Why Do Cats Lick People – The Interesting Reason

If you are a new cat owner, the first time your cat licks, you can be an experience. You may wonder if it is sanitary, you may think it feels weird, or many other things. So, why do cats lick people? 

Cats lick people as a sign of affection Licking means your cat loves you and accepts you as part of their tribe. When a cat grooms you, that is part of the bonding process. It is also their way of marking you with their scent and showing ownership and possession of their human.

Sometimes licking can be accompanied by sudden behaviors like biting and scratching. However, in most cases, it will be a positive experience for both you and your cat. Read on to learn more about this nuanced cat behavior.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Like Crazy

Part of this could be part of what you define as “crazy.” It may seem like your cat is grooming you a lot when it is an average amount. It could also be that your cat is grooming you the same way their mom groomed them to clean you after a meal or before bedtime. If it seems like your cat is overgrooming you, it could also be a nervous habit that your cat has. Consult with your vet when in doubt.

What Does It Mean If Your Cat Keeps Licking You

Cats groom after meals, before bed, and as a way to show affection. If your cat keeps licking you, they are either showing you affection or treating you like a kitten and getting you ready for bed and/or cleaning you after a meal. Unless it bothers you or becomes excessive, just let your cat show you love through this activity.

Should I Let My Cat Lick Me

Yes, you should let your cat lick you. It is a harmless act of kindness by them and one you’ll want to encourage if you don’t mind the odd feeling.

Some people find it uncomfortable to let their cat lick them. A cat’s tongue can be very rough, and this can feel very uncomfortable to some people. However, if their rough tongues don’t bother you, then let your cat give you a lick from time to time. They are showing you affection, so take advantage of it. Cats aren’t known for being as affectionate as other animals, like dogs.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me

There could be a few reasons for this. Sometimes, biting is part of the grooming process between mother and kittens, so your cat could be emulating that. It is also possible that your cat is giving you a “love bite”. There are another way cats show affection, even though they don’t feel very loving to us humans. Another possibility is that your cat is overstimulated. If you’ve been petting your cat and then the licking/biting behavior starts, that could be the reason. Another explanation is that your cat wants to play, and this is how he/she is telling you.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Attack Me

If your cat grooms you then starts biting, there could be a couple of reasons why. Most bites after grooming are either part of the grooming process itself or “love bites”. If these bites feel like more of an attack, your cat could be overstimulated or in need of play. Take note if your cat is also using their claws on you and try to remove your hand/arm/etc. from the situation and replace it with a toy.

Why Does My Cat Want To Lick My Ear

It seems that some cats are very drawn to earwax. Cats have more scent glands than humans, and those glands are incredibly more sensitive as well. These glands can lead some cats to be too attracted to earwax. They will want to lick the ears of their humans and other cats alike. If your cat is like this, try to direct them away from your ears and make sure your trash is secure. Some cats who love to lick your ears will also try to drag your Q-tips out of the trash and eat them as well.

Why Does My Cat Lick And Bite My Ear

Biting can be a part of the grooming process. So if your cat is cleaning your ears and then bites you, most likely that is the reason. It could be a sign of wanting playtime, but that is more likely is your cat licks/bites other parts of your body such as hands and fingers.

Is It Ok To Let My Cat Lick My Hair

It isn’t usually a problem if your cat licks your hair. This is just one of the many ways your cat will groom you to show affection. It becomes a problem if your cat gets ill afterward. Most cats break down any hair they ingest in their gut and pass it out of their body. Unfortunately, some cats don’t break down all of that hair and expel it by vomiting out hairballs. If your cat starts to have this issue, stop them from licking your hair and speak to your vet.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me In The Middle Of The Night

Cats are more active at night in general. So it makes sense they are doing things while we are asleep. This includes showing us affection while we are sleeping. Or, it could be that your cat doesn’t understand why you are asleep when he/she thinks you should be awake, so they are trying to wake you up. No matter their reason, it’s nothing to be concern about. If you are bothered by their middle of the night visits, try sleeping with the door closed so they can’t come in and plant late-night kisses on your face.

Is Cat Saliva Clean

Cat saliva is surprisingly clean. It is cleaner than a dog’s and has far fewer bacteria than our saliva. You don’t have anything to worry about bacteria-wise from your cat licking you. The only time there is a reason for concern is if your cat licks an area where you have an open wound. An open cut could allow any bacteria in their saliva to access your bloodstream.

Serious health issues can occur if cat bacteria enters an open cut. However, note that any bacteria, whether human or animal, will cause severe issues if it enters an open cut. Don’t let any saliva near an open cut. To prevent anything from getting into a wound, make sure you wash it, cover it with ointment, then bandage it.

How Do You Get Your Cat To Stop Licking You

If you don’t enjoy your cat licking your arm, face, hand, etc., you can find a way to redirect your cat’s efforts. When he/she starts to lick you, interrupt them with a toy. This technique is similar to what you would do if you wanted your cat to stop playing/biting your fingers or toes. To get your kitty to stop an undesired behavior, he or she needs to be redirected.

Some cat owners will use catnip as another way to distract their felines away from licking them. Some cat owners will also reward their cats with treats when they go in for a lick. It would be nice to let him or her get in a few licks on occasion since this is their way of expressing love and affection towards their humans.


Cats don’t have a nefarious reason for licking their humans. Sometimes, these licks sign that they want to play or are overstimulated, but most of the time, they are a sign of love.

While their rough tongues may not always feel so good, this behavior is borne out of nothing but love. There are ways to redirect your cat when the urge to groom their human strikes, but on occasion, let your feline give you a few kitty kisses. These kisses mean they love you and want everyone, both other humans and felines, to know who you belong to.


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