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Should You Trim Cat Whiskers – Things You Should Know!

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Cat whiskers come in all colors and lengths. Some whiskers droop while other whiskers stick straight out. Many cats have light-colored whiskers, but it isn’t rare to see cats with dark whiskers too. If your cat’s whiskers are looking a little rough, you might be tempted to trim them up to make them look before. Before you pick up your scissors, stop and ask yourself, should you trim cat whiskers?

No, you should never trim your cat’s whiskers. Cutting a cat’s whiskers can cause them to become disoriented and experience anxiety.

Cat whiskers aren’t only for show like whiskers on a dog. Whiskers serve a vital role in your cat’s everyday life and should never be trimmed. Cats use their whiskers every day, and so their whiskers should be left alone. Whiskers help your cat walk and stay balanced. If you want to learn more about cat whiskers, keep on reading! 

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Is It Bad To Touch A Cat’s Whiskers

You should refrain from touching your cat’s whiskers, especially if you are trying to see how long they are to trim them.

Touching a cat’s whiskers does not hurt your cat, but that doesn’t mean that your cat will appreciate getting his whiskers pulled or touched.

Do not pull on your cat’s whiskers to see how far they can extend.

Even though cat whiskers are essential for your cat to live a healthy life, whiskers are not indestructible. If you are handling your cat’s whiskers roughly, the whiskers can break or fall out. 

One or two lost whiskers will not harm your cat’s daily life. Your cat loses whiskers all the time and will not notice a lost whisker.

Human touch could cause multiple whiskers to fall out or crack in half, which is where the problem arises.

All in all, it is better to leave those whiskers alone! 

Does Cutting A Cat’s Whiskers Hurt Them

Generally, cutting a cat’s whiskers does not hurt them. Cutting your cat’s whiskers is not painful to your cat, but it can be detrimental to them living a happy and healthy life.

Cat whiskers are very important to your cat to walk and know that they can fight into tight spaces. 

If you are thinking about cutting your cat’s whiskers, know that it will not hurt them physically. 

Cat whiskers do not have nerve endings or blood vessels. Your cat will not be in pain, and your cat will not bleed when you cut your cat’s whiskers.

That said, it can hurt your cat’s quality of life. We’ll talk more about that later.

It’s also important to keep in mind that cutting your cat’s whiskers can make a blunt or sharp edge that can poke your cat in uncomfortable ways. Untouched cat whiskers come to soft points, unlike whiskers that have been unnaturally cut. 

What Happens To A Cat If You Cut Their Whiskers Off

Whiskers are very important to your cat, so you can make your cat unbalanced when you cut them off. 

Whiskers play a vital role in your cat: balance. 

You might not think of that when looking at them, but whiskers help your cat stay balanced and tell them if they can fit through specific spaces. Whiskers are almost like balance beams! 

When you cut your cat’s whiskers, you are destroying that key feature in your cat.

Thus, your can may start to feel unbalanced and may even walk funnily if they were used to always having their whiskers. 

A side effect will be that your cat also acts scared because he does not understand why he feels like that. 

Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back When You Cut Them 

Cat whiskers do grow back when you cut them, so do not worry if it happens accidentally. 

Whiskers are like fur: they continue growing even when they are cut.

Think about it like this if you are still worried: cat whiskers crack or fall out all the time. They will grow back eventually. The whiskers are not gone forever. 

The same thing will happen if you cut your cat’s whiskers, especially if you do not realize how bad it is to cut them. 

The whiskers may look uneven for a while as they continue growing in, but they will eventually reach the length they used to be.

Since the whiskers were cut at one point, you might notice that they are stubby on the end. The whiskers that are growing back will not grow out to a fine point.

You don’t need to worry about this either. Your cat will eventually shed the misshapen whiskers, and they will grow in as good as new!

Do Cat Whiskers Keep Growing

Yes, cat whiskers will keep growing, even if they are trimmed.

Cat whiskers can always grow because they match the size of your cat. For example, a cat who begins to gain weight and get bigger will grow whiskers to fit its new size.

Kittens specifically have whiskers that keep growing because kittens are getting bigger so quickly.

Cat whiskers, however, stop growing when they reach the size of your cat. The whiskers will not keep getting longer and longer and suddenly start touching the ground one day. 

Why Do People Trim Cat Whiskers

People cut cat whiskers when they do not realize that whiskers are not simply cosmetic features of your cat.

Some people like the look of cats with shorter whiskers. It is a personal choice to decide what you like. If you decide that you like them shorter, then you may decide to cut them.

Usually, I see this happen with long-haired or larger cats.

Cats with long fur will usually have finer whiskers that droop slightly. It could make your cat’s face look older and more tired.

On the other hand, most short-haired cats have whiskers that jut straight out and may make your cat look funny. 

Some people may also trim cat whiskers that are broken and uneven. 

Even though cat whiskers are essential features on cats, they are not invincible and are prone to breaking. You may be tempted to even your cat’s whiskers out. 

Do Groomers Cut Cat Whiskers

Cat groomers do not cut cat whiskers.

If you are used to taking your dog to the groomers, then you might be familiar with their trimming styles. Some groomers do cut dog whiskers to make them look more polished.

Cats, however, should not have their whiskers trimmed by groomers. A skilled and professional cat groomer will know not to cut the whiskers on your cat’s face. 

You might like the idea of having your cat’s whiskers styled or trimmed if the ends are straggly. That is not a good idea, however.

A groomer will be able to explain to you why it is not a good idea to cut your cat’s whiskers, even if you are adamant that it will look better on your cat.

Conversely, if you notice that your groomer trimmed your cat’s whiskers without your knowledge, I suggest you do not return to that groomer. That groomer does not understand how vital whiskers are to your cat’s everyday life and comfort. 

A groomer that is part of a major chain corporation, I would also recommend that you tell the store manager so that the groomer can be trained in the proper grooming methods.