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Why Do Cats Bring You Toys – 6 Reasons To Consider

Why Do Cats Bring You Toys – 6 Reasons To Consider

If you have ever heard of the love languages, you know gift-giving is one of the five types. Like how humans like to receive and show love in different ways, cats are the same way! So, why do cats bring you toys?

Cats bring toys to you to make a gesture to you that they are willing to share one of their beloved possessions. Bringing you toys is a sign of affection, or your cat practicing their hunting and retrieval skills. This is also gift-giving behavior in cats.

Next we’ll dive into some of the unique reasons cats make a habit of bringing you toys. Is it instinct, or perhaps it’s a little more. Read on to discover the meaning behind the behavior!

Reasons Cats Bring You Toys

Cats do have distinct reasons for bringing you toys. Here’s a few every cat owner should keep in mind.

Your Cat Wants To Play Together

One of the most telltale signs that your cat is ready for a play date is when they come up to you and drop a toy in your lap. While cats are good at independent playtime, they never turn up an opportunity to play with their human.  

Often a cat will follow you from room to room with a toy in its mouth, meowing or making a noise to let you know they want your attention. If they bring you their favorite toy, take the time to engage with them and play.

Your Cat Is Proud Of The Toys

Cats are possessive animals, and they are proud of the things in their life that belong to them, whether this is their bed, water bowl, or their favorite toys. Your cat might pick up his or her toys and carry them in their mouth to signify that it is their toy and to show it off. 

For your cat, their favorite toy may act as their security blanket or comforting item, especially if it’s a cuddly stuffed animal. 

They Are Showing You Something About The Toy

If your cat realizes their toy no longer is squeaking or lighting up like it used to, they might pick up the toy and bring it to you to get your attention. They want you to notice the problem and fix it for them so that they can keep playing. They may also do this if they rip or break a toy and can no longer use it.

Your Cat Is Being Affectionate

Your cat may bring your a toy and drop it at your feet as a way to show you how much you mean to them. Cats work hard to provide for those they love, and offering gifts is one way they show their affection. If your cat presents you with one of their most beloved toys, it is a sign of their trust.

When your cat acts this way, respond by offering them a lot of verbal praise, in addition to petting them and showing love in return. Some cats will even bring presents like a bird or lizard they caught in the backyard!

If your cat does this, try not to get angry and react strongly. It’s essential to recognize your cat was trying to show you love and kindness, even if it was not in a way you wanted to receive it! 

They are Exhibiting Retrieving Techniques

Cats are very proud of their hunting skills and can often be boastful when they feel they have made an exciting conquest. Whether they found their toy under the living room couch or found a new ball outside, they will feel proud of this achievement.

The actual act of hunting and retrieving is fun for cats, so they are trying to show off to their owner and express how good they are at this skill.

They Are Excited About The Toy

You can usually tell pretty quickly which toys your cat loves because those will be the toys they play with and show off to you the most frequently! When your cat is excited about something, they may pick it up and bring it over to show you. 

If your cat does this, make a big deal of praising them and showing how cool you think their toy is as well. This is a great way to bond with your cat and earn their ongoing trust.

Is It Normal For Cats To Bring You Toys

It is normal for your cat to bring you toys throughout the day. Cats may do this for an extensive array of reasons. They are slightly mysterious animals, but they know what they are doing when they bring your a toy, which they consider to be an object of their affection. 

What Does It Mean When My Cat Brings Me A Toy and Meows

If your cat brings you a toy and meows, they are trying to greet you and get you to play with them. This is a fairly clear sign that they want you to engage with them and their toy, whether that is throwing the ball for them, playing tug of war, or just acknowledging that it is great to see them playing with their toy.

Your cat knows that it is hard to resist a cute cat with a toy in its mouth! 

While cats may not fully understand everything we say to them, they do recognize what a happy and upbeat tone and infliction mean; when you praise your cat and congratulate them on their toy, that makes them feel warm and happy as well. 

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys While I’m Sleeping? 

Your cat brings you toys while you are sleeping because your cat has a lot of energy during the nighttime hours, and they are trying to entertain themself while you are sleeping.

Cats get upset when their humans go to sleep, as they know we will be asleep for several hours and we won’t be available for playtime ourselves. 

Cats will distract themselves by playing with their toys at night. Your cat may also bring you their toys while you are sleeping, hoping that you will wake up when they do so and want to play with them. While this can be disruptive, your cat does this with lovely intentions. 

What Should I Do When My Cat Brings Me A Toy

When your cat brings you a toy, act excited and respond positively to them, whether you want to play with them or not. It’s a sign of trust that your cat has approached you with one of their belongings, and they are looking for attention in return from you. 

Respond to their gesture of affection by taking a few minutes to play with them, pet them, or brush their fur. Ensure you are taking time to engage with your cat regularly to keep them feeling fulfilled in your relationship.  

Things To Consider 

While it is charming when your cat brings your toys, it is not quite as sweet to find out your cat has brought you the gift of a dead rodent or bird. If your cat is a good hunter and spends some time outside, this is probably a scenario you have experienced at least once. 

Cats get a lot of satisfaction from showing off their prized items, and they don’t realize that you won’t appreciate this nearly as much as they do. If you have a cat that frequently brings you dead animals or other unpleasant items, develops a plan to stop them from being able to get in the house with their prey. 

Monitor your cat before they come back inside to double-check they do not have any animal in their mouth. You can also avoid this by purchasing a cat leash and only letting your cat outside while you are supervising them on the leash. Ultimately, you should recognize that your cat has good intentions when bringing you any gift, whether it is one you want or not!