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Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom – 7 Reasons!

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You may have been in the position where you are busy with something at home, and then you rush to the bathroom and see your cat following you. This sometimes gets annoying and may have made you wonder why do cats follow you into the bathroom?

Cats follow to the bathroom to get more attention, show affection, and deal with separation anxiety. Other reasons include being curious about the bathroom, wanting to be around water, and being part of their daily routine.

Cats following you to the bathroom (or pretty much anywhere) is quite normal. Below, we’ll explain the behavior in more detail, along with some tips on how to change this behavior in your feline pet. 

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Reasons Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom

There are a few reasons why cats follow you into the bathroom. Some of these are listed below.

Your Cat Loves You Way Too Much And Wants Your Attention

The primary reason your cat is following you to the bathroom is that cats are usually extremely clingy and attention-seeking pets. So they try to keep finding ways where they can get a lot of undivided attention from you. 

Since a bathroom is a closed and confined space, they can easily get all the attention from you.

For example, if you are on the toilet seat, they may come and rub their face and feet on your leg, or if you are in the shower, they might come and observe you.

Cats are also very attracted to human scents. Therefore, it recognizes your scent very well. This scent is very prominently noticed in the bathroom whether you are wiping yourself or doing your hair; your little feline pet loves this scent and also enjoys watching you.

This is one potential reason why your cat is always following you to the bathroom. 

Cats Enjoy Being A Part Of Routines

Cats are incredibly fond of things they can anticipate. For example, they understand a fixed time you visit the bathroom; whether it be the first thing in the morning or after a meal, they await these moments very dearly. 

This because they know at this fixed time you are alone and therefore they can seek as much attention as they want from you at this fixed time.

They Like To Be Around Water

Yes, that’s right. You may think that cats do not like to be around water, but sometimes they like it. For example, your cat may be fascinated by the running tap or the shower in your bathroom and may listlessly stare at it. 

While being in the bathroom, they might enjoy licking the sink or even the bathtub. This is another reason why your cat follows you into the bathroom.

They Enjoy Laying Down In The Sink

Connected to the above point, cats love the cool feeling that the bathroom has to offer. Thus, they may sometimes follow you to the bathroom so that they can lie in the sink and watch you at the same time.

During the summer months, this might be the perfect spot for your furry little pet. The shape of the sink perfectly fits the little cat’s body, and therefore it may love going there and hence is following you every time you go into the bathroom.

Many Things Around The Bathroom That Are Seen As Toys

Cats always try to find new and interesting things to play with. They may find these things in your bathroom. Whether it is the toilet roll, the tap, or the towels, it gives your little pet to explore these things and play with them.

The rug or the bathroom mat may also be a good spot for cats to play and explore. Thus, this is another reason why your cat is following you to the bathroom.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can provide it with a wide range of mentally stimulating toys so that it is kept occupied with that and doesn’t follow you to the bathroom.

Closed Doors Increase Curiosity

If you go to the bathroom with your cat following you from behind and you close the door, it might invoke curiosity in your cat. 

This may cause your furry friend to constantly keep accompanying you to the bathroom till you leave the door open and let them in so that they can curb this curiosity.

If you are in the bathroom and closed the door behind your cat, it may be intrigued with the different sounds and scents coming from within, and thus it might keep following you until you let your fuzzball in.

They Feel They Are Under Attack When Left Alone

Even though cats are viewed as independent little furballs, sometimes they get afraid if left alone. They start feeling like someone is going to get into the house and attack them. This makes them not want to be alone. 

Thus, you might always notice they always follow you into the bathroom as they feel safe in your presence.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Waits For You Outside The Bathroom

You are probably used to your cat following you every single place that you go to in your house. Whether it is you cooking in the kitchen, bedroom, or the living room. Sometimes it may even extend to them waiting for you to get out of the bathroom. 

There are several reasons why your feline pet waits for you outside the bathroom. First, this is because of the anticipation for you to come outside because they miss you and love you so dearly. 

Cats are usually very affectionate and loving animals and thus want to be around you as much as possible. 

This is why they may eagerly await your return from the bathroom. Some other reasons are because your feline pet may be hungry and therefore trying to communicate that to you by eagerly waiting outside.

Another reason for your pet to wait outside is because your furball may be experiencing some anxiety. This may be due to something called separation anxiety, where your feline pet can’t function without you and whines every time you’re away.

If you are experiencing extremities of this clingy behavior, you could start using positive reinforcement or some reinforcing activity to curb your cat’s behavior.

Another possible reason your cat is waiting for you outside the bathroom is that there must have been some accident, and your cat wants you to take notice of it. So if you see your cat whine or be in pain, you can check for this.

Do Cats Follow You To The Bathroom To Protect You

In some cases, cats follow you to the bathroom to protect you.

It may sound silly, but there is some truth to this. Pets are usually very territorial animals, especially cats. Thus, they will always make sure of where you are going and what you are doing.

To ensure that everything is okay in and around you, they will follow you wherever you go, even if it means going to the bathroom to protect you.

Why Does My Cat Like To Sit On My Lap On The Toilet

The very reason your cat is sitting on your lap while you on the toilet is because it knows that you won’t be moving from that place for a long time, and hence it conveys a sense of stillness to which they respond by sitting on your lap.

As feline pets are extremely attention-seeking, they will always find a way to get to you no matter where you are. They do not understand privacy; all the speakers are the language of love and attention. 

Also, because your lap is a warm and cozy place to be, your little cat will jump right into your lap while you are on the toilet. Another reason your cat sits on your lap because they find it to be a secure place for them where they feel protected.

Also, because your bare skin is exposed, your feline cat wants to mark their territory on it and therefore climb into your lap. Finally, cats are very attracted to human scents and scents around them. This is because they have around 40 times a stronger sense of smell.

Thus, because these scents fade away once you are out of the bathroom, your cat will keep coming and sitting on your lap to sort of reclaim that scent and associate it with you.

Is It Normal For Cats To Follow You Around

Yes, it is very normal for your cats to follow you around. They are extremely attention-seeking pets who love companionship.

However, cats differ in the way that they express this low and affection towards their owners.

Some might rub their paws or jump into your lap, while other cats will follow you wherever you go. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for your cat to follow you around.

Another reason your cat is following you is that it is their mealtime, and they want you to make sure you feed them on time without forgetting. Thus, it may follow you to the kitchen, and everywhere else you go.

Cats are also extremely curious and therefore are always interested in what you are doing. For example, you may be working on your laptop, or arranging papers, or drawing. 

Your cat may want to see everything you do out of this curiosity and, therefore, will follow you everywhere you go. 

Your cat may also follow you because they are going through an undiagnosed medical condition like hyperthyroidism or diabetes. This will cause your cat to crave more food, and you will observe a lot of change in your cat’s behavior. 

If you observe these sudden changes in your cat, please visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

How To Stop A Cat From Following You

The simplest way to stop your cat from following you is to keep your pet occupied in some task or the other. But, first, you get your feline pet some mentally stimulating toys that will keep them busy and allow you to do your tasks and activities peacefully. 

The other thing you can do is reward them for being away from you and keep reinforcing this separation behavior in your pet. 

This will help your feline friend make an association between the reward you provide them because of them not following you everywhere, which will reduce their behavior. 

Make sure you don’t completely get rid of this clingy behavior as cats love spending time with their pet, and it is something you need to ward off those daily stressors!

Things To Consider

When it comes to your fuzzball pet following you to the bathroom, there are some things that you should keep in mind. 

● When you are walking to the bathroom, make sure you look behind before you shut the door. This is because if your little pet is following you to the bathroom and is behind you, they mind getting injured.

● When your cat is with you in the bathroom, make sure that they are safe. Sometimes, they might hurt themselves by moving the tap or touching the soap. They might even slip or get soap in their eyes while you may be busy carrying out your activity.

● If your cat is unusually clinging to you and following you everywhere you go, you should get it checked with a vet as this may be a sign of some serious health condition. 

● It is essential to understand that cats love attention from their owners, and hence if they come to you now and then, don’t shun them away. This might negatively affect the cat, and you sure do not want to be mean or rude to your cute little furry friend.

● If your cat is clinging to you to the extent of constantly meowing when you’re away, your cat may have separation anxiety. But, again, you may consult your vet for more information on the same. 

Thus, your cat follows you to the bathroom and everywhere around because it loves you very dearly and wants attention from you. If you want to reduce this behavior, then you can buy some mentally stimulating toys for your cat to play with.