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Why Do Cats Fold Their Paws – 10 Unique Reasons!

Why Do Cats Fold Their Paws – 10 Unique Reasons!

You have been observing your feline assume some awkward positions for some time. It seems he has been doing this for a while, but you’ve not given it a thought. He assumes a rectangular position by folding its paws. You don’t know why he does this. You then begin to wonder —Why do cats fold their paws?

Cats fold their paws when they are relaxed and comfortable. Cats also fold their paws to stay alert while relaxing, and signal they do not want to be disturbed. Folding of paws is also a way for cats to preserve their body heat when the surrounding temperature is low.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the various reasons cats fold their paws. We are also going to highlight things to look out for when your feline folds its paws.

Reasons Cats Fold Their Paws

It may seem a little weird when we observe cats fold their paws. We sometimes wonder how they find such positions comfortable.

The following explains various reasons why cats fold their paws.

They are relaxed and comfortable

One of the ways cats show they are relaxed is to fold their paws. Every animal out there has a posture it assumes when feeling relaxed.

Just as humans cross both legs in a relaxed atmosphere, cats also do something similar with their front paws.

When felines fold their paws, they feel relaxed and at the same time alert. If she needs to quickly get up to hunt, folding its paws makes this easy.

As a cat owner, you should be keenly observant. If your feline keeps folding and stretching out its paws, it’s a sign she’s not feeling comfortable.

Your cat wants some time alone

Whenever your cat folds its paws and remains aloof, it might be a sign your cat wants some time alone.

When your feline is indicating she doesn’t want to be distributed, you should respect that.

Although cats are known to be friendly with their human owners, there are times they act weird, not wanting to play.

This is not surprising; almost every animal has that period when they want to be left alone. And, of course, cats are no exception.

Some cat owners fret over this new behavior of their cats. Vets have agreed that it is entirely normal for cats to sometimes act like that—no need to worry.

Your cat is trying to get warm

Every animal exhibits some behaviors to survive in any environment they are found. Cats fold their paws to survive.

Cats are sort of pets with few sweat glands found on their body. They mainly depend on an external cooling system.

When the surrounding temperature is cold, away cats try to get warm is by folding their paws.

They attain a somewhat rectangular shape not to give away heat unnecessarily.

Some cats are fond of curling their full body length to retain heat instead of folding their paws.

If you want to see your cat fold its paws, try taking her out to a cold environment. Observe what she does and report back to us.

Your cat is on red alert

Cats are natural hunters. They are always on red alert regardless of the situation. Cats also maintain alertness for fear of being hunted.

The act of folding their paws allows them to stay reactive to any given threats. Attaining the loaf-bread position helps them to stay alert.

When your cat is in this position, try doing something suspicious and watch your cat spring into action.

The folding of paws helps cats to monitor things going on in their immediate environment.

Your cat doesn’t want to be touched

At times, cats behave like touch-me-not plants. Cat owners may find this weird at times.

The fact is that we can’t force our love and affection on them. Since a cat can not verbally communicate with its owner, she folds her paws to signify that she doesn’t want to be touched.

Asides from paw folding, you want to ensure your cat is not exhibiting other worrying symptoms.

Pain is another reason cats don’t like getting touched. If she’s in pain, try to find out what’s causing the pain.

Your cat wants a quick nap

When a cap is preparing for a quick nap, it is not uncommon to fold its paws. They find this position to be comfortable.

If you find your feline lying in this position, it is an indication she wants to take a quick nap. You should do well not to disturb her while sleeping.

Cats are known not to fall deeply asleep. When they fold their paws, it gives them the leverage to get up and deal with any given threats quickly.

Your cat wants to get up fast

This position gives your feline the edge to stand up real fast. Animals with predatory instincts are known to attain postures that give them sway over other animals.

Since cats have a history of living in the wild before being domesticated, they retain the habit to this day.

If any given situation warrants them from getting into action, this posture allows for it. For instance, a mere fly can trigger a fast response from a cat in this position.

Your cat is uncomfortable

Usually, when cats fold their paws, it means they are comfortable and relaxed. But at other times, it may mean quite the exact opposite.

If your cat is lethargic after a stressful day and then sits with his paws folded, it may mean your feline is in severe pain.

Cats are very good at hiding any form of discomfort. If your feline folds his paws for too long, you should become suspicious.

Check the paws for any sign of injury or pain. If you can not pinpoint the cause of the discomfort, arrange an appointment with your vet.

Your cat is suspicious

When cats are suspicious of their environment, they tend to fold their paws. This is especially true if your cat is in an unfamiliar environment.

It is the same for humans too. We tend to be suspicious in a new environment.

To make your cat feel comfortable in a new environment, make sure he has a lot of toys to play with to deal with boredom.

It’s a common cats habit

Folding of paws is common to almost every cat. Just as humans have some inherent behaviors unique to them, the same thing applies to cats.

Cats tuck for a variety of reasons. As a cat owner, you must be able to decode the reasons behind your feline’s behavior.

Things To Consider

Cats are one of the most intriguing creatures on earth. It’s difficult to explain the reasons behind most of their actions.

Scientists over the years have been puzzled by the behaviors of cats. Many people still wonder why they love tucking in their paws.

Some people have attributed cats’ behavior as tucking in their paws as being aloof. But that seems not to be the most convincing reason.

The act of them sitting with their paws folded is not an act of aggression. Instead, they find this position to be comfortable and calm.

The interesting thing is that not all cats fold their paws. Some cats naturally prefer a different way of sitting.

Furthermore, if your feline doesn’t fold its paws, it doesn’t mean your cat is not comfortable.

Positions of Cats

Cats can fold their paws in different directions. They can curl, fold and tuck. Understanding these positions is vital to the relationship you have with your feline.

Cat lying down belly up

This position might have two meanings:

● Your cat is in a relaxed mode. He feels safe with you.

● It is also not uncommon for them to assume this position when they are ready to attack.

Laying down with one paw out

Cats are found in this yoga-like position when they clean themselves up.

Cats curled up into a ball

When an indoor cat curls up into a ball, it means the feline wants to get warm. They at times maintain this position when in bed with their owners.