellations is a popular practice.
  • Oreo – Tuxedo cats are an easy fit with this name. Black and white in color it reminds you of an oreo cookie!
  • Orlando – A place full of fun theme park entertainment. Much like your cat, if you find them entertaining this name is a good reminder of that.


  • Paris – Paris can be a boy or girl’s name, but if you’re a fan of the city it’s an easy choice.
  • Preston – Preston is another English origin name. It means the priests village. Also, it just sounds nice!
  • Pebbles – A name like this is inspired by the round markings on your tabby cat’s fur. Works well for spotted tabbies.
  • Packer – When your cat is strong and can pack a punch, you just might want to name them this!
  • Poppy – Cats that bounce around a lot from one spot to the next.
  • Prince – Sometimes it’s nice to give your cat a bit of the royal treatment. If you are raising siblings and parent cats, then you can easily name one King, the female Queen, and the children Prince and Princess.
  • Pulse – This name is reserved for those special cats whom you consider to be the heartbeat of your life.


  • Quinn – Short for Quincy!
  • Quain – Cats are known for their witty and quick behavior. Quain is all of that and more.
  • Quillon – For cats with a sharp mind (and claws too).


  • Ray –  Considering cats are bright and bubbly like rays of sunshine, this three-letter name is a nice fit.
  • Rico – A Spanish name which means a strong ruler. This would be the perfect name for a kitten.
  • Randall – Many of the male cat names refer to strength and protection. Randall is another to add to the list.
  • Rocky – Cats with a strong frame and good energy could be named after the fictional boxer.


  • Stripes – Tabby cats are known for their unique patterns, and stripes are one of the defining features. An easy name to come up with!
  • Slaton – A crisp and cool name.
  • Stanley – This one is inspired by hockey fans!
  • Sam – A great three-letter name and it can be extended to Sammy for when your cat shows lots of affection.
  • Shadow – I like this name for a dark tabby cat.
  • Simba – Who hasn’t seen the Lion King movie? Simba is a nice name for a young kitten up through adulthood.
  • Skipper – There aren’t too many names related to jumping cats in this list, but Skipper is a really good one.
  • Speckles – A terrific name for your tabby cat if he’s got spot patterns on his fur coat.
  • Skittles – I like this name for a multi-colored cat such as tortoiseshell, or one with a unique coat and eye color.
  • Sugar – For cats who are sweet in personality.
  • Swirly – I love this name because Classic tabby cats have those beautiful swirl designs in their coat.


  • Teddy – While many cats are affectionate, the ones who are extra cuddly remind us of teddy bears. Name your cat teddy, especially if it has a chocolate or brown coat color!
  • Taz – Definitely a name for a wild cat who is always getting into trouble.
  • Tango – Does your cat like to dance around with you? Name them Tango!
  • Theodore – While this is an old-school name, it has a bit of endearment too. It also references US History.
  • Tigger – Tiger tabby cats are really popular, so Tigger works just fine as a name. This name can work for Bengal cats or spotted cats too.
  • Tiger – An obvious name if you have a Tiger tabby cat or at least one with the mackerel pattern.
  • Tony – Avengers fans can name their cat Tony; after Tony Stark! This is for the intellectual cat who is always coming up with new ideas in the home.
  • Tornado – Much like a tornado, sometimes cats can really do a number on areas in the home. Destructive and wild cats should totally get this name placed on them.


  • Umar – This name is for the cat who flourishes and loves life.


  • Victor – Another name that refers to victory.
  • Vince – A name meaning to conquer; something all cats love to do to their toys and areas in the home.
  • Vegeta – If you’re into anime and your cat has long hair this can be fun!


  • Whiskers – You can name just about any cat Whiskers. Fancy it up and even name them Whiskas like the popular food brand!


  • Xavier – There aren’t many X names around, but Xavier is quite popular.


  • Yosef – An alternative spelling to Joseph.


  • Zip –  Cats who are fast and witty should be named Zip!
  • Zac – Just another name that fits the three-letter combo.

What To Do Next

Hopefully, you’ve found this huge list of male tabby cat names to be just what you needed to get started. All of these names have some sort of meaning. Whether it’s relating to the actual behavior of the cat, how it looks, or even something just personal for you the owner.

The most important thing is to not stress out too much over naming your cat. My advice to you would be to choose at least 10 names from this list and start testing them out with your cat. Even saying the names with certain inflections can help you determine if that’s a good fit for your cat.

Once you’ve got the perfect name you’ll know it right away! Good luck!

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