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What Size Cat Flap For A Maine Coon – A Selection Guide

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Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds, so size matters when buying things for them. If you are considering adding a cat flap to your door for your Maine Coon, you will want to make sure it is one they can easily fit through and will not get stuck in. What size cat flap should you get for a Maine Coon?

Ideally, the door opening should be 13″ x 17.5″ or at least between 170mm x 178mm. Microchip cat flaps may be too small for most Maine Coon cats and should be avoided.

Cat flaps do vary slightly between manufacturers, but in general, the largest size is going to be the perfect size for your Maine Coon. 

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Do Maine Coons fit through cat flaps

Maine coons do fit through cat flaps! It may seem hard to believe, especially with how tiny some cat flaps look versus how large Maine Coons can get. Your Maine Coone will not be able to fit through every cat flap they encounter, but large ones should be just fine for them. 

Always monitor your cat if you think they are about to try to go through a cat flap that they could get stuck in. Even if they are small enough to fit through the opening, their fur is so fluffy that it could get caught on the edge of it. The key to helping them fit through cat flaps is to make sure they are large and have nice smooth edges so your kitty cannot get hurt passing through.

Plus, your Maine Coone has big long whiskers that help them figure out if they will fit through a particular space. If they poke their head through and their whiskers touch the edges too much, then they know their backend won’t fit through. 

How do I know what size cat flap to buy

To figure out which size cat flap to buy for your Maine Coon you will need to measure your cat and the space where you intend to install the cat flap. 

Use a measuring tape to measure the width of your cat. It is best to measure the widest part of your cat so you can ensure they will not get stuck or be unable to fit through the cat flap. Typically the largest areas on your cat are going to be their chest and their hips. Add one or two inches to this number for some extra room for your cat.

Then take your measuring tape and measure the height of your cat. Measure them from the top of their shoulders to either their chest or belly, whichever is the tallest area. Also, add one or two inches to this number.

Based on these numbers, you will be able to determine which cat flap is the correct size for your cat. Every cat flap brand will have its own size chart that you can refer to. Always look at this specific chart because your cat may fit through a large cat flap with one company and end up needing an extra-large with another.

Also, if your Maine Coon is extra fluffy, you want to make sure you accurately measure their body’s size and not all of the hair around them. Try smoothing down their hair with your hand before measuring to see where their widest and tallest areas are. Measuring them after a bath when their fur is still slick would be a good chance to get the most accurate measurements. 

Are cat flaps a good idea

Cat flaps are an excellent idea for your Maine Coon for several reasons. 

In general, cats like to feel in control of their environment. Cats are creatures of habit, and when they form their routines, they typically like to move through them independently. Cat flaps allow them to be more independent in your home. They can go about their business and feel confident that they are in control.

Cat flaps also allow cats to relax. That can become stressful if they always have to find you to let them in and out of the house. Especially if you are busy and cannot let them out right away, they will probably start pacing around you, climbing on you to get your attention, and meowing at you until you let them out. When they know they don’t have to ask and can come and go as they please, they can relax much more.

Cats receive more stimulation and exercise when they have a cat flap in their home. Your cat may see a bird outside, and instead of just meowing through the window at it, they can go outside and try to chase it to satiate their curiosity. A cat flap also encourages them to go out more, so it is more likely they will be on the move more often. This is great for large cats like Maine Coons so they can get the exercise they need to be strong and healthy. 

A cat flap also allows your cat to use your yard as a bathroom. This will be really helpful to you because it will significantly reduce how often you have to clean their litterbox. Or you could even remove the litterbox entirely and have them solely use the bathroom outside.

Going to the bathroom outside is pretty instinctual for cats, so your cat will get used to this quickly and probably enjoy it more than their litter. Some cats are so sensitive to various litters, too, and can develop skin conditions or other health issues as a result. If you have a cat that experiences these kinds of issues with commercial cat litter, then allowing them to go outside would remedy this problem.

What is the difference between a cat flap and a cat door

Typically the most notable difference between a cat flap and a cat door is the material used to create the flap or door. Flaps are a little flimsier and intended to be pushed open easily. In comparison, doors are a little sturdier and durable. Cat flaps are made with either polycarbonate or plastic so that cats cannot scratch on them.

Cat doors are bigger than cat flaps, so these are usually chosen for larger cats. Or, for households with multiple pets, a door might be a better option if both the cats and the dogs can fit through it. Doors also provide better insulation and tend to be better options for homes in colder climates.

Are all cat flaps the same size

Not all cat flaps are the same size. Most companies will have a size chart that you can refer to in order to select the best size option for your cat. You can either measure them or make a visual comparison to decide which size is the right choice. A few cat flap companies advertise customizing to meet your needs as well. So you may even be able to choose sizes that are not commercially advertised. 

Things To Consider

Depending on where you live, you will want to be cautious about the size of the cat flap that you install. If you frequently have wildlife in your neighborhood, you won’t want it to be big enough that other critters can walk into your home. This can be tricky when getting a cat flap for a cat as large as the Maine Coon. Speak with a consultant before purchasing online or in person so that you can receive the best advice for your personal situation