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Why Do Cats Cross Their Paws – The Interesting Reason

Why Do Cats Cross Their Paws – The Interesting Reason

Most cats cross their paws. You might even be tempted to think that all cats cross their paws. After all, you’ve never come across a cat that doesn’t cross their paws! The real question is this: why do cats cross their paws?

Cats cross their paws when they are trying to get into a comfortable position. Paw crossing occurs more often in specific breeds such as Maine Coons, but all cats can do this. 

Unfortunately, there’s no specific code that comes from cats crossing their paws while they’re sitting down. It’s a thing of comfort, just like how humans cross their arms and legs. Even if there’s no big secret behind your cat crossing their paws, let’s talk a little more about this common habit of cats.

What Does it Mean When Cats Cross Their Paws

When cats cross their paws, it means that they are looking for a comfortable position to sit in. Crossed paws may be the easiest position to put their paws in while relaxing after a long day of cleaning themselves

Unfortunately, there’s no deep meaning behind your cat’s habit of crossing their paws. It means they’re just looking for a comfortable position, just like how you may cross and uncross your legs while you are sitting down. You might also see your cat cross its paws for a while and then uncross them when they stretch out. 

When you compare a car crossing their paws to a human crossing their legs (or even arms, perhaps), it doesn’t seem so strange, right? 

Why Do Cats Cross Their Front Paws

You might notice that a cat crosses their paws when they’re getting comfortable.

If you watch your cat closely, you might notice when they cross their paws.

For instance, my cats don’t cross their paws when they’re sitting on my lap. They instead keep their paws uncrossed and milk my thigh or knee usually. 

My cats commonly cross their front paws when they’re sitting alone on a chair or table and especially when they’re watching me while doing so. If my cat ends up falling asleep, they’ll usually uncross their front paws and tuck their feet beneath their body or rest their head on their leg.

Every cat is different, but you might notice that your cat has certain quirks when it comes to its sitting and sleeping habits.

Why Do All Cats Cross Their Paws

While it might seem like all cats cross their paws, not all cats do, but when they do cross their paws, it is out of comfort. 

Again, let’s think about this in terms of humans. You’ve probably seen just about every human cross their arms or legs, right? But certainly, not all humans cross their arms and legs.

This is the same thing for cats. Not every cat has a predisposition for crossing its paws, but that might be a sure-fire way for cats to find comfort. Their front paws are the easiest part of their bodies to maneuver in different ways. 

When you see something all the time, you may assume that everything does it. But that’s not the case, at least when it comes to cats. You may be hard-pressed to find a cat that doesn’t sit with its paws crossed, but it’s possible.

Why Do Cats Lay with Their Paws Crossed

Some cats lay with their legs stretched out and their paws crossed as a comfy sleeping position. Unlike dogs, cats do not cross their paws to show that they are not aggressive.

This position is less common for cats, but you might find your cat stretched out on the couch with its paws crossed. If you’re especially lucky to catch your cat sleeping like this, you might also see that your cat’s head is tucked between its crossed legs. 

Out of all the positions that you might find your cat sleeping in, I have to admit that this one might be the cutest. But, of course, every cat sleeps in a slightly different way. Laying with their paws crossed isn’t a one size fits all solution for your cat. 

Even though there’s no secret behind their paws crossing, keep in mind that cats don’t cross their paws for the same reason dogs do. Dogs might cross their paws to show that they mean no harm and are not mean. If you see a cat with its paws crossed, don’t automatically assume that the cat is not mean. While the cat may not attack you, there is a potential that it could because crossed paws do not mean the same thing. 

Why Do Cats Fold Their Paws

Depending on how you look at things, you might say that your cat folds its paws rather than crosses its paws. Whatever language you use, it’s a position of comfort for your cat.

This position has a few different terms, so maybe you’re more for one saying that your cat folds its paws. After all, perhaps not all cats are lady-like enough for people to think that they cross their paws, right?

But alas, folding their paws is still the same thing as crossing their paws. They’re shifting around to find a good position to sleep in. Either way, knowing cats, they probably won’t stay in that position very long. If your cat is anything like mine, they’ll change positions at least one hundred times in approximately two minutes. 

Why Do Cats Tuck Their Paws Under Them

Cats often tuck their paws beneath them to get comfortable and perhaps keep their feet warm, especially when it is getting cold out.

Cats tuck their paws beneath them mostly out of comfort, but I believe that cats also tuck their paws beneath them when it is cold. I noticed that my cats are almost always sitting with their paws tucked beneath them in the winter. 

No matter the reason, I would also see that cats tucking their paws under them are more common than crossing their paws. You’re probably also more likely to see a cat sleeping with their paws tucked under them than having their paws crossed. 

Why Do Maine Coons Cross Their Paws

Maine Coons like to sit with their paws crossed, but Maine Coons are not the only cat to cross their paws. 

If you’re lucky enough to own one of those massive, beautiful Maine Coon cats, you might have noticed he likes to sit with his paws crossed. Since he’s so big, it’s pretty obvious when he does so. And, of course, he looks majestic while doing so.

Maine Coon cats, just like every other breed, cross their paws while shifting into a more comfortable position. Unfortunately, there’s no interesting reason behind why Maine Coons cross their paws. Paw crossing is just more comfortable and convenient for your cat. 

One thing is for sure, however; they’re amazing to stare at with their chin held high, their chest puffed out, and their paws crossed. 

Whether you say that your cat is crossing their paws or folding their paws, you might wonder what your cat is doing. Well, now, you know! Your cats aren’t sending secret Morse code messages to each other when they lay with their paws crossed or tucked beneath them. They’re just looking for a comfy position to start sleeping in for the next two hours. If you find any deeper secrets behind this position, be sure to let me know!